"The Formation of the Fire Tribe"

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The Gransazers episodes
"Move! Dorcrus"
"The Formation of the Fire Tribe"
"The Earth's Warrior"
"The Formation of the Fire Tribe"
The Formation of the Fire Tribe
Series The Gransazers
Episode # 3
Directed by Kenji Suzuki
Written by Kenji Konuta
Special effects Koichi Kawakita
Air date October 18, 2003
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"The Formation of the Fire Tribe" (結成 (けっせい) (ほのお)のトライブ,   Kessei! Honō no Toraibu, lit. "Formation! The Fire Tribe") is the third episode of The Gransazers. Directed by Kenji Suzuki and written by Kenji Konuta, it aired on October 18, 2003.


Sazers Tarious and Mithras evade laser blasts from Remls in Dorcrus. Mithras attempts to fight back with her Swan Sectors, but is knocked unconscious by a direct blast. As Ken holds Mika in his arms, he notices his hand glow with the symbol of a Gransazer. He and Professor Horiguchi carry Mika to the latter's car, dodging yet more blasts from Dorcrus. Tarious summons his Falcon Bow and launches a Burning Falcon at Dorcrus, colliding with its lightning beams and creating a smokescreen for Tarious to escape. In the car, Mika awakens and asks about Tenma's whereabouts.

At Horiguchi's lab, Tenma argues with the professor about awakening the Fire Tribe's Ultra Star God before storming out of the room, declaring he will find the third Fire Warrior. Later, Mika approaches Ken as he is observing his hand, but he hides it behind his back before running away, claiming he to be searching for Tenma. Ken finds Tenma eating on a bench and asks him why he decided to fight as a Gransazer; Tenma assures Ken that the decision was his own, but that he felt it necessary to become a Gransazer. Later, back at Horiguchi's, Tenma bursts into the room and requests that they find the Ultra Star God of fire, wanting to try to activate it himself. Horiguchi becomes enraged, but is calmed by Mika, who suggests that their third member may already be at the Star God. Mika looks to Ken to join, and he agrees.

As the team approach the Star God's resting place, Mount Hōō, the ground suddenly begins to quake and the mountain crumbles away to reveal Garuda: the Ultra Star God of the Fire Tribe. Horiguchi, perplexed as to how the Star God could have awoken by itself, insists that the third Flame Warrior must be nearby. Unprompted, Mika turns to Ken and asks him to fight her; Ken picks up on her meaning, realizing that his sister knows his secret. Suddenly, Dorcrus appears on the horizon and Tenma and the others are confronted by Sazers Velsou and Dail. Due to the large spike in energy emitted from Garuda upon its awakening, the Wind Tribe were able to pinpoint its location, and planned to destroy it with Dorcrus before the Fire Tribe could pilot it. Mika and Kudo transform into their Sazer forms and fight with the Wind Warriors as Dorcrus rains lightning bolts upon Garuda. Velsou and Dail team up against Mithras, but Ken rushes to her aid, unleashing the power of Sazer Lion. Ken dispatches of the Wind Sazers with his Double Crescent swords, then unites with Tarious and Mithras to activate Garuda. Tarious dives into the Star God's cockpit and engages Dorcrus in a dogfight, destroying a dam in the process.

Eventually, Remls activates Dorcrus' Warrior Mode, transforming it into a bipedal mech. Tarious continues to exchange fire with the machine, culminating in a collision between Dorcrus' Insector Magnum beam and Garuda's Birdy Laser which causes a massive explosion. An exhausted Remls withdraws from the battle, and Tarious returns to his companions. Kudo asks Ken if he is sure about fighting as a Gransazer, to which he replies that he made his mind up for himself, just as Kudo had. Close by, a mysterious yellow Sazer looks on at the trio.


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