Shinichi Chujo

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Shinichi Chujo
Shinichi Chujo in Godzilla: Tokyo SOS
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Linguist
Related to Shinji Chujo (brother),
unnamed daughter,
Yoshito Chujo (nephew),
Shun Chujo (grandson)
First appearance Latest appearance
Mothra Godzilla: Tokyo SOS
Played by Hiroshi Koizumi
Though they are not known to be in continuity with one another, this page covers the Shinichi Chujo from Mothra & Godzilla: Tokyo SOS and from The Gransazers together for convenience.

Shinichi Chujo (中條 信一,   Chūjō Shin'ichi) is a character portrayed by Hiroshi Koizumi in the 1961 Toho film Mothra. Koizumi reprised the role in the 2003 Godzilla film Godzilla: Tokyo SOS, which takes place in the same universe as Mothra. Prior to Tokyo SOS's release, he also cameoed as another character named Shinichi Chujo in the eighth episode of Toho's 2003 television series The Gransazers.


Showa era


Shinichi Chujo is ensnared by the Vampire Plant in Mothra

Shinichi Chujo was a scientist and linguist whose specialty was in the field of anthropology. He lived in the town of Karuizawa in the Kitasaku District of Nagano Prefecture in Japan. In 1961, the Japanese government and the nation of Rolisica sponsored an expedition to Infant Island to study the effects of radiation on some of the marooned survivors of the shipwrecked vessel, the Dainigenyo Maru. Doctor Chujo was one of the members of the team. Chujo was familiar with the cultures of the island's primitive inhabitants, as well as those of neighboring islands. He was the first to interpret the symbology of a crucifix star hieroglyph found on the island, which he translated as "Mothra."

While exploring the island, Chujo passed through a cave and discovered the native juice came from mutant mold before he was attacked by a Vampire Plant. He was saved by the presence of two female fairies that were only 12 inches tall. These "small beauties" came to be known as the Shobijin.

Back on the mainland, Chujo discovered that members of the expedition had returned to the island and kidnapped the Shobijin, hoping to exploit them. Chujo and some others met with the Shobijin, who warned them that their island goddess, Mothra, has been angered and that good people may be hurt as a consequence of the actions of others.

The man who had kidnapped the Shobijin, Clark Nelson, fled to Rolisica with them, but Mothra pursued them, ultimately leading to a shootout between Clark and local law enforcement, which resulted in Nelson's demise. Chujo and the others went to Rolisica as well and recovered the Shobijin, then constructed a giant version of the Mothra symbol on an airport runway, which caused Mothra to land there. The Shobijin were reunited with Mothra and thanked Chujo and the others for helping them.

Heisei era

Shinichi Chujo in episode 8 of The Gransazers

The Gransazers

"Descend! Dragon from the Sky"

Shinichi Chujo was a Nobel Prize-winning professor at Johoku University. One day, Professor Ichiro Horiguchi visited Chujo to inquire about Karin Saeki, a mysterious physicist who was manipulating the Wind Tribe and whom Chujo had once spent time with in Europe. Chujo showed Horiguchi a photo album with a picture of him and Saeki from 30 years ago, and informed Horiguchi that she had been dead for 20 years. When Horiguchi encountered Saeki just outside the university, he now knew her to be an impostor and revealed the photo Chujo had given him.

Millennium era

Godzilla: Tokyo SOS

Forty-three years after his expedition to Infant Island, Doctor Chujo was visited by his nephew Yoshito and his grandson Shun at his home, when the Shobijin suddenly appeared and greeted him. They revealed that they had come to seek help and believed that he was a man that could be trusted. The Shobijin told Chujo that using Godzilla's bones to create the anti-monster robot Kiryu was considered blasphemous and that Kiryu had to be dismantled and Godzilla's bones returned to the sea. If not, Japan would once again become a target for Mothra's anger. The Shobijin pled with Chujo to tell the Japanese government to shut down the project. Chujo met with Prime Minister Hayato Igarashi and told him what the Shobijin had said. Igarashi apologized to Chujo, stating that too much had already been invested in the project and that it was their only defense against Godzilla.

When Godzilla came ashore in Tokyo, Chujo's daughter informed him that Shun was missing. Chujo raced through the abandoned streets of Tokyo and found his grandson assembling desks in front of a school building. Chujo asked Shun what he was doing, and discovered that he was constructing the Mothra symbol. Soon, Mothra flew over the city to do battle with Godzilla. While Chujo and Shun tried to get to safety, a nearby building was damaged in the battle, causing rubble to fall near Shun. Chujo pushed Shun out of the way and was buried under the rubble. Yoshito, a lead mechanic on the Kiryu project, had been relieved of duty so he could find his family, and discovered his uncle and cousin unconscious on the street. Yoshito brought them to a medical tent in the outskirts of the city, and thankfully both were fine and received only minor injuries.

Family tree

Shinji ChujoShinichi Chujo
Yoshito ChujoShun's mother
Shun Chujo




  • Hiroshi Koizumi's appearance as Shinichi Chujo in Godzilla: Tokyo SOS was the actor's final film role.


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