Shinpei Minami

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Shinpei Minami
Shinpei Minami
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Toymaker
First appearance All Monsters Attack
Played by Hideyo Amamoto

Shinpei Minami (南 信平,   Minami Shinpei) is a character in the 1969 Godzilla film All Monsters Attack.


Showa era

All Monsters Attack

Shinpei was a toy maker in the Kawasaki district of Tokyo. He was a neighbor and friend of Ichiro Miki and his parents. When Ichiro came home from school when neither parent was home (which was often) Ichiro had to collect his apartment key from Shinpei's apartment. At one point, Shinpei was trying to sell a used car. When Ichiro's mother learned that she may not be home until the following day, she contacted Shinpei. Shinpei then informed Ichiro, and invited him over for dinner. Later, after Ichiro had gone home, the police approached Senpei to ask about some bank robbers who were still at large after stealing ¥500,000,000. The next day, Shinpei tried to check on Ichiro, only to find that the door to his apartment was locked. Shinpei traveled downstairs to talk more with the police. Shinpei eventually discovered his car, which had been stolen, in an abandoned building's lot. Upon entering the car, he found the stolen money. He alerted the authorities and the bank robbers, who had abducted Ichiro, were caught. When reporters were asking Ichiro about how he escaped the robbers, he simply responded that Minilla helped him. Shinpei then explained to the reporters that Ichiro liked to pretend to be on Monster Island and interact with the kaiju that lived there.


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