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Species Human
Nationality Chinese
Occupation Cook
First appearance King Kong (2005)
Played by Lobo Chan

Choy is a supporting sailor character in Peter Jackson's 2005 King Kong. He is an adaptation of the character Charlie from the original 1933 King Kong.


King Kong (2005)

Choy showed Jack Driscoll to the cargo hold, where the lack of an extra cabin forced him to stay, while Choy explained the crew's expertise in capturing rare animals and was unable to prevent Jack from stepping into an unremovable pile of camel dung. However, when Jack discovered the crew's chloroform, Captain Englehorn became angry with Choy for not having locked it away, which Choy had only done at Lumpy's suggestion. Lumpy then sailed uneventfully with the crew until the Venture arrived at Skull Island. There, Ann Darrow was kidnapped, and Choy was part of the rescue party that went ashore, and followed Lumpy into the jungle. After surviving a Ferrucutus attack, Choy and the crew ventured through the jungle and rest in a narrow valley, where they ran for their lives from a stampede of Brontosaurus. Choy survived, but while crossing a swamp, Choy's raft was destroyed by a Piranhadon. Choy quickly began to drown, but Lumpy rescued him. Choy and the others continued on, they eventually came to a log bridging a deep chasm, where Hayes was killed by Kong. Choy and the others fired at the beast, who shook the log, causing Choy to lose his footing and beg for Lumpy's help. Lumpy threw his gun down to help his friend, but Choy was shaken off as he reached to take Lumpy's hand. Choy was killed on impact, and Lumpy held his dead hand for a moment before getting up and being eaten alive while fighting off attacking Carnictis.

Video games


King Kong (2005)

Choy grew up in the middle of the constant uprisings and civil wars of Northern China. The hardships he endured completely changed his life, because comparatively even the most mundane things were marvelous compared to the world he had left behind. Eventually he came to sail aboard the Venture, and idolized fellow sailor Lumpy for his alleged wisdom of the sea. When Carl Denham commissioned the Venture for a voyage to what the crew was supposed to believe was Singapore, Choy was first tasked with finding a cabin in the cargo hold for the writer Jack Driscoll, who was calmed by Choy's endlessly happy demeanor. Choy tried to make Jack comfortable, and assured him that while life at sea made men tough, it made blankets "baby soft", a phrase which Jack suspected he had picked up from a magazine ad. After advising the writer to watch his step around an unremovable stain where a camel had had a "bad accident". Jack chose a cage, which Choy remarked had made its previous occupant, a warthog, had been very happy there just before he decided to find a new enclosure. Englehorn then came down to help Jack settle in, and a bottle of chloroform rolled out from a cage. Englehorn yelled at Choy, who was supposed to lock the bottles away, but Choy had left on Lumpy's advice. Choy then went to lock them up. As the voyage with the film crew continued, Choy and the other sailors would observe the artistic process. One day, while watching with Lumpy, Choy defended his use of the "Charles Atlas method" books to make him a "real man" in two weeks. That night, the crew and cast had a small party on deck, and Choy sang as other crewmen danced and played instruments. However, on reaching their destination, the mythic Skull Island, the ship became stranded on rocks, and after helping to mend the hull, Englehorn ordered for all ballast to go overboard to lighten the ship and get it afloat. Lumpy grabbed Denham's movie camera, likely on Englehorn's orders, and nearly got it over the edge when Denham stopped him and got into a fight with the Captain. However, Jack Driscoll revealed that Darrow had been kidnapped and Choy joined the part of the crew going ashore to rescue her. However, when it was revealed that Darrow had been kidnapped, Choy and Lumpy joined the part of the crew going ashore to rescue her. He and Lumpy arrived with Hayes on the second boat, full of ammunition and other supplies, and was one of the sailors who went into the jungle to search for her. Choy stayed near the front with Lumpy, Hayes, and Driscoll, but when the crew felled a living dinosaur, Choy grew more cautious of his surroundings. However, after the group narrowly escaped death from hungry Hunter lizards, and being trampled by Brontosaurus, Choy was one of the few sailors who was willing to continue the search for Ann, believing that his Charlie Atlas training made him up to the challenge. Lumpy, who was a key player in the notion to abandon hope was unwilling to leave without Choy, and so all the sailors soldiered on. They built rafts to float across a swamp, but they were destroyed by a Piranhadon, and Choy tried to swim, but quickly began to drown. Lumpy managed to save him, and they continued on with the rest of the survivors. Choy stayed close behind Lumpy, and eventually the crew came to a log bridging a deep chasm. However, as they crossed, the giant gorilla Kong appeared and killed Hayes before shaking the log. Choy flattened against it to try and find a hold, and cast Lumpy one last glance before being shaken off and plummeting into the chasm below. Choy landed in shallow mud at the edge of the thicker pool where Jack and Lumpy landed when Kong threw the log down. His insides completely destroyed, Choy smiled at Lumpy as he lay dying, boasting of how his Charlie Atlas training had saved his life. Lumpy congratulated him on proving him wrong about the training, and turned around to wipe his tears, but when he turned back, Choy was dead. Lumpy cradled his body as giant bugs began attacking from all sides. He tried to drag him to a place where he would be undisturbed, but died in the effort.


King Kong: The 8th Wonder of the World



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