Scavenger Raven

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Scavenger Raven
Scavenger Raven
Species Gigantic Bird
Enemies Humans
First appearance Kong Reborn

The Scavenger Ravens are a giant bird monster that were native to Skull Island in the 2005 novel Kong Reborn by Russell Blackford.


The name Scavenger Raven comes from the fact that they are a giant bird closely resembling a crow or raven, and that it feeds on carrion.


Scavenger Ravens greatly resemble large black birds like crows or Ravens, but are far larger. They are larger than ostriches.[1] Their feet are confirmed to have claws, though they use their beaks to tear flesh off of their prey.


Kong Reborn

Deep in the jungle in the year 2009, two Scavenger Ravens picked at the carcass of a gargantuan crocodile-like creature when an exploration team of humans came into the clearing. The Ravens eyed them, but made no move and did not see them as a threat, despite the immense number of guns pointed at them. Even when Kong, a four ton gorilla ran past, the ravens made no move and continued their meal.

Later, a Raven flew over the wall to see the human base camp on the beach. Its presence frightened the mercenaries who were commandeering the scientific camp, and in a show of power, the briefly fearful leader ordered them to shoot the observing bird. It died painfully in a volley of M-16 rifle fire. It did not fear the humans, and was simply observing. A group of carrion birds later fed on the corpses of two enormous Sauropods, along with the giant insects.


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