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Mercury in Cyber Cop
Species Human
Forms Human, Cybercop
Allies Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, Lucifer, Tomoko Uesugi, Captain Hisagi Oda, Shimazu Mizue, Miho Asakura, Daisuke Yazawa
Enemies Führer, Baron Kageyama, Madam Durwin, Professor Einstein, Doctor Arthur Ploid, Beast Master Luna, Hawk, Turtle, Salamander, Tiger
First appearance Cyber Cop Episode 1: "The Strongest Cop! Jupiter is Born"
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  • For the planet, see Mars.

Mars (マーズ,   Māzu), real name Akira Hojo (北条 明,   Hōjō Akira) is a kaijin that first appeared in episode 1 of the 1988 Toho tokusatsu kaiju show Cyber Cop, "The Strongest Cop! Jupiter is Born".


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Mars Bit Suit

Like the other Cybercops, Mars has his own Bit Suit, named the Mars Bit Suit.


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