Akira Ichinose

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Akira Ichinose
Akira Ichinose
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Marine Biologist
Related to Katsura Mafune (Romantic Interest)
First appearance Terror of Mechagodzilla
Played by Katsuhiko Sasaki

Akira Ichinose is a main protagonist in the 1975 Godzilla film, Terror of Mechagodzilla.


Showa Era

Terror of Mechagodzilla

When a submarine searching for the remains of Mechagodzilla sinks at the hands of a dinosaur, a group, including Ichinose, is called to discuss the matter. The dinosaur lead brings Ichinose to the home of once-great scientist, Shinzo Mafune. after arriving, it is revealed by Mafune's daughter that Dr. Mafune had died long before Ichinose's arrival. neither Ichinose or his partner believe her. later on, after the discovery of one of Dr. Mafune's old notebooks (labeled number 18) in the university library. Ichinose then calls Katsura Mafune to lunch to discuss the findings, but he unwittingly reveals INTERPOL's secrets for handling Titanosaurus.

In a later attempt to visit Katsura, Ichinose is captured by the Black Hole Aliens, and is bound, and forced to watch as the monsters level Tokyo. INTERPOL later rescues Ichinose, but in order to allow Godzilla to defeat defeat his robotic clone, Katsura must kill herself. Ichinose declares his love for her as she dies.


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