Satomi Kanahara

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Satomi Kanahara
Satomi Kanahara in Godzilla Singular Point
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Affiliation Otaki Factory
Occupation Receptionist
First appearance Godzilla Singular Point
episode 2, "Gamesome"
Played by Japanese: Ayako Takeuchi
English: Brittany Cox
French: Benoit Fort
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Satomi Kanahara (金原 さとみ (カナハラ・サトミ),   Kanahara Satomi) is a supporting character in the 2021 animated Godzilla series, Godzilla Singular Point. She works as a receptionist for the Japanese robotics company Otaki Factory.


A female clerical worker at Otaki Factory. Her makeup, piercings and tattoos give her a punk appearance which leaves a lasting impression. She supports Otaki, Yun, and Haberu. Her private life is a mystery.


Reiwa era

Godzilla Singular Point

Satomi's bio on the Otaki Factory website

After a confusing conversation with Otaki Factory engineer Yun Arikawa about some cables the company installed at Misakioku Radio Observatory, graduate student Mei Kamino scrolled past Satomi's brief bio while browsing the Otaki Factory website.


Yun and Otaki Factory owner Goro Otaki defended a festival in Nigashio from a monster called Rodan using the company truck and Jet Jaguar, their mech suit. Goro was hospitalized after the battle, and the factory closed to the public amidst a media frenzy. As Yun and handyman Haberu Kato assessed the extensive damage to Jet Jaguar and pondered how they could complete three work robots by the weekend, Satomi passed on Goro's orders to prioritize Jet Jaguar "for the next battle." As justification, she showed them an ancient painting, previously displayed for the festival, containing creatures that Goro believed to be Rodan, as well as a red sea. The title of the painting identified the apocalyptic sea monster next to them as Godzilla. With Jet Jaguar's parts not due to arrive next week, and the mech ill-equipped to repel a flock of Rodan, Yun analyzed the monster's cry and concluded that it was drawn to the city by radio waves. He planned to create a signal that could draw them away from populated areas.


Thousands of Rodan flew over Nigashio. Watching them descend on television with Yun and Haberu, Satomi remarked that there were more than she expected. Goro urged Yun and Haberu into action on the Gyro Canopy Tandem 2, equipped with antennae that could broadcast the Rodan-luring signal Yun devised. He instructed Satomi to lock up behind them, and she wished them luck. Worried that the Rodan ruined the laundry she left outside, Mei used her personal AI, Pelops II, to take control of a worker robot in Otaki Factory named Harvey in the hopes of using its camera to investigate. Satomi recognized the AI's voice, as it was derived from the communications AI Naratake that Yun programmed, and let it out of the garage, assuming that it was acting on behalf of her coworkers. She was surprised, however, when Mei thanked her for letting her borrow it.


Jet Jaguar later killed a monster named Anguirus, though it was severely damaged in the battle. Goro Otaki claimed the monster's horn as a trophy, planning to fashion it into an arrow to allow Jet Jaguar to fight Godzilla, a much larger monster who had recently made landfall in Tokyo. Satomi suggested a spear instead, as an arrow could only be used once. Despite her title, she helped craft the Spear of Anguirus. When the new Jet Jaguar, now piloted by the AI Yung, first picked up the spear, she called it cute, much to Haberu's confusion. She was less impressed when it tried to pose with the spear, but after downloading a new protocol, its skill twirling the weapon impressed her.


Satomi and Goro watched the JSDF's failed assault on Godzilla from a monitor in Otaki Factory.


A trio of Japanese politicians visited Otaki Factory to request their help against Godzilla, only to be told by Satomi that Goro had already traveled to Tokyo for that very purpose.


Concept art

Godzilla Singular Point




  • Satomi is the only Otaki Factory employee whose last name is not provided on the company website.


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