"Run! To Save a Life"

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The Gransazers episodes
"Fight! Wind, Fire and Earth"
"Run! To Save a Life"
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"Run! To Save a Life"
Run! To Save a Life
Series The Gransazers
Episode # 7
Directed by Kenji Suzuki
Written by Hideki Sonoda
Special effects Koichi Kawakita
Air date November 15, 2003
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"Run! To Save a Life" ( (はし)れ! (いのち) (すく)うため,   Hashire! Inochi o Sukūtame) is the seventh episode of The Gransazers. Directed by Kenji Suzuki and written by Hideki Sonoda, it aired on November 15, 2003.

Plot[edit | edit source]

At Professor Horiguchi's lab, Tenma Kudo and Mika Shido argue over which of them should be trusted with convincing Naoto Matsuzaka to connect with the other Earth Warriors. The professor sides with Mika, but Kudo leaves in search of Matsuzaka anyway. As Kudo rides around on his motorcycle, Ken Shido and Ran Saotome follow him by car. Kudo eventually pulls over and admits to Ken and Saotome that he doesn't know where Matsuzaka is. Kudo then receives a phone call from his coworker Maki Tadokoro, who tells him that despite him having the day off, she has an urgent delivery job for him. Kudo rushes to the Jet Express building where Tadokoro tells him that the delivery is herself; she requests that Kudo take her to Matsuzaka, but upon being informed that he doesn't know where Matsuzaka is, she settles for a date with Kudo. As she and Kudo ride on his motorcycle, Ken and Naotome report the details of their date to a jealous Mika. As Kudo nears a bridge, Karin Saeki appears atop it and sends out a blast of purple energy from her necklace. Striking the motorcycle, Kudo and Tadokoro are sent flying through the air. Kudo returns to his feet, but Tadokoro is knocked unconscious and rushed to the hospital.

Mika and Horiguchi meet Kudo and the others at the hospital, and Kudo tells Horiguchi of Karin's attack. Dr. Akira Dentsuin enters the hallway, and Kudo begins to accuse him of being involved in the attack on Tadokoro. Dentsuin responds that though Kudo is his enemy, he would never involve innocent civilians. He continues that Tadokoro's life is in danger and she needs immediate surgery. Meanwhile at Karin's laboratory, Karin complains about Dentsuin's absence, but Jin Hakariya and Ryoko Amemiya agree to attack the Gransazers without him. Dentsuin prepares to begin the operation, but a nurse informs him that the blood being transported for Tadokoro's transfusion is stuck in traffic. Dentsuin tells Kudo and the others of the situation, and Kudo agrees to retrieve it. As he makes his way to the location of the transport vehicle, Kudo blows past Officer Go Kamiya, who begins to chase after him on his bicycle for speeding. Kudo pulls up to the site of a car accident and retrieves the blood, riding past Kamiya once again. However, on his way to the hospital, Kudo is stopped by Sazers Dail and Velsou, the former beginning to attack him. Just then, Mika and Ken arrive to engage them.

Kudo continues on to the hospital as Sazers Mithras and Lion fight off the Wind Warriors. Dail and Velsou overwhelm Lion, but he is saved by Saotome, who had transformed into Sazer Visuel. Dentsuin begins what he can of the operation, but Kudo arrives with the blood just as Tadokoro's heart rate had began to plummet. At the same time, Mithras drives Dail and Velsou away with a warning shot of her Brand Tornado. Dentsuin emerges from the operating room and commends Kudo for his delivery of the blood before telling him they have unfinished business. The two climb to the hospital roof and transform into Sazers Remls and Tarious, then descend into a field to duel. Kudo tries to reason with Dentsuin, telling him that they are not truly enemies and he is simply being deceived by Karin. Dentsuin doesn't listen, and summons his Iron Gale cannon. Kudo dodges a blast of Remls' Final Judgment before kicking the gun out of his hand and summoning his Falcon Bow. Remls slides to retrieve the Iron Gale, but Tarious had already trained his bow on Remls. However, Tarious hesitates and does not fire. Remls wonders if this was thanks for operating on Tadokoro, but Tarious is unsure. Remls quips that Tarious had better not regret his decision to spare him before leaping away.

Kudo detransforms and is joined by Mika and the others, who tell him of their victory over Dail and Velsou. Horiguchi yells to Kudo that the operation on Tadokoro was a success, and she has regained consciousness. The group visit Tadokoro in her hospital bed, and she jokes that Kudo can make it up to her by getting her a date with Matsuzaka next time. An exhausted Kamiya suddenly bursts through the door and incoherently scolds Kudo for his speeding before collapsing. Dentsuin confronts Karin at her lab and questions if it was true that she attacked Kudo. Karin responds that she had, and that harming Tadokoro was justified in the pursuit of defeating their enemies, to the shock of Amemiya. As Kudo and the others walk away from the hospital, Mika tells Kudo that she is glad his girlfriend is safe. Kudo informs her that Tadokoro isn't his girlfriend, and he and Ken tease her as she becomes increasingly flustered. Horiguchi comments that Kudo and Mika aren't much of a match, but Saotome calls him a fool.

Cast[edit | edit source]

Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

Suit actors[edit | edit source]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Gransazers[edit | edit source]

Weapons, vehicles, and organizations[edit | edit source]

  • Knuckle-Risers
  • Axe Taggers
  • Double Crescents
  • Sel Crosses
  • Ready Claws
  • Iron Gale
  • Falcon Bow


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