"The Unification of the Ultra Star Gods"

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The Gransazers episodes
"The End of the World is Coming!"
"The Unification of the Ultra Star Gods"
"Logia's Revenge"
"The Unification of the Ultra Star Gods"
The Unification of the Ultra Star Gods
Series The Gransazers
Episode # 22
Directed by Tsutomu Kashima
Written by Kenji Konuta
Special effects Koichi Kawakita
Air date March 6, 2004
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"The Unification of the Ultra Star Gods" ( ()よ!合体 (がったい)超星神 (ちょうせいしん),   Miyo! Gattai Chōseishin, lit. "Behold! The Unified Ultra Star God") is the 22nd episode of The Gransazers. Directed by Tsutomu Kashima and written by Kenji Konuta, it aired on March 6, 2004. It marks the debut of Daisazer.


At a secluded hideout, Impactor Lucia lays in a bed and is treated with machines by Logia. Though he tells her that her body has been 90% healed, he forbids her from returning to the battlefield. On the roof of Kyonan University Hospital, Ai Uozumi, Akira Dentsuin, and Tenma Kudo meet with Makoto Sorimachi, who questions Uozumi's sparing of the Impactors in their last battle. Uozumi responds that the aliens have hearts just like them, but Sorimachi argues that, just as with human conflicts, war will never end unless one side is defeated. Back at the hideout, Lucia examines a small case nearby, and inside finds an Accelerator: a device which will enhance the power of an Impactor's battle suit threefold, at the cost of the user's life. Lucia sneaks out and begins spying on several of the Sazers, planting Archanis cards on their vehicles before confronting Kudo. Both of them transform and begin fighting, and Kudo contacts the others over his Knuckle-Riser. However, the other Sazers are attacked by holograms of Lucia projected by the Archanis cards, and begin reporting to Kudo that Lucia is at each of their locations. Sazer Remls is the first to pick up on the hologram, and shoots the card with his Iron Gale. Meanwhile, Logia returns to his hideout to find Lucia and the Accelerator gone. As Tarious continues fighting with Lucia, he is joined by Remls and the rest of the group of Sazers; Lucia tries to teleport away, but she arrives to find an even larger group of Sazers gathered. Uozumi and the rest of the Water Warriors enter the scene and try reasoning with Lucia, followed soon after by Logia himself. Despite their pleas, however, Lucia merges the Accelerator with her body and grows to a colossal stature. The Water Tribe transform, and all four tribes summon their Ultra Star Gods to face the Giant Lucia.

Lucia sends out a barrage of projectiles and dodges out of the way of a return shot from Garuda, before turning herself invisible and pummeling the Star Gods. Logia, standing on a rooftop nearby, calls out to Lucia, but she no longer recognizes him and tries to smash him with her V-Sword. The Ultra Star Gods have their Sazer Gears shifted and combine their finishing attacks, but Lucia splits into tens of smaller clones of herself to overwhelm the machines. Luckily, the horde of Lucias are disintegrated by Cloud Dragon, carrying Guntras on its back. Lucia grows even larger to several times the Star Gods' heights, but Guntras zaps the Star Gods with electricity and they change into their Live Modes. Guntras and the other Star Gods rise into the air and fuse together into a single monstrous, firebreathing robot. The mech, called Daisazer, stops responding to the Sazers' controls and begins mauling Lucia. Just then, the Crystal Slab in Professor Horiguchi's laboratory begins to glow, and projects the recording of the 400 million year-old attack on Earth into the Sazers' vision. Sazer Visuel, who was watching on from the ground, is the only of the Sazers to hear a message: that Daisazer can only be controlled when the hearts of its four pilots are united. Uozumi relays the message to the pilots, and they agree that Daisazer should not be allowed to kill Lucia. The Sazers halt Daisazer within an inch of Lucia's life, and she reverts to her regular form. Lucia collapses, however, and gazes upon Daisazer before fading away, leaving behind only her shattered Archanis.

As the Sazers stand victorious, Logia finds Lucia's Archanis and drops to his knees before being enveloped in a hateful aura.


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  • This is the first episode in which all twelve Sazers make appearances.


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