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Umihiko in Death Kappa
Species Human/Kappa Hybrid
Forms Umihiko, Hangyolas
Enemies Kappa
First appearance Death Kappa

Umihiko (海彦,   Umihiko, lit. Ocean Man) are fish-like kaijin created by Nikkatsu that first appeared in the 2010 Nikkatsu kaiju film, Death Kappa.


The Umihiko were created by a Japanese scientist during World War II by combining humans with DNA from a mummified Kappa.


Death Kappa

During World War II, a Japanese scientist created a Human/Kappa Hybrid by combining humans with DNA from a mummified Kappa, but was deemed immoral and shut down. The scientist then died, and his daughter continued his work. After a Kappa broke into their secret facility, the Umihiko fought it, losing. There was then a nuclear explosion at the facility, and the Umihiko mutated into Hangyolas.


Martial arts

The Umihiko know martial arts.


Main article: Umihiko/Gallery.


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