Kenichiro Kawaji

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Kenichiro Kawaji
Dr. Kenichiro Kawaji in Frankenstein vs. Baragon
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Scientist
First appearance Frankenstein vs. Baragon
Played by Tadao Takashima

Dr. Kenichiro Kawaji (川地 堅一郎,   Kawaji Ken'ichirō) is a character who appears in the 1965 Toho kaiju film, Frankenstein vs. Baragon.


Showa era

Frankenstein vs. Baragon

A scientist in Hiroshima, Kawaji worked under Dr. James Bowen in his studies about radiation poisoning. When they discovered a boy who had absorbed massive amounts of radiation as a result of the Hiroshima bombings but had not died, they were intrigued and wondered if the child might have grown from the disembodied but still living heart of Dr. Victor Frankenstein's monster. A former Japanese naval officer named Kawai imparted this information to the doctors.

Kawaji undertook a trip to Germany to speak to Dr. Liesendorf, the former Nazi scientist who had originally studied the heart. Liesendorf told him that the only way to prove if the boy was Frankenstein was to amputate his limbs and see if they grew back. When Kawaji returned to Japan, both Bowen and their colleague Dr. Sueko Togami were opposed to this idea. Kawaji attempted to do it in the middle of the night, but was interrupted by reporters, and the commotion they caused resulted in Frankenstein breaking free and escaping. In the aftermath of the rampage, the still living, severed hand of the monster was discovered, leaving no doubt that he is indeed Frankenstein.

Frankenstein was subsequently blamed for the destructive actions of the subterranean monster Baragon, and the JSDF began to hunt him. After negligence to increase the supply of protein with its growth, Frankenstein's hand was found dead, already having grown considerably. Bowen, Sueko, and Kawaji formed a search party and venture into the forest in which they believed Frankenstein was hiding. Kawaji, to the shock of Bowen and Sueko, then attempted to kill him, believing that Frankenstein could be dangerous by his very nature, and not even Sueko could possibly tame him. He intended to blind him with chemical grenades and capture him to recover his heart and brain. Kawaji pressed on to find Frankenstein, but found Baragon instead. Kawaji and Bowen tried to stop the monster with the grenades, to no avail. As it moved to devour Sueko, Frankenstein came to her rescue, driving the monster off, then rescued Kawaji as well. Ultimately, he killed Baragon by snapping his neck, then was consumed by a sinkhole.



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