Hachiro Jinguji (Godzilla Final Wars)

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Dr. Hachiro Jinguji
Hachiro Jinguji in Godzilla Final Wars
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Age 62[1]
Affiliation Earth Defense Force
Occupation Paleontologist
First appearance Godzilla Final Wars
Played by Kenji Sahara
This page is for the character from Godzilla Final Wars. For other uses of "Hachiro Jinguji," see the disambiguation page.
Dr. Hachiro Jinguji: “I don't know what we'll do. A hybrid of machine and organic life form. A cyborg monster. We checked its outer skin, it's 12,000 years old.
Miyuki Otonashi: “Was there such a technology so long ago?
Dr. Hachiro Jinguji: “Not on this planet, I'm sure.
― Jinguji and Miyuki Otonashi discuss the mummified Gigan (Godzilla Final Wars)

Dr. Hachiro Jinguji (神宮寺 八郎博士,   Jingūji Hachirō Hakase) is a paleontologist who presides over the Defense Force Museum in the 2004 Godzilla film, Godzilla Final Wars.


Jinguji's name is taken from that of a character from the 1963 film Atragon, though spelled differently by one kanji. Producer Tomoyuki Tanaka penned the story to the 1977 film The War in Space under the psuedonym Hachiro Jinguji, spelled the same way as the character from Final Wars.


Millennium era

Godzilla Final Wars

A paleontologist employed by the Earth Defense Force, Hachiro Jinguji was assigned to study the mummified remains of a kaiju that had been recovered. Jinguji explained to EDF mutant soldier Shinichi Ozaki and United Nations scientist Miyuki Otonashi that the monster's DNA contained traces of M-Base, a genetic base possessed by mutants, suggesting that the creature could be the ancestor of all mutants. Later, after returning to the lab, Jinguji was called over by Miyuki, who discovered mention of a fresco of a similar monster in a textbook. Suddenly, Jinguji and the others heard twin voices which told them that the monster was named Gigan, before being transported to the cave on Infant Island pictured in the book. The source of the voices, the Shobijin, explained that Gigan was an evil space creature who had attempted to conquer the Earth thousands of years ago only to be defeated by Mothra. The Shobijin warned them that something was wrong before returning them to the EDF museum, imparting Ozaki with an amulet.

Following a series of monster attacks across the globe, a race of aliens called the Xiliens revealed their presence to the world, warning of a rogue planet called Gorath which was on a collision course for Earth. Miyuki and her sister Anna, becoming increasingly suspicious of the Xiliens, consulted Dr. Jinguji about Gorath. By comparing several photos taken of the planet from various angles, he concluded that its appearance never changed between images, suggesting it was in fact a hologram. Convinced that the Xiliens' intentions were nefarious and that two of the government's officials had been replaced by imposters, Ozaki and the Otonashis left to contact the last man they could trust: Douglas Gordon.



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