"Crisis! The Plan to Exterminate Humanity"

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The Gransazers episodes
"Emergency! Commander Logia"
"Crisis! The Plan to Exterminate Humanity"
"The Ultimate Enemy! Guntras"
"Crisis! The Plan to
Exterminate Humanity"
Crisis! The Plan to Exterminate Humanity
Series The Gransazers
Episode # 17
Directed by Kenji Suzuki
Written by Hideki Sonoda
Special effects Koichi Kawakita
Air date January 31, 2004
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"Crisis! The Plan to Exterminate Humanity" (危機 (きき)人類 (じんるい)抹殺 (まっさつ)計画 (けいかく),   Kiki! Jinrui Massatsu Keikaku) is the 17th episode of The Gransazers. Directed by Kenji Suzuki and written by Hideki Sonoda, it aired on January 31, 2004.


At a seaside restaurant, Makoto Sorimachi talks with Tappei Mikami and Ai Uozumi about Professor Wakui's kidnapping, but Ai is distracted by a text message. Mikami receives a call from Professor Horiguchi, asking the three to meet him at his laboratory. There Horiguchi explains to them that Wakui was likely kidnapped by the Impactors, as he was in the process of repairing Guntras' Guntroller. After some bickering between Sorimachi and Tenma Kudo, Ai leaves the room to attend to another text message. Meanwhile, Shuichi Hoshiyama—in actuality the Impactor Logia—takes Professor Wakui to a secluded laboratory, having convinced him that National Defense plans to steal the Guntroller for military usage. Hoshiyama introduces Wakui to Impactor Lucia, who he tells him will attend to his needs. On a park bench, Ai sends a text message to her mysterious acquaintance, asking to meet with them. She is approached by Mika, to whom she explains that the recipient has looked over her since childhood and payed for her tuition. Overhearing their conversation, Mikami also joins in, and urges Ai to go through with the meeting. As she runs off, Mikami comments that she must have a lot on her mind, and Mika teases that he has a crush on her. Back at his lab, Horiguchi informs the group that National Defense have launched a search for Wakui, and Kudo hurriedly leaves to look for him on his own, to the disapproval of Sorimachi. While riding his motorcycle, Kudo finds Ai walking along the sidewalk, and agrees to give her a ride to a pier. After arriving, Ai finds a seat and reads another text while reminiscing about a teddy bear she'd received from a "Doctor Bear" on her 6th birthday. Ai is soon approached by a man in a hat and sunglasses holding a large teddy bear, who tells her that he is Doctor Bear.

At the secluded lab, Hoshiyama finds Professor Wakui gone, with a note saying that he'll return. Lucia apologizes for letting the professor out of her sight, and inquires about Guntras. Ai gives Doctor Bear a drawing she'd made as a child, and he informs her that this may be the last time they can each other. As the two walk along a bridge, Bear tells Ai that his looking over of her was a form of repayment to her father. Ai asks him what her father was like, but they are interrupted by Hoshiyama and Lucia, who reveal his true identity: Professor Wakui. Hoshiyama demands Wakui return to the lab, but Ai relents, provoking the aliens to assume their battle forms and launch into combat. Ai transforms into Sazer Pisces, and informs Kudo of the situation before trying and failing to protect the professor. When Kudo arrives, he finds only the teddy bear and a car speeding away with Ai and Wakui inside. Kudo follows the car to the lab on his motorcycle, but is spotted by Lucia, unbeknownst to him. Kudo enters the building and pleads with Wakui to stop work on the Guntroller, but he is incapacitated by Hoshiyama, who threatens the life of Wakui's "daughter" Ai should he fail to complete the repairs. Later, after restraining Kudo, Hoshiyama checks on the professor's progress and explains to Kudo that he plans to launch Guntras into the Sun, igniting its oxygen fuel source and destroying the Solar System. Ai awakens tied to a chair elsewhere in the building, and manages to manipulate her hand to transform into Sazer Pisces. Pisces finds the Impactors and attempts to distract them to allow Wakui to escape, but Lucia catches him and steals the Guntroller before tossing him across the room. Wakui frees Kudo, allowing him to transform into Sazer Tarious, but the Impactors teleport away. The Sazers find them on a cliffside and attempt to blast them with their weapons, but Logia summons Guntras and prepares to destroy them.


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