"Achelon Captures the Earth"

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The Gransazers episodes
"Tremble! Karin's Real Shape"
"Achelon Captures the Earth"
"The Nine Sazers Finally Unite"
"Achelon Captures the Earth"
Achelon Captures the Earth
Series The Gransazers
Episode # 10
Directed by Hirochika Muraishi
Written by Toshimichi Okawa
Special effects Koichi Kawakita
Air date December 6, 2003
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"Achelon Captures the Earth" (侵略 (しんりゃく)!アケロンの (わな),   Shinryaku! Akeron no Wana, lit. "Invasion! Achelon's Trap") is the tenth episode of The Gransazers. Directed by Hirochika Muraishi and written by Toshimichi Okawa, it aired on December 6, 2003.


The Achelon touches down near her and Akira Dentsuin's hideout and assumes her disguise as Karin Saeki. Upon entering the base, Dentsuin questions where she had been and vows to share his fate with her. Karin admits that she went to confront Ryoko Amemiya and Jin Hakariya; when Dentsuin questions why she would go alone, she tells him that his value for human life would not allow him to strike down his former companions. Karin tells Dentsuin that it would be better for both of them if they put aside their feelings for each other, and flees. At Professor Horiguchi's lab, Tenma Kudo, Mika Shido and Go Kamiya speak with Ryoko and Hakariya about the Achelon. Still under the impression that Horiguchi was kidnapped by the Wind Tribe, Kudo asks the pair where he is, but Ryoko replies that they couldn't have kidnapped him because they were being attacked by Special Forces. At the Wind Tribe's former base, Misonogi tells the captured Horiguchi of the results of fingerprint and DNA analyses that were conducted on the room. Misonogi learned the identities of the Wind Warriors, but Karin's DNA turned up non-human. Misonogi assures him, however, that Karin is not to be feared, for the Gransazers are the only true threat.

Meanwhile, Ryoko and Hakariya leave in search of Dentsuin, and insist that his persuasion to their cause be left to the Wind Tribe as a sign of their allyship. Tenma calls Misonogi on the phone he left at Horiguchi's lab and tells him about Ryoko and Hakariya's encounter with the Special Forces, unaware of Misonogi's involvement. Misonogi asks where Karin is, and Kudo tells him that she is an Achelon; just then, Karin appears in the doorway of the bunker and effortlessly dispatches of Misonogi and his men. Horiguchi picks up Misonogi's phone off of the floor and tells Kudo his location. Mika and Kudo immediately set off for Karasumori Laboratory, transforming into Sazers Tarious and Mithras. Horiguchi attempts to escape, but runs into the Achelon, who grabs him by the throat and prepares to kill him. She suddenly yelps in pain, however, and drops Horiguchi before fleeing at the sight of the Sazers' arrival. Mithras stays with Horiguchi as Tarious chases the Achelon to the rooftop, but she is nowhere to be found; she had in fact floated down the side of the building and reapplied her disguise before collapsing. Dentsuin emerges from a door nearby and finds the professor unconscious, carrying her into their hideout.

At Karasumori, Horiguchi speculates that the Achelon can only stay in her true form for limited periods while on Earth, which is why he was able to survive their encounter. Misonogi's subordinate Soichiro Okita informs Misonogi that his men were not gravely injured. A rattled Misonogi admits to his underestimating of Achelon's ability, and leaves the Gransazers in Horiguchi's hands. Dentsuin tends to Karin in their hideout, and confesses his passion for her. Dentsuin places his hand on Karin's, but her skin reacts violently and reveals part of her true form beneath. Karin hides from Dentsuin, telling him she wouldn't be able to live with herself if he saw her true self. As Dentsuin is leaving the building, he is confronted by Ryoko and Hakariya, who tell him that Karin is not a physicist at all, but an alien hellbent on their destruction. Dentsuin refuses to believe them, and transforms into Sazer Remls. He launches a Remls Tornado at them, but they too assume their Sazer forms. As the trio battle, the Achelon returns to the rooftop and faces Tarious. Tarious leaps over a blast of the alien's forehead laser, but he is grounded by a followup shot to the leg. Tarious summons his Falcon Bow and fires a Burning Falcon, which collides with another energy blast from the Achelon and blows them both backward. Hearing the explosion, Remls leaps onto the rooftop as the Achelon is closing in on Tarious. Remls recognizes the Achelon's voice as that of Karin, and she comes clean about her true identity. The Achelon tells Remls that though her mission is to exterminate humanity, she was willing to spare him alone. She turns again to Tarious and prepares to finish him off, but Remls objects and aims his Iron Gale at her. The Achelon taunts that Remls could never bring himself to kill her, and prepares to fire on Tarious once more, but this time she is gunned down. The Achelon stumbles backward and falls from the roof, exploding upon hitting the pavement. Ryoko and Amemiya rush to Kudo's aid, but soon turn their attention to Dentsuin. Peering over the roof, Dentsuin stands speechlessly in anguish.


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  • Despite the Achelon being referred to in Japanese as Akeronjin (アケロン人, lit. "Achelon person"), the episode's title simply uses Akeron (アケロン).
  • The names of Akira Dentsuin, Ryoko Amemiya, and Jin Hakariya appear on computer screens in English. Dentsuin's surname is romanized "Dentuin" while Amemiya's is misspelled "Amamiya."


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