"Ultra Star Gods vs. the Achelon Star Beast"

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The Gransazers episodes
"The Nine Sazers Finally Unite"
"Ultra Star Gods vs. the Achelon Star Beast"
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"Ultra Star Gods vs.
the Achelon Star Beast"
Ultra Star Gods vs. the Achelon Star Beast
Series The Gransazers
Episode # 12
Directed by Kenji Suzuki
Written by Kenji Konuta
Special effects Koichi Kawakita
Air date December 20, 2003
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"Ultra Star Gods vs. the Achelon Star Beast" (決戦 (けっせん)超星神 (ちょうせいしん) (たい)大星獸 (だいせいじゅう),   Kessen! Chōseishin tai Daiseijū, lit. "Decisive Battle! Ultra Star Gods vs. the Star Beast") is the twelfth episode of The Gransazers, and the conclusion to the series' first story arc. Directed by Kenji Suzuki and written by Kenji Konuta, it aired on December 20, 2003.


As Garuda stares down the Achelon Star Beast, Sazer Remls touches down on the battlefield in Dorcrus and tells Tarious not to interfere. Dorcrus and the Star Beast exchange fire, but the mech is floored by two direct blasts of the Beast's shoulder beams. Remls is ejected from Dorcrus and lays in a field detransformed. As he looks to the sky, he sees a vision of Karin Saeki before his eyesight fades. Garuda takes over against the Star Beast, but it too is swiftly bested by the monster's projectiles. On the ground, Sazers Mithras and Lion fire their Brand Tornado and Hien Zan at the Star Beast's beam-firing forehead crystal, shattering it. Garuda blasts the Star Beast several times with its Azul Stream, but it transforms into a liquid energy and escapes beneath the ground. Sazers Velsou and Dail search for Dentsuin in the field where he had been ejected, but he is nowhere to be found. Sometime later, they and the Fire Warriors report Dentsuin's absence to Professor Horiguchi in his lab. As the group watch a news report which deems the Ultra Star Gods "allies to humanity," Go Kamiya and Ran Saotome enter the room and report that Naoto Matsuzaka has disappeared from the hospital. Horiguchi receives a phone call from Misonogi, who reports that the Achelon has been found. Ryoko prepares to set off to find the Achelon on her own, but the group agree to meet at the Ministry of Defense headquarters. There, Misonogi tells them that heat emissions have been detected in the Hazama Hills using satellite imagery, but further searching will need to be conducted on foot. The Sazers begin their search in the area, splitting up into their tribes. As Ryoko tells Hakariya of her desire to make up for their wrongdoings, Hakariya stumbles upon the Achelon's back spikes protruding from the ground. Moving in closer, the pair bump into Matsuzaka, who tells them that he must exact revenge on the Achelon using Guncaeser. Ryoko retorts that one who values only their own pride is not fit to be a Gransazer. Meanwhile, Dentsuin awakens in a dark cavern and is met with the image of Karin.

Karin tells Dentsuin that he is inside the body of the Star Beast, but that he doesn't need to be destroyed with the rest of humanity. Dentsuin tells Karin that if her presence means humanity's extinction, he will gladly give his life to thwart her. The Achelon UFO appears above the buried Star Beast and awakens it with its light beam. The Wind and Earth Warriors join up with the Fire Tribe, who prepare to summon Garuda but are interrupted by a call from Dentsuin on Kudo's Knuckle-Riser. Dentsuin tells them of his position, and urges them to sacrifice him to defeat the Star Beast. Kudo objects, however, and Matsuzaka relays the message Ryoko had taught him about pridefulness. The Sazers transform and rush toward the Star Beast, while Remls attempts to blast free with his Iron Gale. Combining Remls' Final Judgement, Tarious' Burning Falcon and Tawlon's Matador Burst, the Sazers destroy the laser aperture on the Star Beast's chest, freeing Dentsuin. The heroes summon Ultra Star Gods Garuda, Dorcrus and Guncaeser, but the UFO returns and regenerates the Star Beast's chest cannon. Tarious flies into the air with Garuda and rams straight through the craft, destroying it. With the Star Beast's immortality no longer, the Sazers shift the Ultra Star Gods' Sazer Gears. Garuda in Tarious Mode, Dorcrus in Remls Mode, and Guncaeser in Tawlon Mode blast the Star Beast with their finishing attacks, and it is slain with a final Firebird Crash from Garuda. Having saved the Earth from crisis, the Sazers and Ultra Star Gods stand triumphant.


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