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Species Specialized dinosaur
Height ~10 feet[1]
Weight ~1,000 pounds[1]
Enemies Humans
First appearance Kong Reborn

The Raptors are a species of dromeosaur monster that were native to Skull Island in the 2005 novel Kong Reborn by Russell Blackford.


The Raptors are named for their astounding resemblance to other dromeosaurs of the Cretaceous era.


The Raptors are large dromeosaurs that stood with near-human posture to a height of about ten feet, and could weigh more than 1,000 pounds. Their skins were camouflaged patterns of yellow, brown, and green. Their main weapons were their fierce intelligence and their sickle-shaped re-curved hind claws.


The Raptors hunted in packs with the help of a primitive language of hisses. They located prey with the help of their powerful sense of smell, and kept the bothersome insects away with their swishing tails.


Kong Reborn

While a pack of six hungry raptors prowled the jungles searching for their next meal, one snapped opportunistically at a passing giant dragonfly and missed. However, the pack quickly came upon a herd of drinking crested hadrosaurs. They could easily have taken down any of them, but instead went for a younger specimen that would still be enough for the pack. The leader pounced and grabbed the calf with its teeth before delivering the quick killing blows with its cutting claws. The largest hadrosaur bulls tried to attack, but were quickly beaten back by the raptors, who dragged the calf carcass away from the river for a drier spot to eat it. The two largest Raptors ate their fill before leaving what was left to the other four hunters. However, at that time a huge Carnosaur came out of the jungle with its eye on their kill. The Raptors held their ground, and the intruder decided that the half-eaten calf was not worth the risk of battling a pack of Raptors.

In the year 2009, a larger Raptor pack emerged from the jungle and encircled a team of human researchers and attacked. Some were killed by rifle fire, and others had their backs twisted into breaking by Kong or were thrown far back over his shoulder and killed on impact. The remaining raptors retreated, leaving their two killed humans behind. Days later, they returned in greater numbers. A smaller group attacked and sliced humans up their soft bellies, and killed all but two of the humans when Kong attracted another gigantic gorilla, with whom he killed the remaining raptors.

On the other side of the island, some Raptors attacked a heavily armed group of commandos. A Raptor pounced on one, and tried to slit it open with its hind claw, but its protective body armor kept him alive, albeit very briefly, as the Raptor's claws and teeth did the job before it was killed by M-16 rifles. The next day, a swarm of Raptors came upon the commandos' unattended Super-Osprey landing craft and examined it. However, for Jack Denham and Roxanne Blaine, the Osprey was their only means of escaping with their lives. The two shot at the beasts with M-16s looted from the corpses of the commandos, and Jack covered Roxanne as she ran for the cockpit. It was then time for Denham to run, but to do so he had to turn his back on the Raptors. He dropped his equipment for extra speed, and just as he hit the interior. a Raptor leaped on his back and cut long trenches in his back with its foreclaws. Denham kicked the beast off, with the help of gravity. The wounds required 68 stitches.


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