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The following is an incomplete transcript of the Codex entries from the video game Godzilla Defense Force. Spelling and grammatical errors have been preserved.


Name Image(s) Description
Ebirah ('66)
GDF Codex - Ebirah - 1.png
GDF Codex - Ebirah - 2.png
GDF Codex - Ebirah - 3.png
A terrorist organization known as the Red Bamboo operates from a secret base on Letchi Island, where they experiment with nuclear energy. When their radioactive waste was drained into the ocean, a strange mutation occurred, spawning the giant, lobster-like Ebirah. Ebirah has two powerful claws that it uses in battle. One is large, heavy, and hammer-like, while the other is as slim and deadly as a honed blade. Ebirah can be weakened by the effects of a yellow juice made from nuts found on the island. In the chaos of Godzilla's attack on Letchi Island, Ebirah killed the fleeing Red Bamboo agents. In the end, it faced off against Godzilla and was defeated.
Gigan ('72)
GDF Codex - Gigan 72 - 1.png
GDF Codex - Gigan 72 - 2.png
GDF Codex - Gigan 72 - 3.png
Based on a species of space dinosaur, Gigan is a cyborg kaiju created by the aliens of the M Nebula. It arrived from outer space with King Ghidorah as part of the alien's strategy to attack the Earth. Gigan is controlled by the Godzilla Tower, one of the features of the amusement park built and operated by the M Nebula aliens. Gigan has a single visor-like eye, a horn on its head, a strange beak mouth, and two razor sharp claws called Hammer Hands. Its most notable feature is a deadly buzzsaw located in its abdomen. After being defeated by Godzilla and Anguirus, Gigan and King Ghidorah retreated back to outer space.
Megalon 0.jpg
GDF Codex - Megalon - 2.png
GDF Codex - Megalon - 3.png
Megalon is the horned beetle-like kaiju that serves as Guardian of the Seatopians. With thorny arms that combine into a powerful drill, Megalon is able to easily tunnel through the earth. When the Seatopians fell victim to the fallout of nuclear tests in the Aleutian Islands, they dispatched Megalon to the surface in search of revenge. The Seatopians even summoned Gigan from the M Space Hunter Nebula to aid Megalon, but when Jet Jaguar's ally Godzilla joined the fight, Megalon and Gigan were quickly defeated.
Biollante (Plant Form)
GDF Codex - Biollante Plant Form.png The initial Rose form of Biollante that appeared at Lake Ashi. Produced from a mixture of DNA taken from Godzilla, a rose, and Dr. Shiragami's dead daughter Erika, the enormous verdant kaiju quickly attracted Godzilla's attention. Although Biollante's ivy-like tendrils allow her to grapple in battle, she is no match for Godzilla's radioactive Heat Ray. Despite being burned and temporarily defeated, Biollante still lives. Her DNA—especially the elements derived from the G-Cell—is only further mutated by Godzilla's energy, and Biollante is transformed into a larger, more dangerous second form.
Godzilla ('66)
GDF Codex - Godzilla 66 - 1.png
GDF Codex - Godzilla 66 - 2.png
GDF Codex - Godzilla 66 - 3.png
A lightning strike awoke Godzilla from his ancient slumber in a cave on Letchi Island in the South Pacific. Godzilla fought against the local sea kaiju Ebirah, a tool of the Red Bamboo, who operated in a secret base on Letchi. Ebirah was finally bested by Godzilla after two battles, and his monstrous claw was torn off. Giant Condor seized the opportunity to attack Godzilla, but was defeated by a Heat Ray. As the Red Bamboo's headquarters finally collapsed in flames, Godzilla was driven away by Mothra and plunged into the ocean depths.
Destoroyah (Aggregate)
[note 1]
GDF Codex - Destoroyah Aggregate - 1.png
GDF Codex - Destoroyah Aggregate - 2.png
A fusion of multiple young organisms damaged by a freezing Maser. Its power has increased dramatically, including an exoskeleton which renders freezing weapons useless. This evolution is a testament to its adaptation, transforming a former weakness into a strength capable of overwhelming the Defense Force.
Rainbow Mothra
GDF Codex - Rainbow Mothra - 1.png
GDF Codex - Rainbow Mothra - 2.png
Rainbow Mothra is the empowered version of Green Mothra infused with Ghogo's Life force. He is nearly identical to Green Mothra, save for his iridescent wings. Rainbow Mothra can transform into Aqua Mothra when underwater.
Rodan ('56)
GDF Codex - Rodan 56 - 1.png
GDF Codex - Rodan 56 - 2.png
Rodan was the result of nuclear experiments and global warming on Earth. It appears to be a flying dinosaur, born from an egg that incubated underground beneath Mount Aso. The airborne kaiju also ate Meganulon, the larva of an ancient dragonfly. Rodan flies faster than the speed of sound, unleashing a sonic boom that destroys everything in its path. Rodan was finally defeated with the artificial volcanic eruption of Mount Aso.
GDF Codex - Biollante - 1.png
Biollante 0.jpg
GDF Codex - Biollante - 3.png
Dr. Shiragami, an authority on genetic engineering, created a bio-kaiju by combining cells from Godzilla, a rose, and his deceased daughter, Erika. Dr. Shiragami named it Biollante after a plant spirit from Norse mythology. She originally appeared at Lake Ashi in her Rose form and was defeated by Godzilla. During the battle, Godzilla's radiation triggered a mutation in Biollante's cell division that eventually led to the kaiju's regeneration into a larger, more predatory second form. With her crushing jaws, toxic sap, and many tentacle-like roots, Biollante threatens to surpass Godzilla in both size and power.
Godzilla ('99)
GDF Codex - Godzilla 99 - 1.png
GDF Codex - Godzilla 99 - 2.png
GDF Codex - Godzilla 99 - 3.png
A new Godzilla in a new story. Altered from earlier incarnations, this version has a slimmer, more reptilian form. Its color has been changed from greyish black to a mottled green with purple highlights, and its dorsal fins look sharper than before. Even Godzilla's classic double rows of teeth—a staple of his other 90s films—were reduced to a single row. Just when it seemed Godzilla was being swallowed alive by the space kaiju Orga, Godzilla escaped by burning his way out with a powerful energy pulse that finally destroyed the alien menace. Free once more, Godzilla continued his destruction march across Japan like an unstoppable force of nature.
Megaguirus 0.jpg
GDF Codex - Megaguirus - 2.png
GDF Codex - Megaguirus - 3.png
The ultimate predatory form of a fully transformed Meganulon injected with energy stolen from Godzilla by the Meganula Swarm. The Queen of the species and its most effective fighter, Megaguirus expanded the Swarm's territory while swiftly eliminating any potential enemies. She can fly at supersonic speeds with wings that generate hurricane force winds and high frequency ultra sonic waves capable of shattering buildings into rubble. Her front legs are scissor-like claws, and her stinger tail can draw energy from her victims. She even sap and store energy from Godzilla to use against him. Because she was mutated by Godzilla's energy during development, she possesses more powerful jaws, greater size, and superior strength compared to other members of her species.
Orga 0.jpg
GDF Codex - Orga - 2.png
An alien life form that was trapped on Earth for sixty million years before mutating into a giant kaiju after absorbing some of Godzilla's DNA. When an ancient UFO was discovered in the Trench of Japan near Kagoshima, its reawakened Millennian occupants identified Organizer G-1, the source of Godzilla's regenerative abilities, as the one property that would allow them to adapt to Earth's environment and dominate its native life forms. But the power of Godzilla was too much for the Millennian, causing it to mutate into the destructive Orga. Its main weapons—a laser beam and telekinesis—are derived from the UFO, and it has regenerative powers owing to the G-1 Organizer. In its final form, it attempted to absorb Godzilla completely by swallowing him whole, but was finally defeated when Godzilla unleashed a massive energy pulse that tore the creature apart with explosive force.
GDF Codex - Ganimes.png A crab that was mutated into a giant kaiju by the Space Amoeba, an alien parasite that had attacked the Helios-7 rocket during its mission to Jupiter. The alien organism commandeered the ship and brought it back to Earth, where it crashed in the South Pacific near Sergio Island. After Gezora was defeated by fire, the Space Amoeba escaped, attaching itself to a crab in order to create the kaiju Ganimes. Although a swift and deadly fighter, the creature proved quite vulnerable to explosives.
GDF Codex - Gezora - 1.png
GDF Codex - Gezora - 2.png
A cuttlefish that was mutated into a giant kaiju by an alien parasite (Space Amoeba) that had attacked the Helios-7 rocket headed for Jupiter. The alien organism still onboard, the ship crashed in the south Pacific near Sergio Island upon returning to Earth. The alien merged with a cuttlefish to become a monstrous kaiju called Gezora, which sank ships and menaced the island. Gezora's size, strength, and grasping tentacles make it a deadly predator. It can produce waves of intense cold, and its main vulnerability is heat, especially in the form of fire.
Godzilla ('54)
ShodaiGoji 0.jpg Caught in the blast of a 1950's South Pacific nuclear bomb test, a slumbering giant from the Jurassic era is awakened after centuries of hibernation. The beast is transformed by its exposure to radiation, turning it into a fire-breathing apocalyptic creature... Godzilla! The kaiju attacks Japan and nearly destroys Tokyo before finally being defeated by Dr. Serizawa's super weapon—the Oxygen Destroyer.
Hedorah ('71)
GDF Codex - Hedorah 71 - 1.png
GDF Codex - Hedorah 71 - 2.png
GDF Codex - Hedorah 71 - 3.png
Hedorah is an extraterrestrial creature that was attracted to the industrial pollution found on Earth. It combined with the toxic sludge on the ocean floor and other poisonous elements to grow into a deadly threat. Hedorah began as a slimy, tadpole-like kaiju with two angry red eyes bulging from vertical slits. It was able to produce a deadly acidic mist that rapidly decays human flesh and melts metal structures. Hedorah made landfall on the shores of Japan, where it encountered Godzilla and was temporarily defeated before returning in a new airborne form that could change its physical shape as needed. Hedorah depends on hydration to keep its form, and enough heat can reduce it to dust. Adding just a little moisture, however, can revive the kaiju into an even more powerful form.
Kumonga ('67)
GDF Codex - Kumonga 67.png Kumonga is a giant species of spider native to Sollgel Island. When the Kamacuras attacked Minilla, the spider's web was disturbed and Kumonga appeared. With eight legs, a hairy body, and a venomous bite, Kumonga shares the look and predatory habits of most spiders. After the kaiju traps its prey in highly adhesive webbing, Kumonga advances to make the kill with a deadly poison. When the Kamacuras and Minilla were caught in Kumonga's webbing, the spider attacked and killed the giant insect. However, Godzilla arrived before it could harm Minilla, and together they defeated the giant spider with blasts of heat.
Armor Mothra
GDF Codex - Armor Mothra.png After failing to defeat King Ghidorah, Rainbow Mothra is sent back in time to the prehistoric times to fight a less powerful version of Ghidorah found in that era. After Rainbow Mothra finally seems to defeat Ghidorah in the past, he falls to the ground overcome by his injuries. As Mothra lies gravely wounded three primitive Mothra larvae appear and seal Mothra into a special cocoon. Some thirty million years later Mothra reemerges in its new Armor form. Every part of its body is protected and weaponized. This is Mothra's final and most powerful form.
Battra Larva
Godzilla.jp - 19 - ShodaiBatoLarva Battra Larva 1992.jpg Over 12,000 years ago, the highly developed Cosmos civilization worshipped a living god called Mothra. When Cosmos scientists developed a machine that could control the weather, the very Earth itself rebelled by birthing Battra. While Mothra defended civilization, Battra fought only for the planet. In the end, the weather machine was destroyed, and Mothra managed to immobilize Battra in the North Sea...where it waited. Their machine destroyed, the Cosmos were almost completely wiped out by floods and other natural disasters. Mothra and Battra reappeared in the modern era after meteorites struck the Ogasawara Trench. Battra's eyes project purple rays, and its horn fires a vibrant orange ray. This brilliant coloration heralds the sheer destructive power of its Prism Rays. Battra can soar through the air as easily as it tunnels into the earth, and its body can even conduct electricity. Battra can transform into its winged adult form at will.
Godzilla ('84)
GDF Codex - Godzilla 84 - 1.png
GDF Codex - Godzilla 84 - 2.png
GDF Codex - Godzilla 84 - 3.png
Godzilla reappeared in the aftermath of a volcanic eruption on Daikoku Island, located near the Izu peninsula of Japan. When Godzilla arrived in Tokyo, the JDF halted his progress by shooting him with cadmium bullets. Godzilla recovered when a nuclear weapon was detonated in the atmosphere above him. Using Godzilla's attraction to supersonic sound waves, the kaiju was led to the summit of Mount Mihara where JDF explosives triggered an eruption that buried Godzilla in the heart of a volcano.
Rodan ('64)
GDF Codex - Rodan 64 - 1.png
Godzilla.jp - 5 - SanDaikaijuRado Rodan 1964.jpg
The second Rodan once fought with Godzilla, but the battle ended in a draw thanks to Mothra convincing the titans to cease their conflict. Rodan chose to side with Mothra to save the Earth from King Ghidorah. The dinosaur-like kaiju went so far as to carry the larva of Mothra on its back during the battle.
Mechagodzilla ('74)
Kaiju Guide MechaGodzilla 1.png
GDF Codex - Mechagodzilla 74 - 2.png
GDF Codex - Mechagodzilla 74 - 3.png
Mechagodzilla is a super weapon created by the Black Hole Planet 3 aliens. Modeled after Earth's most powerful kaiju, Mechagodzilla is made of space titanium and flies with the help of jet rockets built into its feet. It can fire a deadly beam from its eyes and launch missiles from its fingertips. Mechagodzilla even houses its own built-in munitions plant, giving it a nearly endless stockpile of missiles. Its first encounter with Godzilla ended in a draw, but it was defeated in the next fight when a electromagnetically supercharged Godzilla seized Mechagodzilla in a vice-like grip, pulling it into the Sea of Okinawa.
Battra 0.jpg
GDF Codex - Battra - 2.png
GDF Codex - Battra - 3.png
Created by the Earth itself as a defense mechanism against environmental pollution, Battra became judge, jury, and executioner, wiping out one of mankind's earliest civilizations. Battra has the same life cycle as Mothra, with a larval form that metamorphosizes into a winged imago. But while Mothra shines as a beacon of the Earth's grandeur and beauty, Battra exists as a living weapon, born fully armored and weaponized against any threat to Earth's well-being. Perhaps this is why the Cosmos priestesses refer to the creature as Battle Mothra or Black Mothra. Unlike Mothra, however, who shares a peaceful relationship with mankind, Battra considers humanity a threat to the planet—a threat that must be eradicated.
King Ghidorah ('64)
Godzilla.jp - 5 - ShodaiGhido King Ghidorah 1964.jpg
GDF Codex - King Ghidorah 64 - 2.png
[note 2]
King Ghidorah, a space-born kaiju, is a planet killer who previously devastated a Venusian civilization that now threatens the future of the Earth itself. Covered in gleaming golden reptilian scales, Ghidorah looks like a super dragon with three heads. A pair of long powerful tails stabilizes Ghidorah's massive form, and it is able to fly thanks to its massive wings. It fires gravity beams that resemble lightning bolts from each of its mouths and looked like a falling meteorite when it first arrived on Earth.
Godzilla ('68)
SoshingekiGoji 0.jpg
GDF Codex - Godzilla 68 - 2.png
Kaiju Island, one of the Ogasawara Islands, is operated by the United Nations as an isolated preserve for Godzilla and the other kaiju. Aliens known as the Kilaaks invaded Earth to seize control of the kaiju and conquer the world. As capitals across the globe were invaded by rampaging kaiju, Godzilla set his sights on New York City. However, humanity discovered the secret of the Kilaaks and freed Godzilla and his fellow kaiju so they could join forces and defeat King Ghidorah at the foot of Mount Fuji.
Mothra ('61)
GDF Codex - Mothra 61.png Worshipped as a living deity, Mothra is an ancient and enormous species of moth that functions as the eternal guardian of Infant Island. When the Shobijin, tiny twin fairies who are spiritually connected to Mothra, are discovered by invaders to the island and taken by force to Japan, the latest incarnation of Mothra arises in its larval form and sets out swimming to Japan to rescue them. But the fairies have already been smuggled out of Japan and taken to the nation of Rolisica. The Mothra larva spins itself a cocoon after arriving at Tokyo Tower and later emerges in its imago (winged) form, enabling it to fly to Rolisica to rescue the twins.
King Ghidorah ('98)
GDF Codex - King Ghidorah 98 - 1.png
GDF Codex - King Ghidorah 98 - 2.png
A gigantic, golden, three-headed flying space dragon that arrives in Japan during a meteor shower and proceeds to lay waste to its cities. It can fire Gravity Beams from all three heads. The kaiju collects children via teleportation, trapping them inside a strange dome in the woods that pulses with alien life. It is discovered that this creature first visited Earth millions of years in the past and may be responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs. King Ghidorah is too powerful for even Rainbow Mothra, who is forced to transform into Light Speed Mothra to go back in time to try and beat a younger, weaker Ghidorah.
Baragon ('68)
GDF Codex - Baragon 68.png Baragon lives amongst Earth's kaiju on Kaiju Island under the supervision of the United Nations. When the Kilaaks take control of the kaiju, Baragon is sent to Paris. However, it is Gorosaurus who is later seen knocking down the Arc de Triomphe, not Baragon.
GDF Codex - Desghidorah - 1.png
GDF Codex - Desghidorah - 2.png
GDF Codex - Desghidorah - 3.png
Hundreds of millions of years in the past, the fearsome space kaiju Desghidorah arrived in out solar system and decimated the surface of Mars. Earth was to be its next target, but it faced unexpected resistance from a fairy-like race of humanoids known as the Elias and a species of giant moth known as Mothra. Following a long and terrible battle that nearly destroyed all life on Earth, Desghidorah was defeated and trapped underground. Only three of the Elias surived. In the modern world, a logging crew uncover the place where Desghidorah was trapped, accidentally freeing it to terrorize the Earth once again. Desghidorah's powers include Lava Gout beams that fire from each head and the Hell's Flame breath from its central head. Its body can generate a powerful shockwave, and it can absorb energy from the surrounding environment. Its bite includes a deadly electrical pulse, and it possesses the ability to draw fire from the bowels of the Earth to erupt on the surface.
Godzilla ('89)
GDF Codex - Godzilla 89 - 1.png
GDF Codex - Godzilla 89 - 2.png
GDF Codex - Godzilla 89 - 3.png
After terrorists detonated a bomb in the volcano, Godzilla reappeared and headed towards Osaka. Upon arriving in the city, he was shot with an experimental weapon that injected him with Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacteria. Following his final battle against Biollante, the ANEB tried to destroy him, but Godzilla recovered quickly and returned to the sea.
Kamacuras ('04)
Godzilla.jp - Impaled Kamacuras.jpg
Kamacuras vs. The Eclair.jpg
Under the control of the Xiliens, Kamacuras, a gigantic preying mantis-like kaiju, attacked the aerial battleship Éclair over Paris. It later tried to fight with Godzilla, but was easily tossed aside. Kamacuras has blade-like forelegs for weapons and wings for flight. It can conceal itself using a kind of natural optical camouflage. It was able to avoid a tsunami by hiding in a mountain.
GDF Codex - Dagahra - 1.png
GDF Codex - Dagahra - 2.png
GDF Codex - Dagahra - 3.png
Thousands of years ago, an advanced civilization known as the Nilai-Kanai ruled the area that is now Japan. To counter the increasing pollution produced by their society, they bio engineered a creature called the Dagahra that was designed to consume waste and contamination. Unexpectedly, Dagahra began to produce a toxic starfish-like creature known as Barem, which brought about the fall of the Nilai Kanai. With the world's oceans growing more and more polluted, Dagahra reappeared to threaten the civilized world once more. In addition to producing endless waves of Barem, Dagahra's weapons include a Poisonous Jet Stream and a Vertical Poison Cannon. While battling Rainbow Mothra underwater, it created a Thundering Toxic Crimson Vortex.
Ebirah ('04)
Godzilla.jp - 28 - FinalEbira Ebirah 2004.jpg Now under the control of the Xiliens, Ebirah and Hedorah appeared in Tokyo Bay to fight Godzilla. However, Godzilla easily overwhelmed them with a pair of powerful blasts, sending each foe crashing into a nearby building. Finding the kaiju crushed by the impact and impaled in place by Ebirah's claw, Godzilla hit them both with another Heat Ray. Though Ebirah resembles a giant lobster, it is able to traverse both land and water in the film.
Gigan ('04)
Godzilla.jp - Gigan 2004.jpg The Earth Defense Forces discovered the mummified remains of a space cyborg called Gigan under the sea near Hokkaido. Defeated in the distant past by Mothra, Gigan—along with the Earth's own kaiju—soon found itself under the control of an invading race of extraterrestrials known as the Xiliens. However, the cyborg's head was badly damaged in a battle against Godzilla in Antarctica, leaving it temporarily defeated. But the Xiliens quickly repaired Gigan and pitted the mechanical kaiju against its old nemesis Mothra. Gigan was made more powerful than ever before, its scythe-like arms redesigned into powerful chainsaws. It has a chest-mounted circular saw and a singular visor-eye capable of firing the destructive Giganume Cluster Beam. Mothra is badly injured in the ensuing battle, but finally defeats Gigan just as Godzilla prepares to face Monster X in a final battle.
Godzilla ('02)
GDF Codex - Godzilla 02 - 1.png
GDF Codex - Godzilla 02 - 2.png
When a new Godzilla reappeared more than four decades after the original was destroyed in 1954, the JXSDF (Japan Xenomorph Self Defense Force) quickly discovered that its Maser weapons had no effect. A plan was created to use the DNA from the bones of the original Godzilla to build a powerful new mechanical simulacrum designed to protect Japan against the new kaiju threat. Known as Kiryu, it is equipped with a freezing weapon called the Absolute Zero Cannon.
However, during its first encounter with Godzilla, the spirit of the Godzilla killed in 1954 awakens inside the Kiryu, causing the giant mech to run amok in the city in a wave of destruction. After repairs were made, Kiryu is finally able to wound Godzilla and even manages to immobilize him with the Absolute Zero Cannon. Godzilla, however, survived to fight another day.
In this film, Godzilla appears in a design similar to Godzilla 2000: Millennium, but with a smaller head and silver dorsal plates. His body color has changed from greenish tints back to a more classic dark gray.
King Ghidorah ('91)
GDF Codex - King Ghidorah 91 - 1.png
GDF Codex - King Ghidorah 91 - 2.png
GDF Codex - King Ghidorah 91 - 3.png
King Ghidorah was created when three 23rd Century house pets known as Dorats were taken back in time to the end of WWII, where they were exposed to the same atomic forces that originally created Godzilla and mutated together into King Ghidorah. The kaiju's primary weapons are Gravity Beams and Shock Waves. Godzilla would eventually kill King Ghidorah with a powerful blast of heat, sending the futuristic beast to the ocean floor.
Mothra ('96)
GDF Codex - Mothra 96 - 1.png
GDF Codex - Mothra 96 - 2.png
GDF Codex - Mothra 96 - 3.png
After Desghidorah, an ancient kaiju that once nearly destroyed all life on Earth, was reawakened, the Elias—surviving twin sisters of a fairy like race—summoned Mothra to fight it. But Desghidorah was too powerful for the aging Mothra, who was exhausted from having recently laid an egg. In the end, the battle left Mothra wounded and barely able to carry its newly hatched son, Leo, safely away from Desghidorah before finally sinking into the sea.
Rodan ('93)
GDF Codex - Rodan 93 - 1.png
Godzilla.jp - Rodan 1993.jpg
GDF Codex - Rodan 93 - 3.png
A Pteranodon on Adonoa Island mutated into Rodan due to radioactivity from abandoned nuclear waste. It had been sleeping with an egg that Godzillasaurus had entrusted it with since Mesozoic era, leaving Rodan to believe Baby Godzilla was its own child. Rodan fought with Godzilla to save the egg.
Destoroyah (Perfect Type)
Destoroyah 0.jpg
GDF Codex - Destoroyah perfect type - 2.png
GDF Codex - Destoroyah perfect type - 3.png
When the Oxygen Destroyer was successfully deployed against Godzilla in Tokyo Bay back in 1954, an unexpected side effect of the area's sudden oxygen depletion was the re-activation of micro cellular organisms that had been buried in the bay since the Precambrian era. Decades later, these dormant cells were exposed to the atmosphere during the construction of an underwater tunnel. They quickly grew, combined, and mutated even further. Each stage saw larger and more destructive evolutions, until the creatures reformed into a single kaiju of terrible perfection—Destoroyah. In this Perfect Form, its weapons include the Oxygen Destroyer Ray and the Variable Slicer. After defeating Baby Godzilla at Haneda Airport, Destoroyah faced off against Godzilla in a final battle.
Godzilla ('94)
MogeGoji 0.jpg
GDF Codex - Godzilla 94 - 2.png
GDF Codex - Godzilla 94 - 3.png
After SpaceGodzilla arrived on Earth, it was drawn to Birth Island and attacked Baby Godzilla. The space kaiju trapped Baby Godzilla in a crystal, prompting Godzilla to follow his clone to the Japanese city of Fukuoka. It was there that MOGUERA, a new weapon developed by the G-Force to replace Mechagodzilla, joins the fight.
Godzilla has a leaner look in this film, with a longer neck and smaller pelvis that emphasizes his powerful legs and improved speed.
Mothra ('04)
Godzilla.jp - 28 - FinalMosuImago Mothra 2004.jpg The living God of Infant Island, Mothra fights with Godzilla against the global kaiju attack orchestrated by the Xiliens. When Mothra flew into the blast of Gigan's Gigarium Cluster beam and was transformed into Fire Mothra. It was in this final form that Mothra crashed into Gigan, destroying the mechanical menance-and possibly herself-in the fiery explosion.
Cretaceous King Ghidorah
GDF Codex - Cretaceous King Ghidorah - 1.png
GDF Codex - King Ghidorah 98 - 2.png
GDF Codex - Cretaceous King Ghidorah - 3.png
The younger form of King Ghidorah that first arrived on Earth 130 million years ago during the Cretaceous Period. An apex predator, it fed from the energy of Earth's early life forms. After decimating the dinosaur population, King Ghidorah sealed itself inside a meteor and left Earth to travel through space before returning millions of years later to feed once more. King Ghidorah even overpowered present-day Rainbow Mothra, who transformed into Light Speed Mothra to go back in time to fight young Ghidorah. Although Rainbow Mothra emerged victorious, a piece of Ghidorah's tail remained underground, where it began to regenerate.
[note 3]
Gabara 0.jpg After a toad was exposed to the effects of a nuclear explosion, it mutated into the giant kaiju now called Gabara. Bipedal with a small head, long neck, and sharp fangs, Gabara hardly resembles its amphibious origins—save for the wart-like scales that cover its body. Gabara attacks by discharging painful electrical energy from its hands. In the dreams of Ichiro Miki, Gabara is a bully who picks on Minilla. After Godzilla and Ichiro encourage Minilla to stand up for itself, Gabara is finally defeated. Afterwards, Godzilla throws the kaiju over his shoulder.
Manda ('04)
Godzilla.jp - Manda 2004.jpg With a serpentine body covered in scales and a four-horned head, Manda resembles the dragons of Asian mythology. Manda attacked the new Gotengo in the Sea of Normandy, but was disturbed by an underwater volcanic eruption. The Gotengo then used a Maser weapon to freeze Manda before finishing the kaiju off with the ship's mighty drill.
Godzilla ('01)
Godzilla.jp - Godzilla 2001.jpg In a new setting that reimagines the story of Earth's giant kaiju, Godzilla, who first attacked Japan in 1954, returned to threaten the world once again. This time Mothra, King Ghidorah, and Baragon, now serving as the three Guardians of the Earth, allied against Godzilla. In this film, Godzilla has a larger head and muscular body. His eyes are sheer white and without pupils. After multiple confrontations with both humans and kaiju, Godzilla was defeated when special explosives penetrated his wounds, causing him to violently implode. However, some say that his monstrous heart beats still.
Kumonga ('04)
Godzilla.jp - Kumonga 2004.jpg Kumonga appeared in Arizona under the control of the Xiliens. Later in New Guinea, Kumonga's rapid movement posed a problem for Godzilla, but the gargantuan arachnid was finally defeated and hurled into the distance. None have seen it since. Being a spider, Kumonga is able to produce large nets of web that are very difficult to escape.
Hedorah ('04)
Godzilla.jp - Hedorah 2004.jpg Godzilla faced both Hedorah and Ebirah in a battle under Tokyo Bay. Godzilla won the fight by blasting Hedorah with a Heat Ray that sent the kaiju flying out of the bay and crashing into the side of a building. Another blast sent Ebirah skyward as well, where it crashed into Hedorah, pinning it through one eye with its claw. A final powerful blast from Godzilla exploded both kaiju into dust. This is not the same creature that appeared in Godzilla vs. Hedorah (1971), as this one has a red extension on its left hand that only occurs in the males of the species.
Rodan ('04)
GDF Codex - Rodan 04.png Rodan attacked the Secretary General of the United Nations' plane before descending down to Earth. Rodan landed on New York and fought with Rumbling, the aerial battleship. It also fought against Godzilla as a Guardian of the Earth alongside King Caesar and Anguirus. Rodan's signature ability is a sonic boom it creates whenever it flies.
Mechagodzilla ('75)
Kaiju Guide MechaGodzilla 1975.png
GDF Codex - Mechagodzilla 75 - 3.png
The Black Hole Planet 3 aliens recovered the body of Mechagodzilla from the seabed of Okinawa after its defeat at the hands of Godzilla. Hoping to quickly rebuild the super mech, the aliens enlisted the help of Dr. Shinzo Mafune. The scientist had already directed the actions of a kaiju called Titanosaurus, and now he used the brainwave energy of his cyborg daughter to control Mechagodzilla. However, all control of Mechagodzilla was lost when his daughter sacrificed her life, giving Godzilla the opportunity to finally defeat the mechanical menace. Mechagodzilla is equipped with powerful weapons such as the Space Beam and Fingertip Missiles. Its head is designed to resist high levels of battle damage, but when Godzilla tears the Mech's head off in their final battle, a second modified beam weapon is discovered beneath it.
Godzilla ('95)
GDF Codex - Godzilla 95 - 1.png
GDF Codex - Godzilla 95 - 2.png
GDF Codex - Godzilla 95 - 3.png
When Godzilla's internal energy core became unstable, a chain reaction began in the kaiju that ultimately led to its apocalyptic meltdown. Godzilla glowed red as his heat rose to dangerous levels, and his body let loose geysers of irradiated steam. Godzilla tragically met his demise moments after finally defeating Destoroyah, the energy within him burning so hot that soon only blackened bones remained. In this film, Godzilla's dorsal fins have been redesigned and moved up higher on his back.
Mothra Leo
GDF Codex - Mothra Leo - 1.png
GDF Codex - Mothra Leo - 2.png
GDF Codex - Mothra Leo - 3.png
Mothra's newly born twin larvae were injured fighting Desghidorah. They were later revived and transformed into Mothra Leo upon gathering the energy of the forest on Yakushima Island. After defeating and sealing Desghidorah away, Mothra Leo was able to resurrect the forested landscape around Hokkaido that had been burned by the kaiju.
[note 4]
GDF Codex - SpaceGodzilla - 1.png
GDF Codex - SpaceGodzilla - 2.png
GDF Codex - SpaceGodzilla - 3.png
Called the God of Destruction, SpaceGodzilla was formed after Mothra carried some of Godzilla's cells into space, where they were drawn into a black hole. They were absorbed by a rapidly evolving crystalline life form and absorbed in the energy of a dying star. The resulting hybrid emerged from the white hole as SpaceGodzilla. Looking for all appearances like an alien clone of Godzilla, the space kaiju has energy absorbing crystals on its shoulders. The creature uses these, along with a series of crystal structures it grows on the Earth, to help it absorb more space energy. It employed a powerful hyper gravity wave known as the Gravity Tornado in its battle against Godzilla.
Mothra ('01)
GDF Codex - Mothra 01 - 1.png
GDF Codex - Mothra 01 - 2.png
Godzilla.jp - Mothra 2001.jpg
Known as the Phoenix of the Sea, Mothra is recognized as one of the Earth's three Guardian animals in all its incarnations. They are the powerful protectors created in antiquity to stand against apocalyptic threats to the planet. In its imago (adult) form, Mothra's true power shines through with powerful, colorful wings and a bee-like body. Her eyes are purple, and she can fire deadly needles from the tip of her abdomen. Although Mothra performs heroically in the film and even saves King Ghidorah at one point, she ultimately falls victim to Godzilla's Heat Ray.
Monster X
[note 5]
GDF Codex - Monster X - 1.png
Monster X.jpg
The final weapon deployed by the Xiliens after Godzilla destroyed their spaceship. A worthy rival to Godzilla, Monster X has incredible strength, capable of firing Destroyed Thunder Beams from its eyes and defying gravity using telekinetic powers. These powers quickly overwhelmed Godzilla and almost defeated him. The situation worsened still when Monster X joined forces with Modified Gigan to try and cut Godzilla open. However, Godzilla was rescued thanks to Mothra, who sacrificed herself to defeat Gigan. It was then that Monster X revealed its greatest ability, transforming into Keizer Ghidorah for the final fight.
Godzilla ('03)
Godzilla.jp - Godzilla 2003.jpg
GDF Codex - Godzilla 03 - 2.png
In a direct sequel to Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla, the Japanese government is rebuilding Kiryu. This includes replacing the Absolute Zero Cannon with a powerful new Tri-Maser weapon. The Cosmos, twin Fairy-like females who serve Mothra, warned Japan that the reason Godzilla keeps returning to their country is the country desecrated the grave of the first Godzilla to take its bones and user their DNA in Kiryu's construction. Mothra would later go on to sacrifice her own life to protect a pair of newly born larvae against Godzilla's attack. In the end, with the help of the vengeful Mothra larvae, Kiryu came very closer to defeating Godzilla. Bleeding and in agony from his wounds, Godzilla screamed a defiant roar that reawakened the spirit of the kaiju killed in 1954 that resides within Kiryu. Under its own supernatural control, the giant mech took Godzilla in its powerful grip, and together they plunged downward to the ocean floor. The battle was over, but Japan continued its dangerous experiments in defiance of the counsel of the Cosmos. What horrors will be unleashed upon the world when Godzilla returns...?
Keizer Ghidorah
GDF Codex - Keizer Ghidorah - 1.png
GDF Codex - Keizer Ghidorah - 2.png
GDF Codex - Keizer Ghidorah - 3.png
The final and most powerful form of Monster X. Transformed in the midst of a fierce battle with Godzilla in Godzilla Final Wars, Monster X became Keizer Ghidorah. With a massive body, wings, four legs, and enhanced powers, the creature attacked Godzilla with its Destroyed Keizer antigravity beams, firing from all three heads. The terrible kaiju then carried Godzilla high into the atmosphere only to send him crashing back to Earth. Godzilla seemed doomed when the kaiju sank its teeth into Godzilla to drain his life force, but the Earth Defense Force used their newest ship, Gotengo, to fire a Keizer Beam at Godzilla, flooding the king of the kaiju with powerful energy. Godzilla counterattacked, and Keizer Ghidorah finally fell, defeated.
Modified Gigan ('04)
Godzilla.jp - Chainsaw Gigan.jpg A gigantic space cyborg dispatched to Earth by the Xiliens some 15,000 years earlier, Gigan was discovered in the present and reactivated. But after Godzilla defeated Gigan in Antarctica, the cyborg was recovered by the Xilien invaders and redesigned with fearsome new weapons and abilities before being sent to attack Tokyo. Both arms were replaced with Bloody Chainsaws, and the rotary device in its chest became a Bladed Slicer. The Modified Gigan teamed up with Monster X under Xilien command to fight Godzilla. However, Mothra, Gigan's enemy from ancient times, joined the fight and finally defeated the alien creature.
GDF Codex - Titanosaurus.png Titanosaurus descended from a species of amphibious dinosaur. Although normally a peaceful creature, it becomes a tool of destruction when the Black Hole Planet 3 aliens take control of it. They team up the giant kaiju with Mechagodzilla, their own creation, and set their sights on conquering Earth. While size and brute strength are Titanosaurus' primary tools, it can also open its tail like fan to push the air with a shockwave of force. Titanosaurus is a powerful kaiju that rivals even Godzilla.
Baragon ('01)
Godzilla.jp - Baragon 2001.jpg Baragon, the God of the Earth, is one of the three Guardians fated to defend the Earth against Godzilla. After Baragon is disturbed by a gang of biker in Niigata prefecture's Mount Myoko tunnel, its movements trigger a rockslide that crushes them. It later fought Godzilla in the Owakundani Valley of Mount Hakone. Baragon attacked Godzilla with its sharp fangs but was no match for the kaiju's heat ray blast. Baragon has a horn and powerful claws for quickly tunneling underground.
Godzilla ('04)
GDF Codex - Godzilla 04 - 1.png
GDF Codex - Godzilla 04 - 2.png
GDF Codex - Godzilla 04 - 3.png
In the year 20XX, Godzilla waited frozen in the Arctic under the control of the EDF (Earth Defense Force). Godzilla was revived in order to repel a kaiju invasion orchestrated by the Xilien invaders from Planet X.
In this film, Godzilla's design has a sharper look than seen previously, with noticeably smaller dorsal plates. His eyes are black with blood red pupils.
GDF Codex - Gorosaurus.png Gorosaurus, a modern descendant of the Allosaurus, is a giant bipedal dinosaur kaiju that lives on Mondo Island in the Pacific Ocean. It attacks by using its massive tail as leverage while kicking forward with both of its powerful legs. It has sharp fangs and can move with great speed. When it threatened Lt. Linda Watson, a submarine officer exploring the area, Mondo Island's true kaiju king arrived to fight it. The epic battle finally ended with Gorosaurus' jaw bring torn apart.
GDF Codex - Kamoebas - 1.png
GDF Codex - Kamoebas - 2.png
While on its way to Jupiter, the Helios 7 space probe was attacked by a Space Amoeba. The ship then returned to Earth and crashed into the Pacific Ocean near Sergio Island. The alien life form survived and took control of a series of Earth animals, transforming each into gigantic kaiju as it fought for dominance in its new environment. After two failed attempts with a cuttlefish (Gezora) and a crab (Ganimes), the alien took control of a mata mata turtle, transforming it into the kaiju Kamoebas. Its chief weapon is the head strike, and its sturdy shell protects it against attack. However, it is vulnerable to sonic attacks and can be immobilised by being turned onto its back.
King Caesar ('74)
ShodaiShisa 0.jpg In the ancient kingdom of Ryukyu, located in what is now called Okinawa, the Guardian of the Azumi tribe's Royal family was a kaiju known as King Caesar (Shisa). Resembling a cross between a lion and a dog, King Caesar's form may have inspired the lion statues that are commonly found in the region as artifacts of Ryukyu culture. King Caesar was slumbering in a hidden cliffside cave near Manzage Okinawa when he was revived by the song "Miyarabi-no-Inori"(the Prayer of the Beautiful Child). When Mechagodzilla attacked King Caesar by firing a Space Beam into King Caesar's right eye, the guardian kaiju re-fired the beam from its left eye ten times the original power.
King Ghidorah ('01)
GDF Codex - King Ghidorah 01 - 1.png
Godzilla.jp - King Ghidorah 2001.jpg
Known as the God of the Sky, Ghidorah is one of the three Guardians of Earth. Discovered frozen in an ice cave near Mount Fuji, Ghidorah is not fully evolved as a kaiju yet. His wings are underdeveloped, making flight impossible. It also has no beam weapons, giving it no option but to bite Godzilla and shock the powerful kaiju with electricity. It's little surprise that Godzilla struck Ghidorah unconscious.
Godzilla ('00)
Godzilla.jp - Godzilla 2000.jpg
GDF Codex - Godzilla 00 - 2.png
From a reimagined sequel to the original Godzilla (1954) where the Oxygen Destroyer failed to kill Godzilla, instead sending the kaiju into decades of hibernation. When Japan began to utilize nuclear energy sources for the nation's power grid, Godzilla returned. A new weapon was developed for use against Godzilla—the Dimension Tide, based on the science behind black holes. However, the device had the unexpected side effect of creating temporary wormholes, and it is through one of these wormholes that a new flying space kaiju called Megaguirus came to Earth. After Godzilla finally defeated the new kaiju, the Dimension Tide weapon was used against him directly, and he disappeared. But had the black hole taken him forever, or was he simply transported through a temporary wormhole to another location on the Earth...?
While Godzilla's color in this film is a lighter shade of green, his design is very similar to the one seen in Godzilla 2000.
Anguirus ('04)
Godzilla.jp - Anguirus 2004.jpg
GDF Codex - Anguirus 04 - 2.png
Anguirus was created when an Ankylosaurus was exposed to radiation. Its fighting style consists of rolling its body into a ball that crashes into its foes. Under the control of the Xiliens of Planet X, Anguirus was sent to Shanghai in China. However, Godzilla fought Anguirus and knocked it out.
Kaiju Guide Moguera.png A giant robot operated by the Mysterians as part of their plot to conquer the Earth. Useful as both a tool and a weapon, it built the Mysterian's Dome and led the assault on the Earth Defense Force. Although made from a nearly indestructible alien alloy, the MOGUERA were finally defeated with Marker-light Flying Atomic Heat Projectors (FAHP).
King Caesar ('04)
Godzilla.jp - King Caesar 2004.jpg The second King Caesar is known as the Guardian of Okinawa. It is slimmer than the previous version and somewhat more evolved, including formidable fighting skills. It uses the Tackle Break and Flying Caesar attack to some effect. But when the Xiliens took control of King Caesar and sent him to fight Godzilla, he was easily defeated.
Mecha-King Ghidorah
Godzilla.jp - 18 - Mecha-King Ghidorah.jpg In the 23rd Century, the Futurians recover the remains of King Ghidorah from the sea floor where it lay after Godzilla defeated it in the 20th century. They used their advanced technology to resurrect the kaiju as a cyborg, replacing its center head, neck, torso, and wings with robotic facsimiles. They also added several special weapons to help capture and defeat Godzilla, including a mechanical hand that carries a deadly electric current.
Godzilla ('67)
Test Image.png
Mothra Larva ('92)
GDF Codex - Mothra Larva 92 - 1.png
GDF Codex - Mothra Larva 92 - 2.png
On Infant Island, the natives are descendants of a high civilization established some 12,000 years earlier who worship a living God called Mothra. After an asteroid crashed into the ocean nearby, the resulting waves uncovered a giant colorful egg buried in the hillside. A pair of fairy-like creatures known as the Cosmos were also discovered not far off. While the egg was being transported by ship back to Japan, Godzilla appeared. The Mothra larva emerged and was almost killed by Godzilla, but escaped thanks to the arrival of the Battra larva. The Mothra larva went to rescue the Cosmos twins in Tokyo, where it was attacked by the military. It then built a cocoon on the Parliament building in preparation for its next metamorphosis into the imago (adult) winged form of Mothra. The Mothra larva's main weapons are the strong thread it spits out like a type of webbing and its powerful jaws, which bite into Godzilla's tail and won't let go.
GDF Codex - Sanda - 1.png
GDF Codex - Sanda - 2.png
Frankenstein's kaiju, restored to life from the immortal cells of the creature's ever-living heart. Sanda's coloration is mostly brown earth tones, and his skin resembles the surface of a pinecone. Raised for a time at the Stuart Institute in Kyoto, Sanda learned about human kindness and affection thanks to Dr. Stuart's assistant Akemi. But the creature's rapid and unnatural growth caused him to eventually flee civilization, and he disappeared for a time near Lake Biwa. Now the size of a giant, he was discovered living in the mountains. Later Sanda found he had a kind of brother who had grown from cells Sanda had lost while in the water. Although Sanda felt an obvious kinship to this new creature, its violent nature and hunger for human flesh forced them to a fight to the death.
GDF Codex - Gaira - 1.png
GDF Codex - Gaira - 2.png
Another creature regenerated from the cells of the Frankenstein kaiju after Sanda was injured at Lake Biwa. The cells thrived on protein-rich plankton, growing into a new beast from the sea. A scaly, fearsome kaiju the color of seaweed, Gaira sees humans only as prey to be consumed. It emerged in Tokyo Bay, paving a path of destruction that would end in a life or death battle with Sanda.
GDF Codex - Maguma - 1.png
GDF Codex - Maguma - 2.png
When scientists discover that the Earth is on a collision course with a collapsed star called Gorath, a desperate plan is set into motion. Gigantic rocket engines are constructed in Antarctica in the hopes of altering the orbit of Earth itself to avoid Gorath. Disturbed by the rocket engines, a giant walrus like kaiju called the Maguma appears and attacks the site, but is killed when the UN's VTOL craft hits it with a laser beam.
Mothra ('92)
Test Image.png
Godzilla ('16) Phase 2
GDF Codex - Godzilla 16 Phase 2 - 1.png
GDF Codex - Godzilla 16 Phase 2 - 2.png
GDF Codex - Godzilla 16 Phase 2 - 3.png
A giant unknown creature that emerged from the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line and went up the Tama River before landing in Ota-ku, Kamata. Still evolving it has the characteristics of both marine and terrestrial organisms. It discharges a red fluid from what appears to be its gills as part of a primitive self cooling system.
Godzilla ('16) Phase 3
GDF Codex - Godzilla 16 Phase 3 - 1.png
GDF Codex - Godzilla 16 Phase 3 - 2.png
GDF Codex - Godzilla 16 Phase 3 - 3.png
Continuing its metamorphosis from marine life to terrestrial creature the unknown monster, now called 'Godzilla' evolves quickly to a bipedal form with massive supporting rear legs and tiny front arms reminiscent of predatory dinosaurs such as the T-Rex. As it continues to grow and evolve dorsal plates begin to rise along its spine, and rows of jagged teeth appear in the mouth it now uses to breath with since its gills have shrunken and closed. The energy created during all of these rapid evolutionary changes becomes apparent as the creature can be seen glowing and pulsing with red energy. Because its internal cooling system is still underdeveloped, the heat its sudden growth has produced causes the monster to stumble and crash erratically through the city landscape before finding relief along the Keihin Canal and the cooling waters of Tokyo Bay.
Godzilla ('16) Phase 4
Test Image.png
Super X
Godzilla.jp - 16 - Super X.jpg
Super X-II
Godzilla.jp - 17 - Super XII.jpg
Super X-III
Godzilla.jp - 22 - Super XIII.jpg
Mechagodzilla ('93)
Super Mechagodzilla ('93)
Kaiju Guide Super Mechagodzilla.png
Mechagodzilla ('02)
Godzilla jp - Kiryu 2002.jpg
Mechagodzilla ('03)
Test Image.png
[note 6]
Kaiju Guide Jet Jaguar.png
Kaiju Guide Super MOGUERA.png
Dimension Tide
[note 7]
Godzilla.jp - 24 - Dimension Tide.jpg Also known as the Black Hole Cannon, this is an orbital weapons platform built by the Anti-Godzilla Defense HQ, that can generate and fire artificially created micro black holes at targets on the Earth's surface. Using plasma energy to power its micro accelerator, and a dynamic targeting system capable of locking onto objects hundreds of miles below, it fires micro black hole bullets that can absorb and vanish 100 square meters of area on impact. Potentially an effective weapon against Godzilla it is also very dangerous. When doors are opened in time and space, even small temporary ones, things are able to to move through the passage in both directions.
Red Bamboo Fighter
[note 8]
Shenyang F6s in EHotD.jpg An anti-Godzilla jet made by the Red Bamboo, a secret bomb manufacturer on Letchi Island.
Full Metal Missile Launcher
GDF Codex - Full Metal Missile Launcher.png This is an anti-Godzilla weapon that was developed as a joint effort between Crisis Control Intelligence (CCI) and the Japanese Defense Force. It is essentially a missile launcher platform installed on top of a Type 73 APC. It was built to fire "Full Metal Missile" projectiles at Godzilla. FMMs are constructed of a super dense metal alloy and do not employ conventional explosive warheads. Instead they rely on a simple mass X force impact equation calculated to pass through any target. They are intended to be a king of super bullet meant to wound Godzilla.
Huge Electrode Plate Device
Godzilla.jp - Giant Electrode.jpg Built to destroy Hedorah, this gigantic set of Electrode Plates operate as microwave transmitters. The Plates are 40 meters high and 60 meters wide. The Self Defense forces place these about a kilometer apart and lure Hedorah to a position between them. The Microwave radiation begins to cook and destroy the kaiju from the inside out. When the weapon loses power in the middle of the kaiju battle, Godzilla re-activates its energy cells with a radiant Heat Ray. The dying Hedorah attempted to escape, but Godzilla forced it back between the Plates until at last it was destroyed completely.
Kilaak Kaiju-Control Device
[note 9]
GDF Codex - Kilaak Kaiju-Control Device.png A device the Kilaaks invented that allows them to take control of the kaiju on Earth.
A-Cycle Light Ray Gun Car
GDF Codex - A-Cycle Light Ray Gun Car.png A special vehicle that emits A-cycle beams, which block the electromagnetic waves used to manipulate kaiju. A siren mounted on the back emits a high-pitched electronic alarm that annoys and disrupts the Xilien invasion forces.
Ultrasonic Wave Generator
[note 10]
GDF Codex - Ultrasonic Wave Generator.png Created by the Marine Development Agency to disrupt the electro-magnetic control of the Titanosaurus. It consists of a receiver and a trasmitter.
Type 93 Maser Attack Aircraft
[note 11]
GDF Codex - Type 93 Maser Attack Aircraft.png A vertical takeoff and landing aircraft armed with a pair of Type 93 Energy Saver Maser Cannons and a 3-barreled 20mm Vulcan rotary cannon. Sometimes referred to as a Maser Helicopter, it assisted in the fight against Godzilla at Tanzawa Pass.
GDF Codex - P-1.png A space shuttle from the United Earth space program. Thought it was responsible for exploring Planet X, it lacks any armaments.
Type 90 Maser Cannon
Godzilla.jp - Maser Cannon.jpg Designed to serve as the primary weapon in the fight against kaiju during the latter half of the 20th Century, the Maser Beam Tank first appeared in Japan during the late 1960s in response to the threat posed by the Gargantuas. It was later adopted by the JSDF and successfully deployed against such threats as Kumonga and Gigan before being overhauled and refitted toward the end of the 1980s. The technologically improved in 1990 with the introduction of the Type 90 Maser Cannon, which featured a massive power upgrade to its beam weapon. It also cut the required crew down from four to two thanks to advancements in its onboard targeting and operational systems. The Type 90 Maser Cannon can lose as much as 30% of its destructive force if used during a rainstorm.
Kilaak UFO
[note 12]
Godzilla.jp - 9 - Kilaak Star Disc.jpg The disc-shaped Kilaak spaceship that attempts to invade Earth. Following the defeat of King Ghidorah, the Kilaaks threaten the Earth with a final destructive flying Fire-Dragon(or Fire-Monster in the English version) that is later defeated when it is revealed to actually be one of these ships disguised by a flaming heat shield.
Type 95 Refrigeration Laser Tank
[note 13]
Godzilla.jp - 22 - Maser Cannon.jpg Designed to counter the danger of a Godzilla nuclear meltdown, this new mobile weapons platform is capable of firing a Maser freeze ray that can reach temperatures of minus 200 degrees Celsius. It also has a pair of launchers modified to fire a cache of 16 Freeze missiles. It was first deployed to face an early form of Destoroyah, which it did successfully before the kaiju's next evolution. This is the only Maser weapons platform in the "VS" series of Godzilla films that was designed to be towed behind another vehicle instead of driving itself.
Godzilla.jp - 18 - KIDS.jpg A weaponized flying vehicle from the 23rd Century built and operated by the Futurians. It also functions as a time machine. Housed within the gigantic Futurian ship MOTHER, KIDS travel backs in time as part of a plan to prevent the creation of Godzilla by removing him from the area that will be irradiated during the Atomic weapons tests at Bikini Atoll. Emmy Kano later acts against the interests of her fellow Futurians, arranging the destruction of the MOTHER ship by teleporting it into the middle of the final battle between Godzilla and King Ghidorah. Following Ghidorah's final defeat, Emmy used KIDS to travel back to the 23rd Century where she prompted the creation of a new anti-Godzilla weapon: Mecha-King Ghidorah. Emmy used KIDS to transport the cyborg Ghidorah back to the past, where it battled Godzilla to a sunken standstill before shutting down for good. With Godzilla trapped at the bottom of the sea, Emmy piloted KIDS back to the future.
Xilien UFO
Godzilla.jp - 6 - Xilien UFO.jpg A fleet of massive flying saucer style spacecraft built by the Xiliens for interplanetary travel, transportation, and invasion. After placing Godzilla and Rodan into bubbles of suspended animation, the kaiju are towed back and forth between the Earth and Planet X by a pair of these craft. With devastating beam weapons that can melt tanks and shatter buildings into rubble, these Xilien spaceships appear to be unstoppable until their aural vulnerability is finally uncovered and exploited.
GX-813 Griffon
[note 14]
Godzilla.jp - 24 - Griffon.jpg A VTOL reconnaissance and weapons platform piloted by the G-Graspers, an elite group of anti-Godzilla military personnel operated by the Godzilla Countermeasures Center. With an operating flight crew of three, its weapons array includes twin photon cannons and Vulcan rotary guns. It can attain a flight speed of Mach 3 in mere seconds.
Godzilla.jp - 18 - MOTHER.jpg
AC-3 White Heron
GDF Codex - AC-3 White Heron.png Built by the JSDF as support and reconnaissance aircraft for Kiryu (Mechagodzilla). Launched in squads of three, these craft are capable of airlifting Kiryu to any location for rapid deployment. Each craft serves a different function: ship one is the command vehicle, ship two operates Kiryu via remote control, while ship three conducts power to Kiryu via a microwave beam. The Shirasagi's onboard weapon systems include twin pulse cannons, and it can reach flight speeds in excess of 900 km/h (this speed drops to 750 km/h while transporting Kiryu).
Moonlight SY-3
Godzilla.jp - 9 - Moonlight SY-3.jpg
[note 15]
Godzilla.jp - 20 - Garuda.jpg
Star Falcon
[note 16]
Godzilla.jp - 21 - Star Falcon.jpg An aerial combat craft based on the Garuda that is built to connect with the MOGUERA burrowing tank to form the anti-Godzilla weapon MOGUERA. With superior propulsive power and mobility, this advanced weapons platform can operate as a high altitude bomber and is even capable of space flight. Its cockpit has room for one pilot and can serve as an escape pod.
Type 92 Maser Beam Tank
[note 17]
GDF Codex - Type 92 Maser Beam Tank - 1.png
GDF Codex - Type 92 Maser Beam Tank - 2.png
A ground based mobile weapons platform created as a counter measure to Godzilla in the late 1980s. It features a Maser Beam cannon that is capable of directing a high temperature beam of focused energy at its targets. The heat weapon was first proposed after it was discovered that Godzilla's body temperature was too low to be negatively affected by conventional biological munitions. Maser technology was the primary basis of a range of weapons systems deployed against Godzilla and other giant kaiju during the 1990s.


  1. Called "The Aggregate Destoroyah" prior to update 1.2.1.
  2. Used a picture of King Ghidorah from Zone Fighter prior to update 2.0.5. The second and third pictures were also rearranged.
    GDF Codex - King Ghidorah 64 - 1.png
  3. Called "Gavalla" prior to update 1.2.1.
  4. Called "Spacegodzilla" prior to update 1.2.1.
  5. Called "Monster-X" prior to update 1.2.1.
  6. Called "Jet-Jagger" prior to update 1.2.1.
  7. Called "Orbital Cannon" prior to update 1.2.1.
  8. Called "Red Bamboo, Fighter" prior to update 1.2.1.
  9. Called "Kilaaks, Mind-Control Devices" prior to update 1.2.1.
  10. Called "Supersonic Wave Generator for Monster Systems Order" prior to update 1.2.1.
  11. Called "Maser Attack Aircraft Type-93" prior to update 1.2.1.
  12. Called "Kilaaks,UFO" prior to update 1.2.1.
  13. Called "Refrigeration Laser Tank Type-95" prior to update 1.2.1.
  14. Called "The GX-813 Griffon" prior to update 1.2.1.
  15. Called "The Garuda" prior to update 1.2.1.
  16. Called "The Star Falcon" prior to update 1.2.1.
  17. Called "Maser Beam Tank Type-92" prior to update 1.2.1.


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