"Emergency! Commander Logia"

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The Gransazers episodes
"Arise! Ultra Star God of Water"
"Emergency! Commander Logia"
"Crisis! The Plan to Exterminate Humanity"
"Emergency! Commander Logia"
Emergency! Commander Logia
Series The Gransazers
Episode # 16
Directed by Hirochika Muraishi
Written by Hiroshi Ishii
Special effects Koichi Kawakita
Air date January 24, 2004
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"Emergency! Commander Logia" (非情 (ひじょう)司令官 (しれいかん)ロギア,   Hijō! Shireikan Rogia, lit. "Ruthless! Commander Logia") is the sixteenth episode of The Gransazers. Directed by Hirochika Muraishi and written by Hiroshi Ishii, it aired on January 24, 2004.


On the roof of Kyonan University Hospital, nurse Ai Uozumi is approached by Tappei Mikami and Special Forces Captain Soichiro Okita, who urge her to go to the police with a description of Impactor Lucia so that she may be apprehended. At Professor Horiguchi's lab, Mika Shido shows Tenma Kudo a photo of an ancient engraving of Guntras. They are interrupted by a knock on the door from Professor Masaki Wakui, who requests to wait there for the return of Horiguchi. Horiguchi arrives shortly after, along with Wakui's assistant Shuichi Hoshiyama. Wakui shows Horiguchi he and Hoshiyama's analyses of the Guntroller, and they determine that the device is missing a highly advanced computer chip in order to function. Listening in to their conversation, Kudo comments on the incredible technology of Earth's ancient civilization, but Horiguchi reminds him that it was the civilization's advancements which spelled their downfall. On a rooftop, Impactor Logia meets with Lucia and orders her not to provoke the Gransazers. Lucia pleads with him that Radia's sacrifice not be in vain, but she reluctantly complies. In the city, Officer Go Kamiya compares an artist's depiction of Lucia with passersby. Kudo pulls up to him on his motorcycle and suggests that they get Misonogi to tip off more police stations about the case, but Kamiya objects to misappropriating the police force's resources. Elsewhere, Detectives Sawamura and Takayama show the rendering of Lucia to a variety of citizens, but turn up empty-handed. Later, Sawamura runs into Kamiya at Josai Police Station; Sawamura warns Kamiya not to engage Lucia should he find her, as he suspects the case is related to the appearance of the Achelon Star Beast which had injured his daughter. At the laboratory of Professor Wakui, Wakui is presented with a successfully developed replacement chip for the Guntroller.

Meanwhile, Lucia overlooks the city while wrestling with thoughts of her relationship with ex-lover Logia. She is suddenly contacted by Logia, but assures him that she is staying in place as instructed. Kamiya meets up with Kudo relaxing on a swing set and confides in him that he believes the Impactors would never have come to Earth had the Gransazers not existed. Sometime after, Horiguchi receives a phone call informing him that Impactor Lucia has been spotted near Professor Wakui's laboratory, and is being trailed by Sawamura. Kudo begins to set off to gather the other Sazers, but is stopped in the hallway by Kamiya, who persuades him not to provoke the Impactor more than is necessary. Kudo and Kamiya head for Lucia's location, with Mika and Horiguchi agreeing to check up on Wakui. Sawamura attempts to follow Lucia unnoticed, but she senses his presence and soon attacks him. At the same time, Mika and Horiguchi arrive at Wakui's lab as he is attaching the chip to the Guntroller. Kudo and Kamiya find Sawamura battered and engage Lucia. She soon assumes her battle form, and Kudo and Kamiya respond by transforming into Sazers Tarious and Tragos. Mika steps out of Wakui's lab to check in with Kudo on her Knuckle-Riser, and runs into Hoshiyama, who claims to be off to retrieve documents. The Sazers battle with Lucia and a group of Gigfighters, but are soon interrupted by the arrival of Impactor Logia. As Tarious takes on Logia, Lucia is distracted by gunfire from Sawamura. Kamiya returns to human form and challenges Logia to take his life in exchange for leaving the Earth in peace. Logia comments that Kamiya will be the first of Earth's billions of humans to be slain before firing on him with his Horo-Sniper. However, Kudo shoves him out of the way, and the Impactors disappear. Kamiya apologizes to Kudo for his rash decision, but is convinced by Logia's wording that the Impactors are after all humanity. Back at Wakui's lab, Impactor Logia assails a Special Forces guard before assuming his disguise: Hoshiyama.

At Horiguchi's lab, Kudo tells Horiguchi of the Impactors' intention to annihilate humanity. Horiguchi receives a phone call that Wakui and Hoshiyama have been kidnapped.


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  • This episode's official English title is the result of a translation error. The first word of the Japanese title, 非情 (hijō) refers to "ruthlessness" or "heartlessness." However, it is homophonous with 非常 (hijō), meaning "emergency."


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