Susan Watson

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Susan Watson
Susan Watson
Species Human
Nationality American
Aliases Linda WatsonGDF
Occupation Military nurse
Related to Jiro Nomura (love interest)
First appearance King Kong Escapes
Played by Linda Miller,
Akiko Santo (voice, Japanese version),
Julie Bennett (voice, English dub)[1]

Lieutenant Susan Watson (スーザン・ワトソン,   Sūzan Watoson) is a protagonist in the 1967 King Kong film, King Kong Escapes.


Susan Watson is erroneously called Linda Watson in the codex entry for Gorosaurus in Godzilla Defense Force, combining her name with that of her actress, Linda Miller.


Showa era

King Kong Escapes

Susan was a nurse aboard a United Nations vessel traveling in the Indian and Pacific Oceans near Indonesia. She walked in on a conversation between her superior Commander Carl Nelson and her co-worker Lieutenant Jiro Nomura, on the nearby Mondo Island about its rumored inhabitant King Kong. The three then decided to take a short visit to the island. When they neared it, Susan and the others traveled to it by hovercraft. A native man tried to ward them off, but Nomura and Nelson left Susan with their vessel, and went to investigate. Shortly thereafter, Watson was attacked by Gorosaurus, her screams then awakened the sleeping Kong. Kong defeated Gorosaurus, and became attached to Susan, picking her up and holding her. Kong eventually let Susan down on her request, and she returned to the ship with Nelson and Nomura. Little did they know that Kong had followed them. The ape began to shake the boat until he was told to stop and return to the island by Watson. Watson and the ship's crew were then summoned to the Arctic by Dr. Who. Who tried to get Watson to use her influence over Kong for his own purpose, mining nuclear materials. After Watson refused, she and Nomura were held captive at Who's base, where they were subjected to torture. Shortly thereafter, King Kong escaped from his prison below Who's base, causing it to collapse. Kong eventually traveled to Tokyo, with Nelson, Nomura, and Susan, only for Susan to be kidnapped and taken to the top of the Tokyo Tower by Mechani-Kong, a robotic duplicate of Kong controlled by Dr. Who. Kong climbed the tower and rescued her, placing her on an observation deck while Jiro Nomura climbed the tower to get her down. After Kong destroyed Mechani-Kong by knocking it off the tower, Susan sent Kong to attack Dr. Who's current base of operations, a boat docked in Tokyo Bay. Kong destroyed the ship, killing Dr. Who in the process. Susan then asked Kong to return to land, only for him to swim away back to Mondo Island.


  • Susan shares a first name with Susan Bond, one of the main characters of The King Kong Show, the cartoon King Kong Escapes was based on.
  • Actress Linda Miller's lines were dubbed over in both the Japanese and English-language versions of King Kong Escapes.[2]
  • Susan Watson is the first of Kong's human captives in a film to actually sympathize with Kong and somewhat return his feelings. This plot point would be carried over in the 1976 and 2005 remakes of King Kong.


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