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Haruo Sakaki
Haruo Sakaki in GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters
Species Human
Nationality Human, Japanese
Age 24
Height 173 centimeters[1]
Affiliation United Earth
Occupation Captain
Related to Akira Sakaki (father),
Haruka Sakaki (mother),
Daichi Tani (adoptive grandfather),
Maina (lover), unborn child
First appearance Latest appearance
of the Monsters
Planet Eater
Played by Japanese:
Mamoru Miyano, Aya Suzaki (young)
Chris Niosi, Rachelle Heger (young)[2]
Jesse Grim
Alberto Bernal (Mexican),
Carlos Teruel Borrás (Castilian)
Grégory Praet
Federico Viola
Roberto Rodrigues
The situation is dire, so I'll skip the pleasantries. I don't have an outlook for humanity's future, and I don't have enough of a strategy to estimate our chances of winning. However, I can say this. Those who didn't yield to Godzilla can proudly welcome another day. This is not only a battle to kill Godzilla. What we are about to fight is a humiliating future with no choice but to accept despair and resignation. If we can reject and fight that, we can once again dream of hope and pride. Just as our ancestors did, who thrived here before us. That's right. If we don't retreat now, if we don't show fear, and if we put our lives on the line, we've already won. All we need to do is finish it. Humanity's 22-year-long nightmare, and Godzilla's 20,000-year era. I look forward to your brave efforts. That is all.

— Haruo Sakaki addressing United Earth troops (GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters)

Haruo Sakaki (ハルオ・サカキ) is a captain aboard the emigrant spaceship Aratrum who first appeared in the 2017 Godzilla film, GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters.

Following the deaths of his parents at Godzilla's hands, Haruo grew up aboard the Aratrum under the care of Daichi Tani, where he developed a burning hatred for the monster. At the age of 24, he was now a captain aboard the ship and staged a rebellion to try and stop the launch of a Landing Ship laden down with elderly passengers to the destination of Tau Ceti e. His rebellion failed and Haruo was imprisoned on the ship. However, he was set free after publishing his anti-Godzilla plan, and helped to undertake a return mission to Earth with the goal of reclaiming the planet from Godzilla. Haruo's plan was successful in defeating the smaller Godzilla Filius, but the United Earth's forces were wiped out by the much larger Godzilla Earth. Haruo led the survivors in discovering Mechagodzilla City and undertook an operation there to defeat Godzilla Earth once and for all. However, he was forced to kill his ally Mulu-elu Galu-gu and destroy the City rather than let its Nanometal assimimilate the entire globe. Haruo next found himself at the center of his ally Metphies' manipulation; he had been set up as a heroic figure meant to inspire faith in the Exif God. Metphies tried to use Haruo to lead the rest of mankind to offer themselves to Ghidorah, but Haruo resisted his influence and defeated Metphies. After realizing his hatred for Godzilla was what perpetuated the cycle of destruction wrought by Godzilla, Haruo sacrificed his life and in the process destroyed all remaining Nanometal, ensuring humanity could forge a new path of harmony.


Haruka Sakaki: “Is this a flower?
Akira Sakaki: “Yes, I made it as a charm for him. A spring flower. Even in the coldest of winters, the snow will melt, and spring return. It's the season when life is reborn.
Haruka Sakaki: “That's right. It's hope; let's name him after that hope.
Akira Sakaki: “That's perfect... Haruo.
― Haruka and Akira Sakaki discuss Haruo's namesake, spring. (GODZILLA: The Planet Eater)

Haruo was named by his parents after the Japanese term haruoshimu (春惜しむ), meaning 'to lament the end of spring,' chosen due to spring being a beacon of "hope," even "in the coldest of winters" as well as a "season when life is reborn."

Character description

Haruo Sakaki’s parents were killed during one of Godzilla’s attacks, and he has held a strong hatred in his heart for the monster ever since. Haruo is highly intelligent and has a slim but athletic body.[3]


Haruo is a relatively tall young man with dark hair and a clean-shaven face. He dresses in the standard military uniform of the United Earth.


While the majority of humanity dreads Godzilla, Haruo's hatred of the beast borders on obsessive. He took his parents' death harder than any other humans who might have lost loved ones in Godzilla's reign of terror, and it was all he could think about in his time aboard the Aratrum. Haruo's anger and desire for vengeance has consumed him to the point he is willing to sacrifice his own life and the lives of the United Earth soldiers under his command to kill Godzilla. He shows nearly no hesitation to put himself in harm's way during his confrontations with Godzilla, but his passion often makes him compulsive and can lead to disaster, as demonstrated when Godzilla Earth decimates the troops under Haruo's command. Haruo does demonstrate remorse for the lives he cost when confronted about it by Marco Ghione, though he is mostly undeterred and ready to try and fight Godzilla again with any soldiers who are still on his side. His seemingly endless determination to kill Godzilla is finally compromised when he is forced to decide between either killing Godzilla or allowing Mechagodzilla City to assimilate the entire planet, though this decision nearly causes him to experience an emotional breakdown.

Haruo's perpetual rage and preoccupation with Godzilla renders him cold and distant to those around him, though he does confide in a few people. Haruo's closest friend is Metphies. He often turns to Metphies for guidance and help, though he does not buy into Metphies' religious teachings. Haruo also places a great deal of trust in Martin Lazzari's advice and information, and takes his suggestions into account when making decisions. Haruo grew up looking at Eliott Leland as an older brother, and as such respects him for the most part. However, he is quickly enraged when Leland suggests abandoning the plan to defeat Godzilla, and is willing to physically assault him. Haruo was raised by his father's friend Daichi Tani and is shown to care greatly for him, begging him not to travel to Tau-e and experiencing great grief when his Landing Ship explodes. Haruo grew up seeing Daichi's granddaughter Yuko as a little sister, and she always looked up to him. As an adult Yuko seems to express a romantic attraction to Haruo, and while he cares for her greatly he is hesitant to completely reciprocate her feelings. Haruo has earned the respect of the Bilusaludo Mulu-elu Galu-gu and Rilu-elu Belu-be, who view him as a valuable ally.

Haruo believes very strongly in the idea of humanity, and his end goal is to reclaim the planet from Godzilla for the human race at virtually any cost. While he is willing to sacrifice much to stop Godzilla, he draws the line at people losing their humanity to merge with Mechagodzilla City. He is appalled at the Bilusaludo's willingness to become one with the Nanometal, which puts him into conflict with the Bilusaludo and impacts his final decision to stop Mechagodzilla City even though it means Godzilla will survive. Haruo also shows compassion toward the Houtua race, showing offense toward Galu-gu's attempts to insult and demean them as sub-human.


Reiwa era

GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters

When Haruo was just two years old, he and his parents Akira and Haruka Sasaki were selected by the Omni Electio as three of the 5,000 passengers set to travel aboard the Aratrum to Tau Ceti-e. However, just as the spacecraft was preparing to depart, Akira and Haruka traveled to the United Earth headquarters to delete information relating to Godzilla, believing future generations should not be haunted by knowledge of the creature. Haruo's parents entrusted him to the care of Daichi Tani, who escorted him aboard the Aratrum as Haruo's parents were traveling to the launch pad aboard a bus. However, Godzilla suddenly appeared over the horizon and shot down a Landing Ship with his atomic breath, which crashed to the ground and caused an explosion that destroyed the bus carrying Haruo's parents. Haruo watched this unfold with his very eyes, and from that day held an intense hatred for Godzilla. Haruo grew up on the Aratrum alongside Yuko Tani, and both of them were raised by Yuko's grandfather Daichi. By the age of 24, Haruo was a captain on the ship, and was secretly preparing a plan detailing how to finally destroy Godzilla. When the Aratrum finally reached Tau-e after 22 years of travel, the Central Committee decided to send a group of volunteers to the planet's surface to ensure it was inhabitable, among them Haruo's adopted grandfather. Haruo believed that the Committee pressured the elderly aboard the ship to volunteer for the expedition in order to reduce the number of mouths to feed, knowing full well they would die during the descent. Haruo sealed himself aboard a Landing Ship with a large number of explosives, and threatened to set them off if the expedition wasn't cancelled. However, Daichi contacted Haruo using a monitor on the ship and assured him that no one was pressured to volunteer for the expedition. Daichi said that he and the other elderly passengers could no longer tolerate living in the void of space, and that he wanted to die standing on solid land. Haruo begged his grandfather not to go, but was convinced to back down. Haruo was promptly arrested and thrown in a prison cell, only able to watch helplessly through a window as the Landing Ship bound for Tau-e exploded upon entering the atmosphere.

While being held in his cell, Haruo was visited by the Exif archbishop Metphies, who provided him with classified intelligence recovered from the Central Committee which Haruo wished to use for his anti-Godzilla plan. Haruo completed his plan and published it anonymously, and it quickly spread among the remaining 4,000 passengers on the ship. The Central Committee was pressured into attempting a desperate return to Earth, with Tau-e now known to be uninhabitable. The Aratrum successfully returned to Earth's orbit using its experimental hyperdrives, but it was determined that at least 10,000 years had elapsed on the planet. Reconnaissance Drones deployed to the surface determined that Godzilla was still alive on the planet, and the Committee realized that its only option to retake the Earth was to kill Godzilla. Metphies agreed to reveal the author of the anti-Godzilla plan so long as the Committee dropped all charges for stealing classified intelligence and released Haruo on bail. The Committee agreed, and Haruo was allowed to propose his anti-Godzilla plan. He told the Committee that Godzilla's seeming invincibility came from an asymmetrically permeable shield he could deploy from his body, which deflected any incoming damage. Haruo believed that this shield was produced by an organ in Godzilla's body, and that if they could successfully disable the shield and insert an EMP Probe into Godzilla's body, the accumulated electromagnetic energy would destroy Godzilla from within. Haruo requested 600 men to travel to the Earth's surface and undertake his anti-Godzilla plan, which the Committee reluctantly granted. Four companies of soldiers, under the command of Colonel Eliott Leland, were deployed to the former Tanzawa Forest area in what was once Japan. Haruo was kept in handcuffs and accompanied Company A in one of the Landing Ships. Company A touched down in a clearing while the other companies prepared to engage Godzilla. Martin Lazzari requested to lead a small scientific expedition into the forest, which Leland allowed. Haruo insisted on accompanying Martin's team, but was placed under the supervision of Yuko. As Martin and the others examined the bizarre plant life in the forest, Haruo expressed his surprise that Yuko volunteered for the mission. Yuko said that she wanted to speak to Haruo face-to-face ever since their grandfather was killed. She said that the Committee claimed to have removed the explosives that Haruo brought with him aboard the Landing Ship, but that they were still unaccounted for. She wondered if the Committee, as Haruo suspected, sent Daichi and the others to their deaths in order to reduce the number of passengers. Haruo said that he hated himself for being so suspicious of his fellow man, and blamed Godzilla for stealing humanity's sense of compassion.

Eventually, the group came upon the ruins of several human-built structures. Martin proposed that they had been preserved by lichen which had used the concrete as a seed bed and then fossilized. Haruo fell to his knees and began weeping, saying that the Earth still remembered humanity after all this time. He solemnly vowed that they would take the planet back, with their own hands. At that moment, they overheard commotion coming from their base camp. When they arrived, they found that the camp had been attacked by a group of winged reptilian creatures. Martin analyzed the carcass of one of the creatures and determined that both it and the new plant life on Earth had been formed from Godzilla's cells. After hearing this, Leland gave the order to retreat to the Aratrum, as not only were the air and water on Earth now toxic, but the flora and fauna were hostile as well. Haruo became enraged, and angrily pinned Leland to a wall, saying that this planet was their home and they could not be so cowardly as to abandon it once again. Leland said his order was final, and that they could set up a colony on the moon and simply harvest resources from the Earth. Metphies said he agreed with Leland's plan, but that they had no way of retreating because the creatures had damaged their Landing Ships. The company was forced to move through the Tanzawa Pass, the original point where they planned to engage Godzilla, so they could rendezvous with the other three companies and retreat. As their Landing Ship flew through the pass, Metphies remarked to Haruo that he seemed to be lost in thought. Haruo asked what the point was of returning to Earth if they were just going to retreat again. Metphies stated that neither Haruo nor Leland seemed to understand Godzilla's true purpose. In the time the Exif had been wandering space, he said, they witnessed the fall of many civilizations at the hands of beings similar to what humanity called Godzilla. Metphies believed that Godzilla was a divine punishment intended for humanity, and for this reason he would not let them escape. As if in accordance with Metphies' warning, Godzilla appeared over the horizon and began approaching the pass. Leland gave the order for the company to move as far away from Godzilla as possible, but the Landing Ship carrying Haruo, Metphies, Martin, and Yuko had sustained severe damage earlier and was showing a risk of exploding. Metphies set Haruo free from his binds and told him to do as his soul commanded him to do. Haruo quickly boarded a Hover Bike and escaped the ship just as it crashed and exploded once the others had safely evacuated. Haruo flew the bike towards Godzilla and began firing its guns at him, telling Martin to pay attention when his shield deployed. However, the bike's guns could not deal sufficient damage to make Godzilla deploy his shield. Realizing this, Haruo flew his bike high into the air and prepared to nosedive directly into Godzilla. Before Haruo could strike Godzilla, Leland opened fire on the monster from a Multipodal Battery. Haruo flew out of the way and watched as Godzilla swiftly obliterated Leland with a blast of his atomic breath.

Leland's sacrifice was not in vain, as Martin was able to record Godzilla deploying his shield after Leland opened fire on him. Mulu-elu Galu-gu determined that there was in fact an organ that produced Godzilla's shield, and that it was located in his dorsal plates. With Leland's death, Metphies became the commander of the operation, and was instructed by the Central Committee to do everything necessary to bring as many people back as possible. Metphies handed his authority over to Haruo, who addressed all of the surviving soldiers. He said that their situation was dire, but as long as they stood together and did not back down, they could put an end to Godzilla's reign and restore humanity's dignity. Haruo's anti-Godzilla plan was then set into motion. Galu-gu and his team moved the explosives they had set deeper into the Tanzawa pass, while Rilu-elu Belu-be and Adam Bindewald led a fleet of Hover Bikes to get Godzilla's attention and draw him into the pass. Haruo and the remaining units assembled in the pass, ready to use Powered Suits to plant the EMP Probes into Godzilla. The Hover Bikes successfully drew Godzilla's attention, however he and a flock of the flying creatures from earlier destroyed several of them. Haruo ordered Adam to pull out and assemble six pilots to commandeer Landing Ships to draw Godzilla to the target point more quickly. Haruo told them to eject from the ships as soon as they knew Godzilla was targeting them. Adam obliged, and Landing Ships began dropping Thermo-Pressure Warheads to lead Godzilla directly into the pass. Once Godzilla reached the target point, the explosives were detonated and Godzilla was buried up to his chest in rubble. Multipodal Batteries began opening fire on Godzilla, causing him to deploy his shield. They were able to determine when Godzilla's shield collapsed and opened fire on his dorsal plates. However, the tissue healed quickly and restored his shield before the soldiers could act. Haruo took matters into his own hands and donned a Powered Suit, then jumped onto Godzilla's back. He instructed the artillery to fire as soon as Godzilla's shield collapsed, even though he would be in the line of fire. The artillery followed his orders, and destroyed Godzilla's organ and disabled the shield. Haruo's Powered Suit was unscathed, and he launched an EMP Probe into Godzilla's body. The other members of the Powered Suit team followed suit, and deployed their EMP Probes into Godzilla as well. As the electromagnetic energy climbed to critical levels inside Godzilla's body, Haruo and the other soldiers were forced off of his back. Godzilla began to aim his atomic breath at Haruo, but completely exploded before he could fire it.

In the aftermath of the battle, Haruo and the others surveyed Godzilla's remains. Martin told Haruo it was his theory that the Godzilla they killed was not the same one that drove humanity from Earth. Haruo asked how that was possible, since this Godzilla had the exact same appearance and abilities. Martin replied that it was unusual for life to remain exactly the same over 20,000 years, and especially unlikely in the case of a creature like Godzilla. He proposed that the creature they killed was some kind of offspring that had inherited Godzilla's form and abilities, and that there could be more Godzillas elsewhere on the planet. Haruo replied that even if there were more Godzillas, they just proved that they could destroy them. Just then, a huge earthquake struck the area. Computer readings showed that the source of the seismic activity was within two kilometers of their location. Suddenly, a nearby mountain exploded, and from the dust rose the familiar dorsal plates of Godzilla. The original Godzilla finally revealed himself, now grown to over 300 meters in height and 100,000 metric tons in weight. Realizing how outmatched the humans were, Haruo gave the order for everyone to retreat and get as far away as possible. Several Landing Ships prepared to depart, but Godzilla instantly obliterated all of them by producing a super oscillatory wave. Haruo entered a Multipodal Battery to try and distract Godzilla while the rest of his comrades escaped, but Godzilla swung his tail through the air that produced a shockwave which wiped out all of their forces in a fiery explosion. Haruo could only watch helplessly while buried under wreckage as Godzilla departed. He weakly swore that he would kill Godzilla.

Sometime later, Haruo awakened inside of an unfamiliar shack, tended to by a mysterious masked woman. When the woman saw Haruo was awake, she turned to him and removed her mask.

GODZILLA: City on the Edge of Battle

Upon awakening, Haruo tried to figure out where he was, but couldn't make contact with any of the other United Earth forces. He donned his armor and exited the hut, only to come face to face with the woman he saw before. The woman fled and began climbing a ladder out of the caldera where her hut was. Haruo followed after her, calling out and saying he did not mean her any harm. Haruo was surprised at the possibility humans had survived on Earth to this day, and noticed that the fog seemed to settle above the caldera. Haruo followed the woman through the jungle, noting she advanced when he stopped and retreated when he advanced. Haruo began receiving a signal which he believed came from a Landing Ship from the other side of a marsh and began to cross it, only for the woman to stop on the marsh's edge and call out "Hey!" to him, imitating what he had called out to her earlier. Haruo received a telepathic message from the woman warning him that the marsh was dangerous, and then climbed out of it. He thanked the woman for saving him, but she could only reply with "Hey." Haruo told the woman his name, and she was able to pronounce it back to him. Just then, the woman received a telepathic signal and ran off, with Haruo following. He eventually came upon a clearing where Rilu-elu Belu-be, Adam Bindewald, Yuko Tani, and Marco Ghione were taking refuge in the wreckage of a Multipodal Battery. They warned Haruo that the woman he was with was attacking them, but he insisted she had been with him the whole time. The entire group soon found themselves surrounded by what appeared to be humans dressed in tribal garb and armed with spears and bows. They surrendered and were brought into the race's vast underground civilization. There, Haruo was reunited with Mulu-elu Galu-gu and Martin Lazzari, who informed him that Metphies was still unaccounted for. Haruo and the others discussed what to do next, with Galu-gu being of the belief the natives meant to kill them. Martin however believed otherwise, saying they had tended to their wounded. Eventually, all of the prisoners were summoned by a woman who looked identical to the one who had saved Haruo and brought to a large ceremonial chamber. The woman was joined by an identical twin, causing Haruo to realize the woman who saved him and the one who attacked his comrades were identical twins. The twins placed their hands on the altar behind them and spoke telepathically to Haruo and the others, asking their purpose for coming here to the home of the Houtua. Haruo informed them they came to defeat Godzilla, prompting the twins to respond that all who opposed Godzilla were consumed by fire and disappeared. Godzilla, they said, was the enemy of their god and had killed her, leaving behind only an egg. The twins were convinced the humans, or "passing crows" as they called them, did not mean them any harm and allowed them to be released and follow their own path, though they stated the Houtua would not pursue any conflict with Godzilla themselves.

After this conversation, Haruo announced his intention to fight Godzilla again. Nearly everyone was willing to go along with his plan except Marco, who reminded him of the countless others who were killed in the last battle. They were eventually released and had their weapons returned by the Houtua elder, and prepared to depart in search of the Landing Ship. However, the twins insisted on accompanying them, and Haruo allowed it. As they wandered through the wilderness, Martin said they should have individual names for the twins. The twins then each gave their names as Miana and Maina. Haruo recognized Miana as the one who saved him, while Maina seemed to glare a lot. They soon overheard a cry for help from Yuko, who had wandered off into the marsh and was attacked by worm-type Servum. Haruo helped Yuko out of the marsh as the others opened fire on the Servum. Flying-type Servum quickly arrived to feed on the carcasses and turned their sights on the party. Fortunately, a Multipodal Battery emerged from the jungle and opened fire on the Servum, causing those not killed by the attack to flee. Metphies revealed himself as the pilot of the battery, then conferred with Haruo and the other survivors near the surviving Landing Ship. Haruo was pulled aside by Galu-gu and Belu-be, who excitedly informed him they now had a way to defeat Godzilla. They noticed that the arrowheads used by Miana and Maina were made of Nanometal, the autonomous metal substance used in the construction of the lost anti-Godzilla weapon Mechagodzilla. After returning to the Houtua village, they determined that the Houtua were harvesting clumps of Nanometal from somewhere nearby. If they could find the source of this Nanometal, they explained, they could use it to defeat Godzilla. Following this revelation, Haruo explained to those gathered his plan to find the source of the Nanometal and fight Godzilla once more. He stated that no one was obligated to take part in the mission, but those who continued the mission would be fighting to ensure the sacrifices already made were not in vain. Ultimately only three soldiers chose not to take part in the mission and returned to the Aratrum. The rest remained with Haruo as he led a mission to find the source of the Nanometal.

As Miana and Maina led Haruo and company through a cavern, Martin told Haruo that he believed the Houtua had inherited a "monster factor" to allow them to survive on the radically-changed Earth, just as the other flora and fauna had inherited Godzilla's monster factor. He stated that the scales they secreted from their skin were similar to those of insects. Furthermore, he warned Haruo that the planet had seemingly selected Godzilla as its lord of creation rather than humanity, as the planet had been changed irreversibly by Godzilla's dominance. Haruo responded that it was thus their responsibility to defeat Godzilla. Galu-gu and Belu-be began picking up a unique signal that could only come from Mechagodzilla, and the party continued through the cavern. When they emerged, they were set upon by two flying-type Servum which were suddenly impaled by spikes which erupted from the ground. Haruo and the others looked into the crater below and saw a huge facility standing there. Galu-gu and Belu-be recognized it as a complete replica of Mechagodzilla's production facility, constructed entirely from Nanometal. Mechagodzilla's carcass must have survived Godzilla's attack 20,000 years ago and used its Nanometal to construct this facility, which they dubbed "Mechagodzilla City." Haruo accompanied the Bilusaludo inside the City where they came upon Mechagodzilla's disembodied head, which was still active and directing the Nanometal. The Bilusaludo fully reactivated Mechagodzilla's A.I., granting them complete control of the City. With all of this Nanometal at their disposal, Galu-gu said, they could mobilize an overwhelming attack strategy against Godzilla. Haruo took command of the operation with Galu-gu, which involved luring Godzilla into the City where he would be trapped by liquid Nanometal then struck by EMP Harpoons, causing him to explode just like the smaller subspecies did.

Haruo met with Yuko after her successful test flight with the new Vulture flying mech. While he told her to get some rest, Yuko expressed her admiration for Haruo and stated that his determination to reclaim their home was what kept her going. She tried to embrace Haruo, but he reeled back in pain before dismissing himself. Martin Lazzari asked if Haruo was okay and reported that many of his men who had been healed at the Houtua village were experiencing poor physical health as well. Haruo interjected that he was fine and left to find Metphies, who was delivering a sermon in a cave outside the City. he asked to speak to Metphies privately, and expressed his doubts about the operation. Metphies responded that he found Nanometal to be a "sinister thing" and felt that the Bilusaludo wished to become as monsters themselves. Every civilization, he said, eventually reached a point where it led to the emergence of a monster which destroyed it. The Bilusaludo, it seemed, wanted to repeat this mistake. Haruo then asked Metphies if his home planet was destroyed by monsters as well, to which the Exif replied that it was. His people hesitated to speak the name of that which destroyed their planet, he said, as words held that much power. However, he said he would tell it to Haruo so he could remember it when facing Godzilla. Compared to this being, Godzilla would not even be worth fearing. Metphies leaned in and whispered the name "Ghidorah" into Haruo's ear, warning him not to speak it to anyone else. After this, Haruo stood on a bridge overlooking the City where he met Yuko once again. He promised one day he would show her what Earth used to look like, and she responded by kissing him.

Haruo was meeting with Galu-gu and Belu-be in the control room when suddenly Adam ran into the room and informed him that the Nanometal had gone haywire and begun eating the Bilusaludo. Haruo asked Galu-gu to send for help, but the Bilusaludo replied that this was no mistake. The soldiers had willingly given up their physical bodies to become part of Mechagodzilla City, their collective intelligence helping to guide it. Haruo was disgusted at this notion, but Yuko entered the room and took the Bilusaludo's side. As both sides continued to argue, they were informed that the cloud concealing Mechagodzilla City had dispersed. Haruo said he thought Galu-gu and Belu-be were controlling the City, but they replied that the collective intelligence of the Bilusaludo who had combined with the City made the decision to stop producing the fog. With Godzilla approaching, the decision was made to launch three Vultures to intercept him and keep him at bay long enough for the City to finish preparations. Haruo volunteered to fly the third Vulture, to Galu-gu's objection, as he was the commander of the operation. Haruo replied that after their fight, this was the best way to keep the alliance intact. Galu-gu agreed and let Haruo commandeer a Vulture along with Yuko and Belu-be.

The three Vultures sortied from the City and attacked Godzilla, luring him to the trap point just outside the City. Unable to hold Godzilla off any longer, Haruo told Galu-gu to detonate the charges in the ground, dropping Godzilla into a channel leading directly to Mechagodzilla City. Godzilla fired his atomic breath and nearly hit Haruo's Vulture, but he received a telepathic warning from Miana and Maina that allowed him to evade it in time. Godzilla soon reached the capture point and was trapped in liquid Nanometal before he was impaled by two EMP Harpoons. Haruo watched from overhead in his Vulture as Godzilla's internal electromagnetic energy built to critical levels. Rather than explode as before, Godzilla's skin began to crack and glow red as he emitted intense heat. Martin reported that Godzilla was converting the excess energy into heat in order to attack them. Belu-be believed they could still make Godzilla explode by triggering him to fire his atomic breath. The Vultures opened fire, but their shots were melted before they could strike Godzilla. Belu-be proposed one last desperate suicide strategy: fly to the tropopause and nosedive directly into Godzilla's dorsal fin to make him explode. However, only one part of the Vulture would be unable to withstand the heat long enough: the pilot. Galu-gu forcibly triggered the Vultures' Nanometal to fuse with the pilots. Belu-be accepted the fusion but Yuko and Haruo resisted. Yuko tried to eject from her Vulture but the heat caused it to jam and plummet to the ground. Haruo caught Yuko's Vulture with his own, while Belu-be flew off to the upper atmosphere. Haruo found his body was resisting the Nanometal fusion, much to Galu-gu's incredulity. Metphies then contacted Haruo and warned him that once Godzilla was destroyed, Mechagodzilla City's Nanometal would continue proliferating until it had assimilated the entire planet. Haruo was paralyzed by this agonizing decision and finally chose to fly to Mechagodzilla City's control room and confront Galu-gu. He told Galu-gu to end the Nanometal's encroachment, but he refused. Finally, Haruo raised the gun barrel of his Vulture and opened fire on the control room, killing Galu-gu and destroying Mechagodzilla's head. With the Nanometal deactivated, Godzilla resumed activity and obliterated the rest of Mechagodzilla City with two blasts of his atomic breath.

Haruo landed his Vulture on a nearby peak and removed Yuko from hers only to find her unresponsive. Haruo cradled Yuko's body in his arms and sobbed bitterly as he realized she was dead.

GODZILLA: The Planet Eater

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GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters


GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters

GODZILLA: City on the Edge of Battle

GODZILLA: The Planet Eater


GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters Manga

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