"Awaken! Water Warrior"

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The Gransazers episodes
"The Impactor Attacks"
"Awaken! Water Warrior"
"Arise! Ultra Star God of Water"
"Awaken! Water Warrior"
Awaken! Water Warrior
Series The Gransazers
Episode # 14
Directed by Hirochika Muraishi
Written by Toshimichi Okawa
Special effects Koichi Kawakita
Air date January 10, 2004
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"Awaken! Water Warrior" (覚醒 (かくせい)せよ! (みず)戦士 (せんし),   Kakuseiseyo! Mizu no Senshi) is the fourteenth episode of The Gransazers. Directed by Hirochika Muraishi and written by Toshimichi Okawa, it aired on January 10, 2004.


With Impactor Radia intent on destroying Leviathan, Makoto Sorimachi transforms into Sazer Gorbion to stop him. He teams up with Tenma Kudo, who transforms into Sazer Tarious, and the two manage to repel him. Shortly before retreating, Radia reveals that he hails from the planet Impactor and has come to destroy both the Gransazers and their Ultra Star Gods. Kudo questions Sorimachi's intentions, to which he replies that he and his allies don't know enough about the Fire Tribe to align themselves with them. Sorimachi storms away, but leaves behind Tenma's bike along with the film negatives of the photos he took. Impactor Lucia spies on the fleeing Sorimachi and prepares to ambush him, but Radia orders her to search for the other two Water Warriors instead. At Professor Horiguchi's lab, Kudo relays the identity of the Impactors and argues with Mika and Ken Shido about Sorimachi's reliability as an ally. He suddenly recalls Sorimachi's reference to other allies, leading Horiguchi to conclude that the Water Tribe may soon be completed.

Meanwhile at Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, Sorimachi and Tappei Mikami discuss the day's events. Sorimachi insists that their mission of protecting Leviathan should not be left to the Fire Tribe, but their conversation is cut short when he suspects that they are being watched. The two resolve to meet up later, but Lucia begins following Mikami. Horiguchi goes to meet with Atsushi Misonogi, Professor Masaki Wakui, and Wakui's assistant Shuichi Hoshiyama, who show him an ancient device discovered in the Andes that they believe to be connected to the Ultra Star Gods. Horiguchi confirms that the device is made from the same material as the Ultra Star Gods, and is astonished by photos of an ancient engraving portraying a giant robot, Guntras. At the same time, Mikami visits the hospital where Ai Uozumi is working as a nurse. The hospital's head nurse introduces Uozumi to Akira Dentsuin, but orders her to tend to the laundry before they have a chance to converse. Dentsuin notices Lucia walking through the halls and attempts to chase after her, but loses her in the lobby. Ducking into a stairwell, Lucia contacts Radia, who tells her to continue following the Gransazers while he pursues Sorimachi.

Mikami finds Uozumi hanging up sheets on the hospital's roof, and tells her that he plans to keep her safe. He is soon interrupted by the arrival of Lucia, however, and attempts to drive her off. Lucia makes quick work of Mikami, and Uozumi transforms into Sazer Pisces to pick up the fight. From across the street, Ryoko Amemiya feels the presence of a Gransazer, and makes her way toward the hospital. Lucia knocks Pisces off of the building and summons her V Sword, taking the fight to the ground. Lucia manages to get the better of Pisces and prepares to finish her off, but is stopped by Dentsuin in his Sazer Remls form. Lucia seems to have the upper hand against Remls, but he quickly draws his Iron Gale cannon and blasts her out of her battle form. Lucia summons a swarm of Gigfighters and escapes. As Dentsuin tends to the weakened Uozumi, Mikami watches from the roof in frustration that his powers won't awaken, though Amemiya arrives in time to see a Sazer symbol glow on his hand. Flying to a rooftop, Lucia collapses, but is found by Radia. As she slips out of consciousness, Lucia whispers for the aid of their superior, Logia. Enraged, Radia picks up Lucia and swears to destroy the Gransazers himself.


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  • This episode's English title is nearly identical to that of the series' first episode: "Awaken! Star Warrior." However, in Japanese, the term translated as "awaken" in episode 1 is mezameyo (目覚めよ) while this episode uses kakuseiseyo (覚醒せよ).


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