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Furukawa in Son of Godzilla
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation United Nations Researcher
Related to None
First appearance Son of Godzilla
Played by Yoshio Tsuchiya

Furukawa (古川) is a supporting character in the 1967 Godzilla film, Son of Godzilla.


Showa era

Son of Godzilla

Furukawa was a member of the United Nations research team stationed on Sollgel Island to conduct climate-controlling experiments. After being stationed on the island for several months, Furukawa became increasingly impatient and desperate to leave the island. After the team's testing of the Weather Control Capsule failed and caused the island to be enveloped in a radiation storm, Furukawa began to become stir-crazy from being stranded on the island. When Dr. Kusumi announced that he was dedicated to completing the experiment and expected to remain there until it was successful, Furukawa went berserk and grabbed a rifle, exclaiming that he was going to leave the island immediately and that he would shoot anyone who tried to stop him. Furukawa ran to the coast of the island, only to witness Godzilla rise from the sea and come ashore.

After the scientists' base had been destroyed by Godzilla, they relocated to Saeko Matsumiya's cave on the island. However, several of the scientists, including Furukawa, were stricken with a strange fever. Saeko and Goro Maki retrieved the antidote, a warm red water, from Godzilla and Minilla's lair and brought it back to the cave. When they tried to administer the cure to Furukawa, he went ballistic again and grabbed a rifle, firing it and winging Dr. Kusumi in the arm before he was restrained. Saeko tended to the doctor's wounds, while Furukawa was eventually given the water and began to calm down. After the Weather Control Capsule and Radioactivity Sonde were detonated again, the entire island began to freeze over. The entire research team took a boat out to sea while Godzilla and Minilla went into hibernation together. Eventually, a U.N. submarine surfaced and all of the members of the research team along with Saeko and Goro were taken back to Japan.


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