Alien Dracund

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Alien Dracund
The Alien Dracund in Godzilla Goes to Space!
Homeworld Moon
Enemies Godzilla, Rodan
First appearance Godzilla Goes to Space!

The Alien Dracund (ドラキュンドせいじん,   Dorakyundo Seijin) are a race of giants who inhabited the Earth's Moon in the 1972 picture book Godzilla Goes to Space!


"Dracund" (ドラキュンド,   Dorakyundo) may be derived from Dracula, which is rendered in Japanese as ドラキュラ (Dorakyura).


Godzilla Goes to Space!

When King Ghidorah attacked a base on the Moon, the Earth Defense Force responded by transporting Godzilla and Rodan there in spacefaring capsules. Upon arriving, the monsters found a group of Dracund aliens firing on the Moon base using massive laser cannons. The aliens turned their attention to Godzilla and Rodan, but most were mowed down by Godzilla's atomic breath, with one being picked up in Rodan's talons.


Alien Dracund firing their cannons in Godzilla Goes to Space!

Laser blasters

The Dracund Aliens are equipped with giant laser guns.



  • The book in which the Dracund aliens appear was packaged with a short 8mm re-edit of Invasion of Astro-Monster. The Dracund thus loosely take the place of the Xiliens in the story.


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