Kenta Taguchi and Samon Taguchi

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Kenta Taguchi, Samon Taguchi
Kenta and Samon Taguchi with Minilla in Godzilla Final Wars
Species Humans
Nationality Japanese
Age 10 (Kenta),[1] 65 (Samon)[2]
Occupation Student (Kenta), hunter (Samon)
Related to Each other (grandson and grandfather)
First appearance Godzilla Final Wars
Played by Kenta Suga (Kenta),
Shigeru Izumiya (Samon)
Kenta Taguchi: “Why is Godzilla destroying the town?
Samon Taguchi: “Long before you were born, men did a terrible thing and made Godzilla angry.
Kenta Taguchi: “A terrible thing?
Samon Taguchi: “You're too young to understand. They made a huge fire and burned everything on the land. Godzilla will never forget it.
― Samon Taguchi explains Godzilla's resentment toward humanity to Kenta (Godzilla Final Wars)

Kenta Taguchi (田口 健太,   Taguchi Kenta) and his grandfather Samon Taguchi (田口 左門,   Taguchi Samon) are characters in the 2004 Godzilla film, Godzilla Final Wars.


Millennium series

Godzilla Final Wars

Amidst a series of sudden monster attacks across the globe, hunter Samon Taguchi encountered a strange bipedal creature in the woods near Mount Fuji. Prepared to shoot the creature, he was stopped by his grandson Kenta who shielded it and pleaded with Samon not to harm it.

Kenta quickly befriended the creature, and the trio made their way to a clearing. Samon attempted to listen to a handheld radio, but it didn't have signal. They watched as explosions and plumes of smoke appeared over the horizon. A fleet of UFOs then began flying straight towards them, narrowly zooming past. Samon urged that they should flee the area with their new passenger, who Kenta named "Minilla." They began driving aimlessly in Samon's truck, quickly becoming lost; they eventually made their way to a field, looking on as Godzilla rampaged through the nearby town. Kenta questioned why Godzilla was attacking, to which Samon explained that Godzilla had been wronged by humanity long ago and he now resented them for it. Minilla suddenly ran back to the truck and began banging on the door, wanting to get inside. The group returned to the road, attempting to follow Minilla's directions.

They came upon Godzilla battling Anguirus, Rodan and King Caesar at the foot of Mount Fuji, with Minilla watching in excitement. After Godzilla managed to defeat the monsters, Minilla blew a ring of smoke into the air before beginning to glow. Kenta and Samon looked on in awe as Minilla rapidly grew in size. After Godzilla made his way to Tokyo and defeated the Xiliens' trump card Monster X, he shot down the battleship Gotengo and prepared to fire on its fleeing passengers. Kenta and Samon suddenly drove onto the scene, and were joined by the giant Minilla who ran to Godzilla's feet. As Godzilla stared the humans down, Minilla raised his arms to protect them, mimicking the motion Kenta had used to protect him. When the humans began to raise their weapons at Godzilla, Kenta too blocked them, and Godzilla eventually turned away. Minilla followed the King of the Monsters into the sunset, but not before firing a blast of atomic breath into the air, at which Kenta cheered. As they stood in the ruins of what was once Japan's capital, Kenta and Samon were left to help rebuild society.


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