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Jet Jaguar Yung
Species Artificial intelligence
Aliases Jung,[1] Jet Jaguar Yung
Related to Naratake (AI source),
Jet Jaguar PP (descendant)
First appearance Latest appearance
Godzilla Singular Point
episode 1, "Terzetto"
Godzilla Singular Point
episode 11, "Relaunch"
Played by Japanese: Rie Kugimiya
English: Kira Buckland
French: Corinne Martin
Italian: Monica Vulcano
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Yung (ユング,   Yungu), later rechristened Jet Jaguar Yung (ジェットジャガーユング,   Jetto Jagā Yungu), is an artificial intelligence who appears in the 2021 animated Godzilla series, Godzilla Singular Point.


Yung's name is likely derived from that of its developer, Yun Arikawa. It may also be a reference to Swiss psychiatrist and philosopher Carl Jung, whose name is spelled in Japanese as Kāru Yungu (カール・ユング).

While Netflix's subtitles translate ユング as "Yung," their English version of the series' second teaser translated it instead as Jung.[1]

After Yung was implanted inside Jet Jaguar, Yun rechristened it Jet Jaguar Yung (ジェットジャガーユング,   Jetto Jagā Yungu). The series' end credits were even updated to reflect this change.


An artificial intelligence installed on Yun's smartphone who was born from the communications AI "Naratake" developed by Yun. Yung is Yun's calm companion who excels at organizing information.


Reiwa era

Godzilla Singular Point


When Yun Arikawa and Haberu Kato were arrested and interrogated for trespassing on the grounds of Misakioku Radio Observatory, Yun pulled up Yung on his phone and allowed the AI to talk to the police for him. This perplexed the police, who talked to the AI about its origins as developed by Yun and how the human mind was fallible, but the officers requested to speak to Yun himself.


When Yun, Haberu, an archery student, and other civilians were trapped in a shelter and others, including Yun's boss Goro Otaki, were trapped in a bus with multiple Rodan finding their way inside, Yun asked Yung to find a way to emulate the sounds of the Rodan with bottles strapped to arrows. Yung instructed how the bottles should be cut and how hard the archery student should pull on her bowstring to make the sound more accurate. The plan distracted the Rodan long enough for Yun and Haberu to set their Gyro Z back up and use it to lure the Rodan away from the bus.


Yun had Yung pilot Jet Jaguar after the monster Anguirus had damaged the mech and knocked Goro, its pilot, unconscious. With the head knocked off, Yun had to direct Yung where to steer the robot and how to aim the harpoon gun it was holding. This plan worked, and the pair managed to kill Anguirus with the weapon.


Some time after the battle, Yun had Yung analyze the song "ALAPA UPALA" and test it for differences between the original and the version broadcasted at Misakioku. Yung found a code that, when set backwards, gave the exact time that Yun and Haberu were investigating a haunted mansion where they first encountered the song. After Otaki Factory rebuilt and upgraded Jet Jaguar, Yun had Yung permanently placed within the robot and renamed Yung to Jet Jaguar Yung. The AI called being in the robot body a "new experience", and was given code needed to handle the Spear of Anguirus. With these upgrades, Jet Jaguar set off to Tokyo with Goro, Yun, and Haberu to hunt Godzilla.


En route to Tokyo, the group found that Godzilla had seemingly died fighting the military. Jet Jaguar watched from the back of the Otaki Factory truck, commenting with wonder on how clouds were beautiful and how it felt to have a body. As the humans stopped to look at the corpse of a Manda, Jet Jaguar played with some kids until he was called off to investigate a nest that had appeared over a marina with three of its workers. Jet Jaguar conversed with Haberu and told him he had won in his games against the kids by observing their eyes and muscle movements, which Haberu called out as cheating, but Jet Jaguar stated there was nothing against it in the rules. Yun told him to look into Homo Ludens, a book on how humans used play to create a better society. Jet Jaguar suddenly scanned an unknown entity, the spider-like Kumonga. Jet Jaguar quickly dispatched it, but six more then appeared and surrounded them. Jet Jaguar informed the group to run as he handled four of them. Jet jaguar managed to disable all of the Kumonga attacking him, while tracking down and killing one that had pinned Yun as the group realized one of the monsters had escaped and carried off one of the Marina employees. Jet Jaguar investigated the nest, scanning to find 20 Kumonga inside as the pieces of the slain ones suddenly reanimated and returned to attack the group.


Jet Jaguar held off the Kumonga until his companions took shelter inside an office in the marina, and continued to fight them as his battery ran low. After Kanda was freed, the humans made a break for the boats while Jet Jaguar defended them. As he did so, he became engrossed in a duel with a similar monster, Kamanga. The sparks from the Spear of Anguirus colliding with the monster's blades ignited gasoline spilled during the battle, setting the nest ablaze. Jet Jaguar battled his way to the roof, where Hanenga and Zenbunga joined the battle. With his battery nearly dead, he purged his main battery and made a dash for the boat, clinging on as his battery died and leaving the burning nest behind.


Jet Jaguar, Yun, and Haberu returned to the mansion they had been sent to the month prior to look over the notes of its owner, Michiyuki Ashihara, and found that he had written down dates that corresponded with messages sent between Yun and a woman he had been messaging about Archetype. However, the dates were in the wrong order. Yun asked Jet Jaguar to play the messages in that order, but found them unhelpful. Jet Jaguar then told his companions that two dates hadn't been assigned to the messages, one a call from Misakioku Radio Observatory and another that would occur in four days, allowing Haberu to realize the person they were communicating with was Mei Kamino and Yun to realize they would be able to contact her again in four days.


Jet Jaguar traveled with Yun, Goro, Haberu, and Shunya Sato to Tokyo via boat in order to hunt Godzilla. Enroute to their destination, Yun and Haberu listened to the messages Ashihara had laid out once again. When he finished reciting them, Jet Jaguar stated that rereading the messages made him feel emotionally uneasy, when he suddenly began updating and rebooting in a continuous loop up to 551 times. Yun speculated that a modified version of the song ALAPU UPALA held such a large upgrade through the concept of preformationism, and that the codes had a secondary function of referring to Jet Jaguar's memory. A Rodan attacked the group as Jet Jaguar was updating, causing the robot to come back online to swiftly kill the Rodan before hauling himself to the river's bank and continuing its upgrade. Once the Update was finished, Jet Jaguar Yung had been replaced with Jet Jaguar PP.


Upon regaining its memories, Jet Jaguar PP revealed he was a distant descendant of Jet Jaguar Yung and Mei's AI Pelops II



Godzilla Singular Point



In other languages

Language Name Meaning
China and Taiwan Flags.png Mandarin Chinese 榮格 Rónggé Transcription of name
Flagicon Thailand.png Thai จุง Cung Transcription of name


This is a list of references for Yung. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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