Mima Kinjo

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Mima Kinjo
Mima Kinjo in Godzilla: Rivals
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Photojournalist
Related to Unnamed parents
First appearance Godzilla Rivals #2: Vs. Mothra

Mima Kinjo is the main protagonist in IDW Publishing's 2021 comic Godzilla Rivals: Vs. Mothra, the second issue in the Godzilla Rivals anthology series. She takes an active role in saving humanity from Godzilla by becoming an agent of Mothra.


Godzilla Rivals

Godzilla Rivals: Vs. Mothra

From a young age, Kinjo was pushed by her parents to pursue a life of adventure. They facilitated this by giving her scuba lessons, taking her on safari, and teaching her to rock climb. She initially disliked scuba diving, until an encounter with manta rays changed her perspective. This aptitude for adventure lead her into a career as a photojournalist. She was with her parents on the island of Ishigaki during Godzilla's last attack prior to 1984. In that year, she was assigned to write a "puff piece" on the Kanoya air base in Kagoshima, and was therefore allowed to sit in on meetings with the resident Rear Admiral. When he opted to bomb Lake Ikeda to eliminate the source of a mysterious underwater light, Mima voiced her opposition, but was quickly silenced.

After the meeting she took her diving equipment to the lake and dove down to discover the source of the glowing before the JSDF could bomb it. To her surprise, it was coming from Mothra, who was bound to the bottom of the lake with chains reading JSDF on the links. She broke her knife trying to break the chain and set her free, but was soon forced to surface, narrowly escaping a patrol boat in the process. She left the scene with great guilt, despite knowing there was nothing she could do to help the creature.

The following morning, Godzilla was spotted off the coast of Yakushima, and Mima rushed to the meeting room to insist that Mothra could defeat Godzilla. The Rear Admiral insisted that she knew nothing of her destructive potential, and insisted she get to safety. Instead, Kinjo purchased a blowtorch and took it underwater to melt away Mothra's chains, allowing her to fly out of the lake and take refuge in the nearby Sengan-En garden, while Mima was captured and detained by the JSDF. The Rear Admiral chastised her for her actions, but Mima had no regrets even in the face of an impending prosecution. When left alone in her cell, Mimma was met with an apparition of two tiny priestesses, who claimed to be the bridge between Mothra and humanity. They commended her on speaking up for Mothra when she could not defend herself and disappeared after encouraging her to take further action. During Godzilla's attack, the Rear Admiral allowed her to leave her cell for reasons he did not disclose, but implied that she should locate Mothra. Kinjo then drove through the chaotic Kagoshima, losing her car in a wreck and continuing by bike to Sengan-En. There the priestesses encouraged her to free Mothra from the healing cocoon she had hidden herself in, and she soon arrived in the city and began battling Godzilla. Mima did her best to photograph the combat from a nearby beach, and soon saw the Rear Admiral wash up on the shore. She dragged him to safety, and they watched as Mothra cocooned herself in silk along with Godzilla to entrap him at the bottom of the ocean. The Rear Admiral saw her sacrifice, and the two joked about Mima's missing her deadline, not knowing that one day, Godzilla would return.



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