"Go! Guncaeser"

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The Gransazers episodes
"The Ultimate Enemy! Guntras"
"Go! Guncaeser"
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"Go! Guncaeser"
Go! Guncaeser
Series The Gransazers
Episode # 19
Directed by Kunio Miyoshi
Written by Kazuhiro Inaba
Special effects Koichi Kawakita
Air date February 14, 2004
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"Go! Guncaeser" (出撃 (しゅつげき)!ガンシーサー,   Shutsugeki! Ganshīsā) is the 19th episode of The Gransazers. Directed by Kunio Miyoshi and written by Kazuhiro Inaba, it aired on February 14, 2004.


Professor Horiguchi enters his laboratory carrying a box of Professor Wakui's research on the Guntroller, and informs the Sazers gathered there that it may be of use in tracking down Guntras. Elsewhere, Impactor Logia explains to Lucia that Guntras, which extracts energy from oxygen in the atmosphere, requires more such energy in order for them to carry out their plan of launching the mech into the Sun. He continues that, with Garuda and Leviathan still out of commission, Dorcrus and Guncaeser are the only Ultra Star Gods which stand in their way. In a forest, Naoto Matsuzaka spars with Kenta, a young pupil. Matsuzaka senses the approach of Ran Saotome, who attempts to persuade him to regroup with the Earth Tribe so that they may summon Guncaeser. Matsuzaka declines, and leaves Kenta with Saotome. Saotome asks Kenta about his training with Matsuzaka, and he explains that he wants to become stronger because he is bullied at school; in flashback, Matsuzaka is seen reassuring Kenta that his life has purpose, and agreeing to train him under the condition that he learn to use his power to protect others. Kenta also explains that, similar to himself, Matsuzaka was abandoned by his parents and grew up in an orphanage. After spying on the pair, Lucia throws her V-Sword at them before confronting Saotome head-on. Saotome is knocked to the ground, but she gets back up and prepares to transform, only to be interrupted by Kenta. Matsuzaka then appears from over a hill, and tells Saotome to get Kenta to safety before engaging with Lucia. Matsuzaka, too, is floored by Lucia, prompting Kenta to try saving him. Lucia sends Kenta flying through the air with a single blow, but he is caught by an arriving Tenma Kudo. Kudo and Ryoko Amemiya manage to fight off Lucia, who teleports to safety. Matsuzaka looks upon the unconscious Kenta in anguish, and the boy is taken to the hospital. There Saotome, Kudo, and Amemiya continue to plead with Matsuzaka to help them against the Impactors, but he resolves to stay with Kenta. Outside, Amemiya assures them that he will come, as he is just like her.

Later, Guntras launches from its hangar and is engaged by Sazer Remls in Dorcrus, while Sazers Tarious, Mithras, and Visuel fight with Lucia. Matsuzaka checks up on Kenta, who urges him to help his companions, and vows that he will become stronger on his own. As Dorcrus sustains heavy fire from Guntras, Matsuzaka arrives to help the others against Lucia. Transforming into Sazer Tawlon, Matsuzaka aids Tarious in driving off Lucia before uniting with his fellow Earth Warriors to summon Guncaeser. Remls ejects from a downed Dorcrus, and Sazer Velsou takes control instead. Dorcrus and Guncaeser launch a combined attack against Guntras, eventually causing it to fall to the ground in an apparent victory; however, Guntras' eyes begin blinking and it quickly arises before barraging Dorcrus with projectiles. The mech prepares to finish Dorcrus off, but Guncaeser jumps in front of it and takes the blast instead. With the Star Gods critically damaged, Logia pulls Guntras out of the fight to reserve its energy. As the Sazers approach the wreckage, they find Matsuzaka carrying an unconscious Amemiya. Cloud Dragon passes overhead and takes the Star Gods into the sky to repair them. Amemiya awakens to see her companions gathered around her, and as Matsuzaka leaves to look for Logia, she thanks him and warns him not to fight the Impactor alone. With all four Ultra Star Gods now unusable, the Sazers declare that they will find Logia and take back the Guntroller.


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