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Nezura 1964
Japanese movie flyer/promotional poster for Nezura 1964
Directed by Hiroto Yokokawa
Producer(s) Hiroto Yokokawa, Kazuma Yoneyama, Takuma Asai, Avery Guerra
Written by Hiroto Yokokawa, Kensaku Sakai
Distributor 3Y Co., Ltd.JP
Budget ¥3,000,000[1]
Running time ~60 to 90 minutes
(1 hour to 1 hour, 30 minutes)[1]
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Persistence. Determination. Tenacity. This film. (ねばり こだわり がんばり これぞ映画)

— Tagline, Teruyoshi Nakano

Nezura 1964 (ネズラ1964,   Nezura Ichikyūrokuyon) is an upcoming crowdfunded tokusatsu kaiju biopic film produced by 3Y Co., Ltd. in cooperation with Kadokawa. Based on Daiei's scrapped 1964 Gamera precursor, Giant Horde Beast Nezura, the film will feature several cast members from the Gamera franchise.[2] It is to be tentatively released in December of 2020.[3]


Nezura 1964 was announced to be in development on December 31, 2019 accompanied by a teaser trailer and crowdfunding listing through Makuake.[4] The film will chronicle the production of the failed 1964 film, Giant Horde Beast Nezura,[3] and stars Gamera franchise actors Yukijiro Hotaru, Himawari Ano, and Yoshiro Uchida.[2][4] It will feature fictionalized versions of the staff and cast involved in the original production, including characters based on Daiei directors Yonesaburo Tsukiji and Noriaki Yuasa.[5][6] A new giant variant of the Nezura monsters designed by Keisuke Yoneyama, called Mammoth Nezura, will also appear.[2][3]

On January 3, after just three days of crowdfunding, Nezura 1964 successfully achieved its goal of 1,000,000 yen.[7]

On January 8, director Hiroto Yokokawa met with prolific Toho special effects director Teruyoshi Nakano, who wished him well with the project.[8]

On January 31, a movie flyer for the film was revealed, featuring new promotional poster artwork.[9]


Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Hiroto Yokokawa
  • Written by   Hiroto Yokokawa, Kensaku Sakai
  • Produced by   Hiroto Yokokawa, Kazuma Yoneyama, Takuma Asai
  • Consulting producer   Avery Guerra
  • Production design by   Hiroto Yokokawa, Takuma Asai, Karin Yamada


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Yukijiro Hotaru   as   Nagano, film company president[4]
  • Himawari Ano   as   Sachiko, actress[4]
  • Yoshiro Uchida   as   Takiyama, monster modeler[4]
  • Masanori Kikuzawa   as   Tsukaji, special effects director[4][6]
  • Kazuma Yoneyama   as   Yukawa, film staff[4][5]
  • Ippei Osako   as   Shigeo, Nagano's son[4]




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Nezura 1964 teaser trailer

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