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A group of Pairans in Warning from Space
Leader Ginko Amano
Average height 5 meters[1]
Homeworld Planet Paira
First appearance Warning from Space

The Pairans (パイラ人,   Pairajin) are a benevolent race of starfish-like aliens who appear in the 1956 Daiei film Warning from Space.


The Pairans' Japanese name is most commonly given as パイラ人 (Pairajin), literally meaning "Paira People." However, they are also sometimes called パイラ星人 (Paira Seijin), meaning "Paira Aliens" or more literally "Planet Paira People."[1]


The Pairans are a race of creatures that resemble starfish. They have one massive eye in the center of their bodies. When in their true forms, the Pairans are shown to be very large, with a height of 5 meters.[1]


Showa era

Warning from Space

A spaceship travels through space and docks with a much larger one. Aboard the ship, the Pairan aliens discuss how to warn humanity of the oncoming threat of a rogue planet they have just discovered. Some Pairans are sent to Earth, but fail at making contact with the humans, frightening them instead. The aliens hatch a plan to disguise one of their race as Hikari Aozora, a popular Japanese entertainer. Their leader, Ginko Amano, volunteers for the task, stepping into an odd, circular device and taking on a human form. Ginko is found floating in a lake by Toru Isobe, believing himself to be rescuing her. As she goes about life on Earth, Ginko begins to reveal superhuman traits, such as jumping 10 feet into the air or appearing in different places without making any sound. She is also able to completely understand Taeko Matsuda's work on a nuclear device, raising suspicion. Later, as a group of scientists discuss the phenomena, Ginko levitates towards them and reveals her true identity. She explains to them that she is from the planet Paira and that a rogue planet is on a collision course with the Earth. They appeal to the World Congress about the situation but are rejected, though the Congress soon realizes the validity of Ginko's warnings, launching nuclear weapons at the fast-approaching planet in the hopes of destroying it. The Pairans create a nuclear weapon of their own using Matsuda's research, and destroy the rogue planet with it, saving the Earth. Ginko then returns to her spacecraft, shedding her human disguise.



Pairans can take the form of a human being through mutation to avoid being detected.

Physical abilities

When transformed into a human form, Pairans display various superhuman characteristics. They are extraordinary jumpers, being able to leap to heights of 10 feet. They can also teleport and materialize in new locations without needing to walk and without making any sound.


Pairans can communicate with other Pairans via telepathy.



Warning from Space


  • Some publicity stills depict a Pairan as a giant rampaging monster, despite no such scene taking place in the film.
  • The sound effect used for when a Pairan appears or disappears was reused for the sound of Gamera flying.
  • A lone Pairan makes a cameo appearance in the Zigra anatomy artwork used for Shout! Factory's 2011 DVD release of Gamera vs. Zigra and Gamera Super Monster, trapped within one of the monster's three stomachs alongside various marine animals. The other two house Gamera's child friends and a swarm of Nezura.[2]


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