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Godzilla Singular Point episodes
The title card of "Gamesome"
Series Godzilla Singular Point
Episode # 2
Directed by Atsushi Takahashi; Daisuke Tsukushi, Takuma Suzuki
Written by Toh EnJoe
Air date March 19, 2021 (premiere),
April 1, 2021 (Netflix)JP,
April 8, 2021 (television)
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"Gamesome" (まなつおにまつり,   Manatsu Oni Matsuri, lit. The Midsummer Oni Festival) is the second episode of Godzilla Singular Point. It premiered at the Godzilla Singular Point Completion Announcement Event at Toho Cinemas Hibiya on March 19, 2021. It aired on Japanese Netflix on April 1, 2021 and on Japanese television on April 8.


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Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Yume Miyamoto   as   Mei Kamino
  • Shoya Ishige   as   Yun Arikawa
  • Taro Kiuchi   as   Haberu Kato
  • Wataru Takagi   as   Goro Otaki
  • Misaki Kuno   as   Pero 2
  • Jin Urayama   as   Tsunetomo Yamamoto
  • Yohei Azakami   as   Shunya Sato
  • Kotori Koiwai   as   Yukie Kanoko
  • Ayako Takeuchi   as   Satomi Kanahara
  • Hiromichi Tezuka   as   TV commentator A
  • Shunichi Maki   as   TV commentator B
  • Rika Abe   as   news reporter
  • Eriko Matsui   as   announcer
  • Kazuyoshi Hayashi   as   moderator
  • Genki Yoshimoto   as   newscaster A
  • Takuya Nakashima   as   newscaster B
  • Kenta Sasa   as   researcher
  • Teruyuki Tanzawa   as   scholar
  • Naho Oketani   as   supermarket clerk
  • Arisa Sakuraba   as   children
  • Ryosuke Hara   as   police officer




Weapons, vehicles, races and organizations

  • Otaki Factory truck
  • Otaki Factory moped
    • Gyro Canopy Tandem 2
  • Eiko






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