"Arise! Ultra Star God of Water"

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The Gransazers episodes
"Awaken! Water Warrior"
"Arise! Ultra Star God of Water"
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"Arise! Ultra Star God of Water"
Arise! Ultra Star God of Water
Series The Gransazers
Episode # 15
Directed by Hirochika Muraishi
Written by Toshimichi Okawa
Special effects Koichi Kawakita
Air date January 17, 2004
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"Arise! Ultra Star God of Water" ( ()て! (みず)超星神 (ちょうせいしん),   Tate! Mizu no Chōseishin) is the fifteenth episode of The Gransazers. Directed by Hirochika Muraishi and written by Toshimichi Okawa, it aired on January 17, 2004.


Makoto Sorimachi enters the laboratory of Professor Ichiro Horiguchi to find Ai Uozumi speaking with Horiguchi, Tenma Kudo, and Akira Dentsuin. Uozumi tells Sorimachi of her battle with Impactor Lucia and informs him that Tappei Mikami is training with fellow Sazer Ryoko Amemiya. Uozumi tries to convince Sorimachi that the other Sazers are their allies and share their mission of defending the Earth against aliens, but he dismisses the notion that the Gransazers can carry out their duties as equals without a leader. Kudo tells Sorimachi that he can't defend Leviathan alone, but he insists the Water Tribe are capable on their own before leaving. Uozumi catches up with Sorimachi and tries to reason with him, but he is adamant that they don't need help. Meanwhile, Mikami trains with Amemiya in an attempt to awaken his Gransazer powers. Mikami is disheartened by his lack of progress, but Amemiya tells him that Kudo's powers only awakened because his life was at stake. She goes on to speculate as to how the other Water Warriors may have awakened, but is interrupted when Mikami receives a call from Sorimachi asking him to protect Leviathan at the port. Amemiya offers to drive him there, and he accepts.

Meeting up with Professor Masaki Wakui, his assistant Shuichi Hoshiyama, and Atsushi Misonogi, Horiguchi discusses the potential origins of the ancient robot Guntras. Misonogi asks whether Guntras could be another Ultra Star God, but Horiguchi expresses skepticism, as three additional Sazers would need to exist to operate it. Upon closer examination of photographs of the engravings depicting Guntras, Hoshiyama surmises that the device they possess is the mech's controller. On a rooftop, Impactor Lucia recovers from her injuries, with Impactor Radia volunteering himself to take on their mission alone. Just then, his superior Logia arrives and warns him not to act on his own. However, Radia leaves and swears to prove that his strength outmatches Logia's. Immediately after arriving at the port, Uozumi and Sorimachi are surrounded by JSDF soldiers, with Soichiro Okita refusing to acknowledge them as Gransazers. Sorimachi threatens to transform if Okita doesn't let them through, but is interrupted by Mika and Ken Shido. As Kudo arrives on the scene, Radia appears and begins menacing the special forces with his Gigfighters. Kudo prepares to transform, but Mika convinces him to allow the Water Tribe to face Radia alone so as to gain their trust. Amemiya and Mikami also arrive at the port, the former engaging a group of Gigfighters. Just as Amemiya is overwhelmed, Mikami charges in and manages to beat the Gigfighters off of her. Raising his fist victoriously into the air, he successfully summons a Knuckle-Riser and assumes the form of Sazer Gans.

After a short battle with Sazers Gorbion and Pisces, Radia grows to giant size and makes his way toward Leviathan. Before he can destroy it, however, Gans joins the other Water Tribesmen and they combine their powers to activate Leviathan. The Ultra Star God knocks Radia to the ground before being boarded by Sazer Gorbion, who shifts it into Warrior Mode. The two titans begin to battle, but Leviathan quickly gains the upper hand with its Double Storm swords. Lucia contacts Radia and attempts to convince him to retreat, but he insists on taking the Sazers alone. Radia raises his Mega Axe at Leviathan, but it performs its finishing move, slicing the axe to pieces and obliterating Radia. Lucia looks on at the explosion in horror while the assembled Sazers celebrate their success. The group are suddenly halted by Okita, who tells the Water Tribe that, though he hasn't received word from his superiors, he officially recognizes them as Gransazers.


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