"Prepare for the Big Battle"

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The Gransazers episodes
"Go! Guncaeser"
"Prepare for the Big Battle"
"The End of the World is Coming!"
"Prepare for the Big Battle"
Prepare for the Big Battle
Series The Gransazers
Episode # 20
Directed by Kunio Miyoshi
Written by Kazuhiro Inaba
Special effects Koichi Kawakita
Air date February 21, 2004
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"Prepare for the Big Battle" (激闘 (げきとう)!バトルレディ,   Gekitō! Batoru Redi, lit. "Fierce Fight! Battle Ladies") is the 20th episode of The Gransazers. Directed by Kunio Miyoshi and written by Kazuhiro Inaba, it aired on February 21, 2004.


With the Gransazers in the midst of searching for Impactor Logia, Ai Uozumi scours the streets, fueled by memories of her father's abuse at the hands of the Impactors. Just then, she notices Ran Saotome strolling nonchalantly with an ice cream cone in her hand, and trails her to her car. At Professor Horiguchi's lab, Uozumi accuses Saotome of not taking the search seriously, and a verbal altercation breaks out between them. Mika Shido tries to break the two up, but they tell her to stay out of it. Tenma Kudo also joins in, scolding and later teasing the group for bickering at such an important time; the three turn on Kudo, frightening him enough to flee the room. Elsewhere, Impactor Lucia inquires about Logia's reluctance to launch Guntras into the Sun. He responds that, due to a magnetic storm brought about by sunspot movement, Guntras is difficult to control from Earth, and suggests they lie in wait until the storm dissipates. Back on the streets, Uozumi spots Logia leaving a building and prepares to inform the others, but changes her mind when she remembers her dispute with Saotome. At a National Defense facility, Professor Horiguchi and the Fire Tribe speak with Atsushi Misonogi about Guntras and the magnetic storm, as well as a device to trace the Guntroller which is soon to be complete. Uozumi follows Logia, but is met with a kick to the head from Lucia as she turns a corner, knocking her unconscious. As Lucia prepares to finish Uozumi off with her V-Sword, she is interrupted by Makoto Sorimachi and Tappei Mikami. Sorimachi fights with Lucia for a time as Mikami tends to Uozumi, who soon regains consciousness. Logia orders Lucia to retreat, and she jumps atop a stone wall to evade Sorimachi. However, before Lucia can escape, Uozumi grabs a rock at throws it at her, shattering on her V-Sword and leaving a wound under her eye.

At Horiguchi's lab, the professor presents the Sazers with the Wave Catcher, the completed Guntroller detector. Mikami grabs it from his hand, and he and Sorimachi begin searching for Logia; Shido places Uozumi in Horiguchi's care, but she later disappears from the lab and is found by Saotome. As Logia attempts to use the Guntroller, he is confronted by Sorimachi and Mikami, but shoots the latter in the chest with his Horo-Sniper. As he prepares to do the same to Sorimachi, he is engaged by Kudo as Sazer Tarious, but flees after a short scuffle. The downed Mikami awakens in amazement at his survival, but realizes that Logia's bullet was blocked by the Wave Catcher he had in his jacket pocket. With the detector destroyed, Kudo scolds the two for going off on their own, and urges them to work closer with the other Tribes before poking fun at their shocked reactions to his stern tone. Back at the lab, as the group are discussing Uozumi's disappearance, they receive a call from Saotome informing them that Uozumi is using herself as bait to get information out of Lucia. Uozumi lures Lucia to a tower, and exacts revenge for earlier by kicking her as she turns a corner. Lucia summons a group of Gigfighters, but Uozumi is joined by Saotome. The two battle with Lucia for a time, but Uozumi is nearly killed again, saved only by the arrival of Shido. The three heroines assume their Sazer forms and blast Lucia off the tower with a combined attack. They find her alive but gravely injured on the ground below, and Uozumi elects to bring her to safety despite their rivalry.

As Lucia lay unconscious in Horiguchi's lab, Logia succeeds in making connection with Guntras and prepares to launch it into the Sun.


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  • Masayuki Yui is credited for his role as Masaki Wakui on this episode, despite appearing only through stock footage in flashback.
  • This episode's international English title differs significantly from the original Japanese title, which may be partially explained as a translation error. The word redi (レディ) that appears in the Japanese title may be a transcription of either "lady" or "ready." Because of the episode's prominent focus on the show's female characters, this was likely intended to evoke "lady." However, if batoru redi were to be interpreted as "battle ready," it could be reformatted as "[get] ready for battle" or "prepare for battle."
    • A similar mix-up occurs throughout the series with Sazer Visuel's signature weapons, called Redi Kurō (レディ・クロー), which are translated by the dub as "Ready Claw" rather than the more sensible "Lady Claw."


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