Jack Denham

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Jack Denham
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Species Human
Nationality American
Occupation Biologist
Related to Carl Denham (Grandfather)
First appearance Kong Reborn

Dr. Jack Denham is a fictional millionaire geneticist grandson of Carl Denham who first appears as the main protagonist of the 2005 King Kong novel Kong Reborn by Russell Blackford.


Kong Reborn

After rising out of family tragedy, Jack enrolled in pre-med at Cornell University, but quickly changed majors and graduated summa cum laude in biology. This lead him and a group of friends to build a genetic engineering empire in the growing biotechnology industry under the name Denham Products. However in the years since the company's foundation, Jack found himself longing for the lab work he had left behind as CEO. He rarely went out, and did most of his work from home, a luxury penthouse ten minutes from his company's campus.

While indulging his usual ritual of watching multiple news channels at once on his two TVs, he saw that Charlton Hemming of rival company CenCo. and its subsidiary Bionimals had cloned a dwarf mammoth, and intended to make more. This angered Jack, as he had cloned a mammoth fully one year ahead of Hemming, and he had even earlier resurrected the pygmy elephant, which had gone extinct in the time of ancient Rome. Jack preferred to try to reintroduce creatures that had been killed off more recently by human interference, but Hemming's promise of "something much bigger" made Jack assume that he had also purchased on the black market some of the blood of Kong, which had been discovered on the Empire State Building in 1999. Fearing that this would be the final attempt to send his company under, Jack decided to take rash action. He gathered a team of scientists to clone the ape, and work began. Shortly after, jack consulted his lawyer, who confirmed that there was almost no way to clear the theft charges, let alone allow him to keep anything created with the stolen sample. Months later in April, Jack got word of contracts from four central African nations for their near drought-proof grain "New Millet". While celebrating, Jack got word from the Kong team that they expected to be able to try cloning by May.

After months of work, the new Kong was born, and Jack filed patents for the new species. Before Hemming could sue, Jack went on CNN to promote the creature as a monument to what good can be done for the world through genetic engineering. Kong grew healthily, and Jack built him a habitat on the building's roof to house him, and Jack watched him with the pride of a father. In August of 2006, Hemming sued, and Jack decided to put everything on the line to fight for Kong's well-being.

However, in March of 2008 Kong went berserk and destroyed his habitat, and Jack was forced with the reality that his prized achievement could never be happy with life in New York, and thus planning began to take him to Skull Island. After meeting with his lawyer in the following November, they came to realize that they had something Hemming wanted, and that thing was Skull Island. Over the next month they worked to reach a settlement that would allow Hemming to finance the repatriation efforts for Kong in exchange for split control over his handling with Roxanne Blaine, his chief scientist. In addition to this, Hemming wanted 50% of the viable genes of species for research. However, Jack vowed to keep Skull Island's location a secret, and would only tell those who would need to know. At the press release later that month, Blaine and Denham promoted the Skull Island venture and the positive benefits of genetic engineering for the world. They then went to see Kong, and over the next few days they ran several tests on him and determined that he was unnaturally stressed for no reason, and he was growing more and more complacent. However, when they left him, he grew angry and broke out of the building. Jack rushed upstairs to get a tranquilizer rifle. In the street Kong utterly destroyed many cars by smashing them or throwing them until he smelled Central Park on the air, and began making his way there when Jack hit him in his back with a tranquilizer. Kong turned and began angrily approaching the man as police and helicopters swarmed, but the dart took effect and put Kong to sleep.

In January the ship arrived. It filled Jack with a sense of wonder and fulfillment to see the island for himself. Before even making ground, they discovered new species churning in the waters below, and found many more as they made a short journey inland. Jack noted that all of the natives seemed to be gone, ad they walked through the gate into the jungle. A few hundred yards in, they came across a gigantic spiderweb blocking their path. On seeing the two foot beast, they turned around for the day, but stopped on seeing a gigantic bull on the grass between them and the gate. It was promptly chased away and eaten by a Carnosaur. After making their way through the gates, Jack and Roxanne were interviewed by the filming crew. Seeing the boundless horrors of the island cemented the fact that Kong belonged in the unnatural world with the others for Roxanne, but made Jack question if he was doing the right thing by abandoning the juvenile Kong on the island. After a crew briefing detailing everything they knew about Skull Island, including Jack's accounts of his Grandfather's journey, Jack and Roxanne attempted to call Hemming, who could not be reached. Jack and Roxanne talked about their feelings on Kong. jack revealed his misgivings, but Roxanne assured him that releasing him into the environment he was evolved to suit, although they both agreed they would miss him. Jack then reflected that he feared growing romantically attached to Dr. Blaine. The two then revealed their changing feelings toward one another, and they airlifted a sedated Kong where they divided the group into exploration teams. That night, Jack got up to find Laurel watching the sleeping Kong, and quickly returned to bed. The next day they began their journey toward Skull Mountain, and they encountered numerous species that were simply astounding, and paused for an interview with the film crew.

During their journey, they lost two crew members to vicious Raptors before receiving word that the other party had lost radio contact, and the group rerouted to search for them. However, during this time they lost every other member of the crew except for themselves and Kong. Jack blamed himself and his work for all of the tragedies. However, they, and Kong, only survived the final Raptor attack with the help of an adult male giant gorilla that came to help. However, he and Kong immediately began to fight for dominance, and, once again, survived thanks to Jack, Roxanne, and their tranquilizer guns. However, Kong then ran after him into the jungle. The two followed closely, and came upon a "green cathedral" of frolicking giant gorillas. There they met their "rescue party", who promptly tried to kill Jack on Hemming's orders. Jack took a beating, but Kong, not trusting guns, and realizing his friends were in danger, rallied the gorillas and beat the attackers into bloody mash. They then watched as the other apes showed their indifference to Kong, and thus accepted him into the troop as he began to play with another young male. Roxanne then took samples of the blood for later identification, and they trekked back to their radio transmitter to talk to Laurel. They then made their way for the assassins' Super-Osprey lander only to find it swarming with Raptors. Using looted M-16 rifles, they were able to escape with their lives, although Jack sustained injuries that required 68 stitches. The blood samples were identified as belonging to seasoned criminals, and were sent to NYPD for cross referencing in the case against Hemming. Jack wanted to abandon the island, and all future expeditions, but Roxanne convinced him that by doing so, he would make all the casualties have been in vain. Instead, they resolved to continue researching the island slowly and carefully over the next few decades, and maybe even lifetimes.


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