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Test footage for the Arsinoitherium trapping the sailors on the log in King Kong (1933)
Alternate names Rhino
Species Arsinoitherium zitteli, Arsinoitherium andrewsi, or Arsinoitherium giganteum
Height 6 feet
Planned for King Kong (1933),
The Legend of King Kong,
King Kong (2005)

Arsinoitherium is an extinct genus of prehistoric mammal from the Late Eocene Epoch. It was planned to appear in the original King Kong using a stop motion puppet originally created for Willis O'Brien's Creation, before being replaced by Styracosaurus. Arsinoitherium was later considered for the 2005 remake directed by Peter Jackson, but was scrapped once again.



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King Kong (1933)

In the test reel, the Arsinoitherium was to appear during the log scene where it chased and charged at the Wanderer's crewmen out of the jungle and led them to the log that King Kong attacks. Director Merian C. Cooper then reshot the scene using a Styracosaurus instead.[1] Ultimately, the Arsinoitherium and the Styracosaurus were both cut from the final film.

The Legend of King Kong

Production artwork for the abandoned 1976 Universal film shows that the Arsinoitherium was again considered.[2]

King Kong (2005)

During early pre-production in 2003, Greg Broadmore created a piece of concept art he later referred to as "Rhino on Holiday" that prominently featured an Arsinoitherium in the jungle with two pterosaurs similar to Dimorphodon and Peteinosaurus around the animal.[3] The creature again did not end up being used in the finished film.

The Last Hope

Arsinoitheriums appear as a common beast of burden in ancient Atlantis until virtually being wiped out, alongside most of the civilization's other inhabitants, during the apocalyptic infestation of the voracious Gyaos.



Concept art of the unused Arsinoitherium from Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger
  • The front horns of the Arsinoitherium stop motion puppet created for the 1933 film were made of wood attached to its armature by liquid latex.[4]
  • Ray Harryhausen planned to have an Arsinoitherium appear in Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger (1977) as one of the still living prehistoric fauna of Hyperborea, even making pre-production concept art of the beast fighting the giant humanoid named the Troglodyte. The inclusion was a direct homage to the unused Arsinoitherium from both Creation and King Kong; ironically, Harryhausen's version also did not make the final cut in this film either.

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