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Members Kilara (leader), Marsha, Mitan
Aliases Superwomen, Supergirls
Allies Gamera
Enemies Giruge, Zanon Captain
First appearance Latest appearance
Gamera: Super Monster Gamera: Super Monster

The Spacewomen (スーパーガール,   Sūpāgāru, lit. Supergirl) are a trio of superheroes from Earth who first appear in the 1980 Daiei film, Gamera: Super Monster.


The Spacewomen look like ordinary humans. However, when they work together, they wear white uniforms with red trim. Giruge wears a similar uniform, although it is black with red trim instead.


Showa era

Gamera: Super Monster

Although their exact origins are unknown, the Spacewomen appear to be Earth's resident superheroes, and draw on aspects of popular Tokusatsu shows of the time. Three individuals appear, plus the evil spy named Giruge. Throughout the film, the Spacewomen assist Gamera as he fights the Captain of the Zanon's pawns, and help Gamera break free from the mind control device that the captain used to control him.


  • The Spacewomen can fly.
  • The Spacewomen possess superhuman strength and stamina.
  • By linking hands, the three Spacewomen can summon their uniforms.


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