King Kong: Skull Island Adventure

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King Kong: Skull Island Adventure
The game's title screen
Developer Large Animal Games
Publisher Oberon Media, Big Fish Games
Platforms PC, Mobile Devices
Languages English
Genre Puzzle

King Kong: Skull Island Adventure is a puzzle game adaptation of Joe DeVito's 2005 novel Kong: King of Skull Island developed by Large Animal Games and released for PC through Oberon Games and later through the Big Fish Games Launcher in 2008. A time-limited demo version was available free of charge. It has been unavailable for purchase since 2020.




The game featured two distinct campaigns, labeled "Discover the Storyteller's Tale" and "Uncover Denham's Sketchbook". The two play almost identically, with the focus of 'Storyteller's Tale' being to unlock parts of the text of the Kong: King of Skull Island novel, while 'Denham's Sketchbook' saw the player revealing drawings made by Carl Denham during his time on the island.

The player is given a selection of different shaped tiles on a conveyor with the goal of using them to fill in a given shape within the allotted time, either to construct a new shape or destroy the existing one depending on the campaign. A player may sacrifice tiles in exchange for a penalty, or use the "filler" and "smasher" tools to either fill in missing tiles or destroy existing ones. At the end of each puzzle the player is rewarded with story content to read.



King Kong: Skull Island Adventure Gameplay


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