"The Nine Sazers Finally Unite"

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The Gransazers episodes
"Achelon Captures the Earth"
"The Nine Sazers Finally Unite"
"Ultra Star Gods vs. the Achelon Star Beast"
"The Nine Sazers Finally Unite"
The Nine Sazers Finally Unite
Series The Gransazers
Episode # 11
Directed by Kenji Suzuki
Written by Toshimichi Okawa
Special effects Koichi Kawakita
Air date December 13, 2003
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"The Nine Sazers Finally Unite" (結集 (けっしゅう)!9 (にん)のセイザー,   Kesshū! Kyūnin no Seizā, lit. "Unite! The Nine Sazers") is the eleventh episode of The Gransazers. Directed by Kenji Suzuki and written by Toshimichi Okawa, it aired on December 13, 2003.


While playing a game of basketball with Ken Shido, Ran Saotome misses a basket and the ball rolls to Akira Dentsuin, who picks it up and makes it in. At Professor Horiguchi's lab, Dentsuin apologizes to Tenma Kudo for all the trouble he has caused him, but Kudo tells him it's in the past. Ken comments that the Sazers have finally united, but Saotome corrects him that they are still missing Naoto Matsuzaka. At the residence of Atsushi Misonogi, Misonogi tells Horiguchi that the Gransazers will be left to the jurisdiction of Misonogi's special operations department. He continues to explain that an autopsy is being conducted on the corpse of the Achelon, but assures Horiguchi that she is imprisoned within a shield. Moments later, however, Misonogi receives a phone reporting that the Achelon had revived and broke free of its containment. The Achelon summons a UFO at Mount Ryujin, which seemingly heals her and applies her disguise as Karin Saeki. A group of campers notice the craft and try to take photos of it with their phones, but are blasted away by Karin's necklace. Officer Go Kamiya receives a report about the victims and prepares to set off on his bicycle, but is met by Kudo. Kudo tries to tell Kamiya of the Achelon's return, but he doesn't believe him. Roaming a seemingly abandoned property, Matsuzaka is trailed by the Achelon, but he notices and calls out her presence. At the same time, Saotome pulls up to Kamiya in her car and asks if he is looking for the Achelon, but he continues to doubt resurrection is possible. However, his attention is soon drawn to the sound of explosions nearby, and he and Saotome arrive to find Matsuzaka battling the Achelon in Sazer form. Tawlon summons his Bull Cannons, but collapses when the Achelon flees. Matsuzaka is brought to the hospital, but Dentsuin assures Kudo and the others that he will recover from his injuries. Kamiya and Saotome ask that they be allowed to speak with Matsuzaka to convince him of their allyship. Meanwhile, Dentsuin meets with Ryoko Amemiya and Jin Hakariya on the rooftop, telling them that he has finally found his purpose: helping his allies to defeat the Achelon.

At a factory, a custodian is attacked by the Achelon while surveying a dark room. Horiguchi hears of the incident and posits that the alien is trying to lure the Gransazers to her, but Misonogi interjects that minimizing civilian casualties is their top priority. Matsuzaka awakens in his hospital bed, and Kamiya explains to him that the Achelon is Karin, and was manipulating the Wind Tribe to be their enemy. Kamiya urges that Matsuzaka join powers with the other Sazers, but an obstinate Matsuzaka tells him he can beat the Achelon alone, and only needs the Earth Warriors for summoning Guncaeser. Kamiya tells him off and storms out of the room, but Saotome seems to get through to him. Meanwhile, Soichiro Okita and the Special Forces storm the factory where the Achelon was sighted. Kudo, Ken and Mika hear of the Achelon's appearance and set off for the factory in Sazer form. The soldiers encounter the Achelon just outside the factory, but the Fire Tribe arrive to engage her. Before long, the Achelon levitates into the air and prepares to fire on Tarious, but he blasts her with his Falcon Bow, launching her into a building which crumbles around her. The Achelon's UFO suddenly appears over her and transforms her into a giant monster. The monster—an Achelon Star Beast—begins decimating the surrounding area, but the Fire Tribe summon Ultra Star God Garuda, now repaired by the Cloud Dragon. As Tarious boards Garuda, Dentsuin concludes that the Wind Tribe must help out. Garuda and the Star Beast exchange beams, but Tarious seems to be overwhelmed.


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Kirian Jo   as   factory custodian
  • Kazuhiko Murakami   as   young person A
  • Kyoko Fujita   as   young person B
  • Aki Matsunaga   as   young person C
  • Rei Maruyama   as   young person D
  • Kazuhiko Otsuka   as   announcer A
  • Extras provided by Hoei Project
  • Yu Motomura   as   narrator

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