Mito Asakura

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Mito Asakura
Mito Asakura in Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris
Species Human
Nationality Japanese, Atlantean descent
Affiliation Japanese government
Occupation Governmental Cabinet Secretary,
Shinto priestess
First appearance Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris
Played by Senri Yamazaki

Mito Asakura (朝倉 美都,   Asakura Mito) is a government Cabinet Secretary and occultist who appears in the 1999 film Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris.


Heisei era

Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris

Working in the Japanese Cabinet, Mito Asakura secretly held ties to occultism which she claimed tied back to the Atlanteans. In addition to claiming descent from the lost civilization, her beliefs led her to working with programmer Kurata Shinya in studying the relationship between mana, the Gyaos, Gamera, and humanity. This lead to the conclusion that the Atlanteans had created the Gyaos as a counter to humanity to keep the latter from destroying the planet. Gamera, as an enemy of the Gyaos and a being that consumed mana to fight, was thus an evil entity that needed to be destroyed or else mana would be depleted and humanity would run rampant. Attending cabinet meetings, she voiced support for destroying Gamera after the creature's battle with several Hyper Gyaos in the Shibuya district of Tokyo. In the meantime, Mito also began seeking ties to Atlantis by further investigating Gamera's history and the shattered orichalcum beads.

After discovering Ayana Hirasaka had a different type of orichalcum bead and had bonded to a monster named Iris, Mito and Kurata visited her when she was hospitalized. Using her governmental privileged, Mito abducted Ayana from the hospital and brought her to Kyoto. This act caused Iris to go on a rampage, something Mito was aware of via Ayana's connection to the monster. Observing how the orichalcum bead worked, Mito began obsessing over it and the possibility of a being that could destroy Gamera. Even after Asagi Kusanagi and her friend Mayumi Nagamine traveled to Kyoto as well to free Ayana, Mito and Kurata continued to follow them to Kyoto train station. Kurata began monologue about how Iris was planning to join with Ayana, something it had attempted to do earlier, to become strong enough to destroy Gamera and ravage the human race; a topic Mito took great interest in. The now grown Iris arrived in Kyoto after an aerial battle with Gamera and began to make its way across the city towards the station. Gamera, delayed from a missile strike colliding with him in the air, caught back up before Iris could reach the station and engaged the monster amidst a burning Kyoto.

Seeing Ayana repeatedly call out for Iris to kill Gamera with the orichalcum bead reacting to her wishes, Mito listened to Kurata turn against her. He noted that despite her claimed Atlantean blood which she felt gave her a connection to the monsters, her bloodline had diluted to the point Iris didn't seek her out but instead chose Ayana as the one fated to bond with it. Spurred on, Mito grabbed Ayana's orichalcum bead and tore it off as she called out to the battling Iris while holding it aloft. As the quarreling Iris and Gamera drew closer to the station, a crazed Mito declared she would bond with Iris and destroy Gamera. Kurata quietly noted the attempt wouldn't work the way Mito wanted and that she wasn't chosen. Sure enough, while the orichalcum bead started to glow; Iris ignored Mito as it crashed into the side of the station with Gamera. Mito Asakura cried out as she was crushed by falling debris.


  • Later drafts of the film portrayed Mito as an onmyōji, and she initially leads a special task force of the government and tries to drive, weaken, and seal Gamera with sorcery and a spiritually-powered special facility by forcibly involving characters from the previous films such as Asagi Kusanagi, Midori Honami, Colonel Watarase, First Lieutenant Hanatani, Obitsu, and Yukino. In these drafts, both Mito and Kurata survived.[1]:260-264
  • Mito appears as one of key characters in the 1999 comic Gamera Gaiden Ver.2.5 (ガメラ外伝Ver2.5).[2], where she is one of the first people to witness the Sea Gyaos.[1]:287


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