"Descend! Dragon from the Sky"

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The Gransazers episodes
"Run! To Save a Life"
"Descend! Dragon from the Sky"
"Tremble! Karin's Real Shape"
"Descend! Dragon from the Sky"
Descend! Dragon from the Sky
Series The Gransazers
Episode # 8
Directed by Kenji Suzuki
Written by Kenji Konuta
Special effects Koichi Kawakita
Air date November 22, 2003
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"Descend! Dragon from the Sky" (降臨 (こうりん)天空 (てんくう) (りゅう),   Kōrin! Tenkū no Ryū) is the eighth episode of The Gransazers. Directed by Kenji Suzuki and written by Kenji Konuta, it aired on November 22, 2003.


At Johoku University, Professor Horiguchi visits Nobel Prize-winning Professor Shinichi Chujo to inquire about the physicist Karin Saeki. Chujo doesn't remember Saeki at first, but his memory is jogged when Horiguchi tells him he had once accompanied her in Europe. Chujo shows a photo album to Horiguchi, who stares in shock at what he sees. Meanwhile at Horiguchi's lab, Ken Shido tells Tenma Kudo of Horiguchi's whereabouts. Horiguchi rings the lab as he's leaving and begins to tell Ken of Karin's true identity, but he is stopped by Karin herself. Horiguchi tells the woman that, while a physicist named Karin Saeki did exist, she is not her; he reveals a photograph from Chujo's album which shows a young Chujo with Karin, who appears exactly the same despite the photo being taken thirty years ago. What's more, Karin Saeki had in fact been dead for twenty years. Horiguchi demands to know her true identity, but is blasted with energy from her necklace. As Karin prepares to finish the professor off, she is halted by Ken, who transforms into Sazer Lion and chases the impostor to a warehouse. However, as he turns a corner, Ken is met with a shot from Sazer Remls' Iron Gale.

Horiguchi arrives at the warehouse, but finds only Ken's hat. The boy had been kidnapped and brought to Karin's laboratory, where Karin explains to the Wind Tribe that they will use Ken as bait. Ryoko protests, criticizing Karin's inhumane methods. Horiguchi bursts into his laboratory in a panic, asking Kudo and the others if Ken had contacted them. The professor tells them of Ken's kidnapping, prompting Mika Shido and Ran Saotome to set off for the warehouse. There, they are confronted by Ryoko, who tells Mika she wishes to test if she is worthy of her powers as a Gransazer. The women fight hand-to-hand for a time before wielding metal poles. Ryoko attempts to persuade Mika into believing that Horiguchi is deceiving her, but Mika responds that Karin is the one driving them to destroy each other. Eventually, Mika and Ryoko transform into Sazers Mithras and Velsou and lung at each other, swiping one another in midair. When they land, both women collapse. Mika looks to the downed Ryoko, who points to a sheet laying just a few feet away. Beneath it is Ken, who begins to regain consciousness. Mika concludes that Ryoko had intended to return Ken all along.

Velsou is then joined by Sazers Remls and Dail, but Mika is backed by Ken and Saotome, who transform into Sazers Visuel and Lion. After a short scuffle, Kudo arrives on the scene and attempts to reason with Remls, to no avail. The Wind Tribe join powers to summon their Ultra Star God Dorcrus, which Dail boards and begins using to attack the Fire Tribe. They too summon their Ultra Star God, Garuda, and Sazer Lion dives into its cockpit. Garuda is swiftly gunned down by Dorcrus, but Ken shifts the mech's Sazer Gear into Lion Mode, giving it the Double Crescent swords. Garuda combines the sabers into a single one and uses it to send a blast of energy at Dorcrus from beneath. Garuda still proves no match, however, as Dorcrus overwhelms it with its sheer firepower, even blasting off pieces of its wings. Ken is ejected, and Garuda collapses amongst rubble. Just then, Sazers Tragos and Tawlon appear and summon Ultra Star God Guncaeser with the help of Visuel. Tawlon pilots the machine into battle, shifting it into Tawlon Mode and gaining access to the Bull Cannons. As Guncaeser prepares to fire a Matador Burst, the sky darkens and both it and Dorcrus are struck with bolts of lightning. A gigantic metallic dragon appears from the clouds and mows down Dorcrus and Guncaeser with a laser from its mouth. The dragon hovers over Garuda and lifts it into the sky, before disappearing into the atmosphere with Garuda on its back. Horiguchi consults his notes and murmurs to himself about the dragon's true identity.


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