Emiko Yamane

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Emiko Yamane
Emiko Yamane in Godzilla vs Destoroyah
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Related to Kyohei Yamane (father),
Shinkichi Yamane (adoptive brother),
Hideto Ogata (lover),
Kenkichi Yamane (adoptive nephew),
Yukari Yamane (adoptive niece)
First appearance Latest appearance
Godzilla (1954) Godzilla vs. Destoroyah
Played by Momoko Kochi

Emiko Yamane (山根 恵美子,   Yamane Emiko) is a main character in the 1954 Godzilla film, Godzilla. She later reappeared in a minor role in the 1995 film Godzilla vs. Destoroyah, which was the final role for actress Momoko Kochi.


In the 1955 manga Monster Picture Story: Godzilla, Emiko's role is instead filled by a younger girl named Fumiko Yamane (山根 ふみ子,   Yamane Fumiko).


Showa era


Emiko was the daughter of prominent Japanese paleontologist Kyohei Yamane, and was in a romantic relationship with Hideto Ogata despite having previously been engaged to Daisuke Serizawa, which created a love triangle. Emiko accompanied her father and Ogata on an expedition to Odo Island to investigate the mysterious losses of two ships nearby, as well as mysterious events in a storm which hit the island. There, Emiko witnessed Godzilla's head rise above a hilltop, causing her to scream out in terror. Ogata quickly grabbed Emiko and carried her to safety. After returning to Japan, Emiko decided to inform Serizawa about her relationship with Ogata. She visited Serizawa's laboratory, but was unable to tell him. Serizawa showed Emiko his new invention, the Oxygen Destroyer, which horrified Emiko with its effects. Serizawa made Emiko promise not to tell anyone else about his invention, to which she agreed. Emiko grew worried about her father, who was angry that everyone wanted to destroy Godzilla rather than study him. One night, she along with her father, her adoptive brother Shinkichi Yamane, and Ogata witnessed Godzilla rise from the see and briefly raid Tokyo. They all evacuated Tokyo by the time Godzilla raided Tokyo again, and witnessed the devastation from a distance. Emiko volunteered to help in the emergency shelters after the attack and tended to the wounded. Moved by the human toll of Godzilla's attack, Emiko informed Ogata that she knew of a possible way to stop the monster. She told him all about Dr. Serizawa's Oxygen Destroyer, and the two of them went to Serizawa's lab to confront him about the invention. Serizawa was horrified to find out that Emiko told Ogata about it, and tried to deny its existence. Ogata and Serizawa struggled, and Ogata was accidentally injured. Serizawa apologized, but explained that the Oxygen Destroyer would be a horrific weapon if it fell into the wrong hands. However, after watching the "Prayer for Peace" on the television, Serizawa was moved and decided to use the device one time. He burned all of his notes and research, causing Emiko to break down and cry. Serizawa comforted her and assured her that it had to be done. Emiko was present on the ship when Serizawa and Ogata were sent underwater to locate Godzilla and detonate the Oxygen Destroyer. After Serizawa sacrificed his life to destroy Godzilla and prevent his device from ever being used again, Emiko was stricken with grief and embraced Ogata, who told her that Serizawa said he wanted them to be happy.

Godzilla, King of the Monsters!

Emiko is first seen onscreen attending to the wounded Steve Martin in the auxiliary hospital. During Martin's flashback, she is seen again on board the boat to Odo Island to investigate the cause of the recent disappearances, on which she (presumably) meets Hideto Ogata, and establishes a seemingly obvious budding romance. She follows her father on the island and is nearly killed by Godzilla, but is saved by Ogata. Soon after returning, Emiko reveals to her betrothed Dr. Serizawa that she will not marry him, but will instead marry Ogata. Serizawa then shows her the Oxygen Destroyer, frightening Emiko greatly. Serizawa swears Emiko to secrecy on the project, which takes a great toll on her emotionally. After awhile, she goes to check on her father, who is greatly dismayed by Godzilla's apparent destruction, but he asks to be left in peace. She later watches in horror with the rest of Japan as Tokyo is destroyed by Godzilla. She proceeds to tell the wounded Steve Martin and her fiancee Hideto Ogata about Daisuke Serizawa's weapon the Oxygen Destroyer. She then decides to convince Serizawa to use his weapon to destroy Godzilla. She and Ogata confront Serizawa, but he is defiant and accidentally harms Ogata. Emiko tends to his wound while Serizawa apologizes and explains why he does not want to use the Oxygen Destroyer. Serizawa is swayed, and Emiko begins to cry as he burns the weapon's designs. Emiko watches as her two suitors descend into Tokyo Bay to set the Oxygen Destroyer. When Ogata surfaces, Emiko rushes to his side while he awaits the ascent of Dr. Serizawa, but after his suicide, the entire main cast mourns.

Heisei era

Godzilla vs. Destoroyah

Emiko Yamane in Godzilla vs. Destoroyah

Over 40 years after Godzilla's attack on Tokyo in 1954, Emiko was living alone in her father's house. Emiko saw Dr. Ijuin give a presentation on the news about his new invention, micro-oxygen. Emiko realized that this invention was dangerously similar to Daisuke Serizawa's Oxygen Destroyer, and immediately contacted her niece Yukari and nephew Kenichi about it. She begged the two of them to convince Ijuin to shelve the project and warn G-Force not to try and recreate the Oxygen Destroyer in order to prevent Godzilla's meltdown. She asserted that Serizawa had given up his life to ensure that the Oxygen Destroyer could never be used again for any purpose because of how dangerous it was. Despite their aunt's pleas, Yukari and Kenichi attempted to convince Ijuin to recreate the Oxygen Destroyer, believing it was the only way to stop Godzilla's meltdown and save the world. However, a much bigger concern had emerged, as several lifeforms mutated by the Oxygen Destroyer in 1954 had already been unleashed.


Video games

Family tree

Kyohei Yamane
Emiko YamaneShinkichi YamaneMasaji Yamada
Kenkichi YamaneYukari Yamane



Godzilla vs. Destoroyah


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