The Invisible Man Appears (1949)

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Daiei Invisible Man films
The Invisible Man Appears
The Invisible Man vs. The Human Fly
The Invisible Man Appears
Japanese The Invisible Man Appears poster
Directed by Nobuo Adachi
Producer(s) Hisashi Okuda
Written by Nobuo Adachi (screenwriter),
Akimitsu Takagi (story),
H. G. Wells (novel)
Distributor Daiei
Rating Unrated
Running time 82 minutes
(1 hour, 22 minutes)
Aspect ratio 1.37:1
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Do not confuse with Toho's Invisible Man (1954).
There is no good or evil in science, but it can be used for good or evil purposes. (科学に善悪はありません。たヾそれを使う人の心によって善ともなり、悪ともなるのです。)

— Tagline

The Invisible Man Appears (透明人間現わる,   Tōmei Ningen Arawaru) is a 1949 Japanese tokusatsu science-fiction film produced by Daiei Motion Picture Company, and loosely based on the novel The Invisible Man by H. G. Wells. It was released to Japanese theaters on September 25, 1949.


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Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Nobuo Adachi
  • Written by   Nobuo Adachi
  • Story by   Akimitsu Takagi
  • Based on the novel The Invisible Man by   H. G. Wells
  • Produced by   Hisashi Okuda
  • Special effects by   Eiji Tsuburaya


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Ryūnosuke Tsukigata   as   Dr. Kenzô Nakazato
  • Chizuru Kitagawa   as   Machiko Nakazato
  • Takiko Mizunoe   as   Ryûko Mizuki
  • Daijirô Natsukawa   as   Kyôsuke Segi
  • Kanji Koshiba   as   Shunji Kurokawa
  • Teruko Ômi   as   Kimiko Chôsokabe
  • Kichijirô Ueda   as   Otoharu Sugimoto
  • Shôsaku Sugiyama   as   Ichirô Kawabe
  • Mitsusaburô Ramon   as   Matsubara lead investigator




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Video releases

Kadokawa DVD (2014)

  • Region: 2
  • Audio: Japanese

Arrow Video Blu-ray (2021)[1]

  • Region: A and B
  • Discs: 1
  • Audio: Japanese (Mono)
  • Subtitles: English
  • Special features: Booklet containing essays by Keith Allison, Hayley Scanlon, and Tom Vincent (first pressing), interview with critic and genre scholar Kim Newman, trailer for The Invisible Man Appears, and photo galleries
  • Notes: Packaged with The Invisible Man vs. The Human Fly. To be released on March 15, 2021.


Japanese The Invisible Man Appears theatrical trailer (subtitled)


  • The Invisible Man Appears was one of Eiji Tsuburaya's earliest special effects projects. Tsuburaya would become renowned for his work on Godzilla five years later.
  • Daiei would later produce a second Invisible Man film, The Invisible Man vs. The Human Fly, in 1957.
  • Daiei's rival studio Toho would later produce its own adaptation of The Invisible Man, simply titled Invisible Man, in 1954. Eiji Tsuburaya would also work as a cinematographer and special effects director on that film.


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Mr. Eiga

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Dr. Kenzo Nakazato, Nakazato Chemical Research Institute, located in the mountains of Kobe , promised that his disciples, Kyosuke Seki and Shunji Kurokawa, would compete for their research and reward those who succeeded first. Both wanted to marry Machiko, the daughter of the doctor. Kurokawa was studying a drug that makes objects transparent, but Dr. Nakazato had already invented it. The experiment was successful in many animals, such as mice and cats, but not in humans. That is because the reducing drug to be restored has not yet been made, and the side effect of the transparent drug causes an abnormality in the nerves of the organism and makes it ferocious. Therefore, the clarification drug was kept secret to his disciples.

One day, an investor who visited the institute, Ichiro Kawabe, the president of the self-proclaimed drug company, heard from Dr. Nakazato the secret of the transparentizing drug and came up with an idea to abuse it. He was obsessed with the jewel "Amur's Tears" with a market price of 8 million yen. One evening, two masked men appeared in the lab with pistols and the doctor drove him somewhere. After that, there was a doctor's note that he would not go to the police because he would go out for several days. Kabe, who visited the institute, gave Kurokawa a large sum of money and recommended a trip. A man called a doctor's messenger appears in an apartment in Kurokawa, and then Kurokawa also disappears.

Eventually, a man with a bandage wrapped around his face appeared in the jewelry store Tenhodo. The man interviewed one of the clerk and handed over the business card of "Kenzo Nakazato", threatened to pass the diamond "Tears of Amur", unraveled the bandage, attacked the clerk and asked the owner of Diamond. Disappeared. Next, in the night town, an invisible man takes away clothes from the wanderer, but the police officers chase him, throwing his clothes away and disappearing. In addition, the room where the diamond owner Kimiko Nagasokabe and his friend Ryuko Mizushiro, a flower-shaped actress, were attacked by invisible humans, but the diamond was safe due to Ryuko's wittyness.

A newspaper reports the existence of the terrifying invisible man, and the rumor spreads that his true identity is Dr. Nakazato. Machiko is worried when the institute is investigated by the police. Investigator Matsubara of the Hyogo Prefectural Police finds out a secret cabinet of medicines and materials in the laboratory, and notes that in his diary, "If I disappear, I will transfer the research right to Ichiro Kawabe." From the diary, it turns out that if you use the clarification medicine, you cannot return to the original unless you die. Kawabe visited while Machiko was approaching Seki and planned to break the relationship between the two. Kawabe taught Seki that "Kurokawa-kun was kidnapped." So, he has a suspicion about Kawabe and visits the police to consult with Chief Matsubara. It turns out that Kawabe's identity is the boss of the Gem Brokers.

Kawabe approaches Ryuko Mizushiro, who holds the diamond. Seki tells Ryuko that Kabe is suspicious and asks for cooperation. Kawabe takes Machiko, who had diamonds from Ryuko, out of the car, and steals a bandaged man on the way. The bandage man tried to steal Dr. Nakazato's diamond while accusing Dr. Nakazato, but he was arrested by police officers squeezed by Chief Matsubara. A transparent man appears there and stabs a man in a mouth to deliver a diamond to the crew, but the crew knows it is a false diamond.

A transparent person appears in the laboratory where Seki is present and reveals his identity. It was Kurokawa. Seki is relieved to know that Invisible Man is not Dr. Nakazato. An invisible man speaks out his story while smoking the smoke of cigarettes. A few days ago, Kurokawa, who had been taken away by the men who were called the doctor's messenger, prescribed the clarification drug while being believed that there was a reducing drug that could return to its original form as a substitute for Dr. Became. The gang lied that he would give him a reducing drug if he took away "Amur's tears", and was trying to get a diamond with him, who was becoming ferocious. Kurokawa asked me to give me a reducing drug, and Seki cannot say that the reducing drug isn't completed and that I can't return to my original form unless I die. Machiko, who brought tea there, courts Seki without knowing that Kurokawa is there. Kurokawa, a transparent human who thinks he was betrayed by Machiko, breaks through the window and leaves.

In the presence of Kawabe, Ryuko ridicules that invisible humans did not notice the fake diamond. Kawabe says that Dr. Nakazato has been found and is protecting him, and when Ryuko leaves his seat, she takes Machiko wearing a diamond from her house by car. Ryuko, Segi, and Matsubara's chief investigators gathered to learn that Kawabe took Machiko to his house. Kurokawa, a transparent human who listens to it outside the window. Kurokawa steals the police sidecar and rushes to the Kawabe residence. A sidecar that runs through the stops of police officers without seeing the driver.

At Kabe's residence, Kawabe locks Machiko in the room and tries to rob her of Diamond and get her. A bandage man who heard that he was in the basement descends to the basement and rescues him from being tied up. On the other hand, a transparent human appears in the room where Kawabe attacks Machiko and drives away Kabe from the room, stealing Diamond from Machiko. Invisible humans deliver a diamond to a room where there is a crew such as Kawabe, and demand a reducing drug, but Kabe lied, "There is no reducing drug. I was deceived by the doctor." A transparent human who descends underground while calling for a doctor. The true identity of the bandage man who helped the doctor was Kurokawa's younger sister, Ryuko. Dr. realized that it was Kurokawa from the voice of a transparent human, and Ryuko was also surprised.

A police force under the command of Chief Matsubara surrounds the Kawabe residence, which becomes a catch and shootout. Kawabe cuts the pursuit of Matsubara and Segi and tries to escape by swinging his handgun at the seaside. Kurokawa, who knew he was being deceived by the riverside, robbed him of the pistol and finally shot him. Matsubara tells Kurokawa that he cannot escape from the crimes you have committed. Ryuko clings to the invisible human who tries to escape by waving his pistol. A gun battle between Kurokawa and the police. Matsubara, who was injured by Kurokawa's bullets, finally asks Ryuko to shoot her brother. A transparent man who suddenly suffers from the shooting and enters the sea. The body floating on the sea returned to its original appearance as Kurokawa.

Everyone standing at the beach. Dr. Nakazato apologized to Matsubara for saying "I am sorry to make the world agitated by my research," and the story begins.

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The King of the Monsters

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Actually a pretty good mystery film with an interesting plot and characters. The special effects are also very impressive, especially considering this was before Tsuburaya worked on Godzilla.

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