"The Impactor Attacks"

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The Gransazers episodes
"Ultra Star Gods vs. the Achelon Star Beast"
"The Impactor Attacks"
"Awaken! Water Warrior"
"The Impactor Attacks"
The Impactor Attacks
Series The Gransazers
Episode # 13
Directed by Hirochika Muraishi
Written by Toshimichi Okawa
Special effects Koichi Kawakita
Air date December 27, 2003
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"The Impactor Attacks" (襲撃 (しゅうげき)!インパクター,   Shūgeki! Inpakutā, lit. "Attack! The Impactor") is the thirteenth episode of The Gransazers, and the first episode of the show's second story arc. Directed by Hirochika Muraishi and written by Toshimichi Okawa, it aired on December 27, 2003.


After working on his motorcycle, Tenma Kudo goes to visit Jin Hakariya at a fashion design firm. Meanwhile, a meteor is seen nearing Earth as Ken Shido and Ran Saotome relax on the beaches of Kamikujira Island. A storm hits that night, cutting off communications in Ichiro Horiguchi's lab. Horiguchi, having learned of the meteor, warns Kudo that its impact would wipe out Kamikujira. As the storm rages on, the Impactor aliens Lucia and Radia depart from the asteroid and land on the island. Amidst the panic, Cloud Dragon emerges from the atmosphere and blasts the meteor with its Galactica Prominence beam, splitting it into pieces. The meteorites rain down upon the island, dislodging a whale-like craft from atop a rock formation and causing it to fall into the sea.

The next morning, Ken and Ran spot the whale floating off the island's coast. Having heard of the incident, Dr. Horiguchi confides in Atsushi Misonogi that it may be the fourth Ultra Star God. Seeking to avoid an uproar from the media, Misonogi arranges to have it towed to a military port. Kudo and Mika Shido arrive at the port, having been informed that the whale is indeed an Ultra Star God, known as Leviathan. Mika comments that they must have more Sazer companions nearby, and spots a mysterious man taking photos. She suggests that he could be a paparazzi, but Kudo assures her that the media wouldn't be able to get past the armed guards. Later, Impactor Lucia meets with Radia on a rooftop and informs him that Cloud Dragon was responsible for the destruction of their meteorite. Radia replies that the Gransazers will not be a problem and that Leviathan will surely be destroyed, but wishes to test the Sazers' power. A gang of Gigfighters sent by Radia assail the port, but are interrupted by Kudo who transforms into Sazer Tarious. Kudo manages to repel the Gigfighters, and consults with Ken and Mika, but is interrupted when Mika spots the photographer from earlier. Kudo and Mika confront the man and demand that he hand over his film, but he reveals his knowledge of their true identities as Gransazers before distracting them and escaping on Kudo's bike. However, Ken notices an ID card the man had dropped on the ground, which reveals him to be former war photographer Makoto Sorimachi.

Angered by the loss of his bike, Kudo vows to find the man while Mika and Ken tend to Leviathan. At Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, Sorimachi, who is in fact a Gransazer of the Water Tribe, informs fellow Sazers Ai Uozumi and Tappei Mikami of the Fire Tribe's identities. Uozumi believes them to be their comrades, but Sorimachi expresses doubt. Sorimachi also shows the pair photographs of Leviathan, and they reminisce about how they had met on Kamikujira Island. The three conclude that they must have been drawn to the island due to Leviathan. Sorimachi phones Kudo and tells him to meet him alone at the port in exchange for the photos he'd taken. Meanwhile, Impactor Radia assumes his battle form and sets out to destroy Leviathan and the Gransazers. Meeting with Kudo, Sorimachi demands information on the whereabouts and motives of the other Gransazers, and challenges him to take back his bike. Just then, Radia arrives at the port and sends out his Gigfighters to subdue Misonogi's men. Kudo transforms and rushes to the scene, where he is confronted by Radia. Kudo attempts to fight back, but is bested by Radia, who turns his attention to Leviathan. However, Sorimachi transforms into Sazer Gorbion and swears to protect Leviathan, engaging Radia in battle.


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Tomonori Yoshida   as   Soichiro Okita
  • Shoichiro Akaboshi   as   Ichiro Horiguchi
  • Naoya Eguchi   as   Special Forces soldier A
  • Daisuke Terai   as   Special Forces soldier B
  • Kogi Miyazaki   as   Special Forces soldier C
  • RADIX   as   Special Forces soldiers
  • Extras provided by Hoei Project
  • Yu Motomura   as   narrator

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