Attack on Titan the Movie: Part 2 (2015)

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Credits for Attack on Titan the Movie: Part 2

Live action Attack on Titan series
Attack on Titan: Signal to Strike Back
Attack on Titan the Movie: Part 2
Attack on Titan the Movie: Part 2
Japanese Attack on Titan the Movie: Part 2 poster
Directed by Shinji Higuchi
Producer Yuji Ishida,
Genki Kawamura
Written by Yusuke Watanabe,
Tomohiro Machiyama,
Hajime Isayama (manga)
Music by Shiro Sagisu
Distributor TohoJP,
Rating PG-12JP, TV-MAUS
Box office $15,200,000[1]
Running time 87 minutes
(1 hour, 27 minutes)
Aspect ratio 2.35:1
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Attack on Titan the Movie: Part 2 (進撃の巨人 ATTACK ON TITAN エンド オブ ザ ワールド,   Shingeki no Kyojin Endo obu za Wārudo, lit. The Attack Titan: End of the World) is a live action 2015 tokusatsu kaiju film co-produced by Kodansha, Licri, Nikkatsu Corporation, and Toho, based on the popular manga created by Hajime Isayama. It was filmed simultaneously with Attack on Titan the Movie: Part 1, its predecessor. The film was released to Japanese theaters on September 19, 2015, by Toho, and to American theaters on October 20, 2015, by Funimation.


Funimation's official DVD/Blu-ray synopsis:

Eren’s newfound Titan ability may be the key to saving everyone and defeating the Titans. But that isn’t what the government wants.

Before he is executed, Eren is taken away by a mysterious Titan and ends up in a strange place with Shikishima.

What he learns will change his and everyone’s life. Government secrets, the truth about Titans and their existence…are Titans even the real monsters?


When he was a boy, Eren's father Grisha injected him with a mysterious serum. Souda was his assistant at the time. His mother, Carla, was shocked to see what he had done, but Grisha replied he had already used it on Eren's brother. The Military Police arrive, including Kubal, and arrest Grisha and Carla for possession of forbidden books; Souda escapes with Eren.

In the present, Eren awakens in the same building where the Scout Regiment obtained the wasted explosives, restrained and held at gunpoint by the Military Police. Kubal monologues about the perfect society humanity has created since the Great Titan War, free of conflict and dangerous technology. He asks if Eren is human or Titan; when Eren answers human, he questions how a human could regrow a severed arm. Eren asks for Shikishima, but Kubal has already sent him to the Middle Wall to report the mission's failure. Before the Military Police can execute Eren, Armin objects, recounting how the Mysterious Titan swept through the Titans menacing them. With the Scouting Regiment nearly wiped out, his friend's new power represents their only hope of completing the mission, by carrying the dud bomb still resting outside Monzen to the Outer Wall and setting it off. Hans also protests, but only so she can dissect Eren. Kubal accuses Armin of being part of the insurgency that tried to commandeer the truck with the explosives. Now in the Military Police's crosshairs as well, Armin appeals to Mikasa, who remains silent, but Eren's plea to help save humanity convinces her to draw her sword against Kubal. He's amused, noting how the Mysterious Titan nearly ate her. Souda comes forward to explain that Eren can only retain control over his Titan form for so long, only to be shot by Kubal, who uses his switch to pull the trigger on one of his underling's rifles. Dying, Souda reminds Eren of his brother. The standoff ends when a heavily-armored White Titan crashes through the ceiling, crushing Kubal under debris. Intelligent enough to protect his nape, he slaughters nearly every remaining member of the expedition before withdrawing with Eren in his grasp. Mikasa, Armin, Hans, Jean, Sannagi, and Sasha are the only survivors.

Now in command, Hans sets off for Monzen to carry out Armin's plan without Eren. Jean nearly gives up, thinking they're doomed, but Armin reminds him how many Titans are between him and the Middle Wall. Eren awakens in a white room and warily approaches a jukebox playing a melancholy pop song. Shikishima enters, claiming to have saved Eren from the White Titan, though the creature escaped with its life. Activating a projector in the ceiling, he explains to Eren how the Titans were born: a military experiment to either create the perfect soldier or achieve the next stage of humanity's evolution. Somehow, humans began to mutate into Titans at random, throwing the world into chaos. Consumed by paranoia, humanity waged war against both the Titans and each other, culminating in a nuclear exchange. The room they are in is one of many the government uses to observe the populace, full of technology they have otherwise banned. Shikishima finds the timing of the Titan attack two years ago suspicious, coming during a time of unrest and plans for an expedition outside the walls. The mission Kubal led was never meant to succeed, only to maintain humanity's fear of the Titans. For the common good, he asks Eren to join his insurgency. They step outside, revealing the bunker to be right beneath the Outer Wall, and meet the other guerillas, armed with machine guns and rocket launchers. They faked their deaths during a previous operation in order to keep the explosives they were entrusted with.

Hans's team ties the bomb to the truck. Shikishima’s troops intercept them as they drive through what’s left of Monzen. Oblivious to the danger, Hans obsesses over their weapons. Rather than seal the Outer Wall, however, Shikishima plans to destroy the Middle Wall, using his weapons and a Titan invasion to spark a revolution. Outraged over his willingness to sacrifice innocents in the process, Eren attacks Shikishima, who trounces him. When Mikasa stands up for him, Shikishima kisses her, then knocks her to the ground. Eren renews his offensive, but fares no better. With all eyes on the fight, Armin gets back on the truck and threatens to use a custom detonator for the bomb. Shikishima calls his bluff, but Sannagi seizes the opportunity to use his omni-directional maneuver gear and incredible strength to pull down the Monzen clock tower. The guerillas riddle him with bullets, but he perseveres, destroying their truck and its weaponry in an incredible explosion. Shikishima survives by holding onto their truck. To their astonishment, he stabs himself with his own sword and transforms into the White Titan while the truck proceeds to the hole in the Outer Wall. Eren prepares to do the same, but Jean cuts him off, as there’s no way to know if it will work. As they prepare to make their stand, Mikasa reveals to Eren the red scarf he gave her two years ago, still wrapped around her neck.

Two Titans charge the White Titan, but he kills them with a single punch. Sasha fires an arrow with a timed explosive into his left eye. He seems to crush Mikasa, but she emerges from his grip and slices off his fingers. Eren cuts into his left ankle, bringing him to his knees. Jean tries to deal the killing blow, but the White Titan anticipates it and swings at him. Eren takes the hit instead, and the White Titan slams him into a nearby building. He emerges as the Mysterious Titan and roars a challenge. The White Titan’s armor again puts Eren at a disadvantage, but before his foe can finish him off, he seizes the blade from a fallen helicopter and drives it into his shoulder. Just as he did in his fight with Jean, Eren follows it up with a knee smash to the face, seemingly killing the White Titan. Still retaining his intelligence, he takes the bomb to a platform above the Outer Wall's opening, but his strength fades as he reaches his destination. Meanwhile, Hans emerges from the rubble of the clock tower and heads towards the tower, weapons in tow. A second figure picks up the machine gun she set down in favor of an RPG.

Mikasa awakens Eren by driving one of her swords into his nape, cutting his left check. She reminds him of their dream to see the ocean and he rises, wedging the bomb into position before reverting into Eren. Armin sets a five-minute timer on the bomb using his old noisemaker and they prepare to leave, only to be confronted by Kubal, standing on top of the Wall. He offers to let them carry out their plan and become heroes, but only if they hand over Eren. Armin refuses, and Kubal answers by shooting him in the leg. He defends his deeds, claiming that humanity faces nothing but misery beyond the walls, and can’t be trusted to know the truth about the Titans. Sasha cuts him off with a volley of arrows to the throat and he falls, transforming into the Colossal Titan before he hits the ground.

Eren, Mikasa, and Jean challenge him while Sasha carries Armin down from the Wall. Jean rushes in and is promptly killed by a swing of the Colossal Titan’s arm. Before he can do the same to Eren, Hans launches a rocket at his face. While he regenerates, Eren struggles to reach his nape. Mikasa tries to convince him to retreat, as the bomb is about to explode, but it turns out to have been too badly damaged in the battle to detonate. Hans takes aim at it, but Mikasa reaches it first. As she tries to figure out how to set it off, Shikishima approaches. He declares his old plan futile, believing the government would rebuild the walls faster than he could knock them down if its survival was at stake, and is convinced by Mikasa to act for the betterment of the group. Just before Eren can strike the Colossal Titan's nape, the monster grabs him. The White Titan intervenes by scaling up the wall with the bomb in hand. Imparting a well wish to Eren, implying he is his long-lost brother, Shikishima shoves the bomb into the Colossal Titan's mouth and crushes the activator, killing them both in the blast and sealing the Outer Wall. Out of gas, Eren falls to his doom, but Mikasa catches him and they ascend to the top of the Wall as the group celebrates their victory. Before them stretches the ruins of Tokyo... and the ocean.

Watching them on a screen in the bunker, an unseen person states that "two subjects have escaped the test area."


Main article: Attack on Titan the Movie: Part 2/Credits.

Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Shinji Higuchi
  • Written by   Yusuke Watanabe, Tomohiro Machiyama, Hajime Isayama (manga)
  • Produced by   Yuji Ishida, Genki Kawamura
  • Music by   Shiro Sagisu
  • Cinematography by   Shoji Ehara
  • Production design by   Takeshi Shimizu
  • Special effects by   Yoshihiro Nishimura, Katsuro Onoue


Main article: Attack on Titan the Movie: Part 2/Credits.

Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Haruma Miura   as   Eren
  • Hiroki Hasegawa   as   Shikishima
  • Kiko Mizuhara   as   Mikasa
  • Kanata Hongo   as   Armin
  • Takahiro Miura   as   Jean
  • Nanami Sakuraba   as   Sasha
  • Satoru Matsuo   as   Sannagi
  • Shu Watanabe   as   Fukushi (stock footage)
  • Ayame Misaki   as   Hiana (stock footage)
  • Rina Takeda   as   Lil (stock footage)
  • Satomi Ishihara   as   Hange
  • Pierre Taki   as   Souda
  • Jun Kunimura   as   Kubal
  • Kreva
  • Tsuyoshi Kusanagi   as   Grisha
  • Tamaki Ogawa   as   Carla
  • Chihiro Inohana
  • Saori Yagi
  • Isshin Inudo
  • Koji Ueno
  • NAO, Yasutaka Yuki   as   Mysterious Titan[2]
  • Makoto Arakawa   as   White Titan[2]

English dub

Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Bryce Papenbrook   as   Eren
  • Jason Liebrecht   as   Shikishima
  • Trina Nishimura   as   Mikasa
  • Josh Grelle   as   Armin
  • Mike McFarland   as   Jean
  • Ashly Burch   as   Sasha
  • Cris George   as   Sannagi
  • James Chandler   as   Fukushi
  • Felecia Angelle   as   Hiana / Additional Voices
  • Tia Ballard   as   Lil
  • Jessica Calvello   as   Hans
  • David Wald   as   Souda
  • R Bruce Elliot   as   Kubal
  • Keith Kubal, Kyle Phillips, Michelle Lee, Chris Hury, Nick Landis, Jessica Cavanagh, Aaron Roberts, Gregory Lush, Chris Guerrero, Seth Magill, Megan Shipman, Ben Bryant, Sarah Wiedenheft, Derick Snow   as   Additional Voices



Weapons, vehicles, and races

  • Omni-directional mobility gear
  • M1 Abrams
  • Cannons (stock footage)

Alternate titles

  • The Attack Titan: End of the World (literal Japanese title)
  • Attack on Titan 2 (進撃の巨人2,   Shingeki no Kyojin Tsū, alternate Japanese title)
  • Attack on Titan Part II: End of the World (Australia)
  • Attack on Titan: End of the World (alternate English title)

Theatrical releases

  • Taiwan - September 18, 2016
  • Japan - September 19, 2015
  • Hong Kong - September 19, 2015
  • Philippines - September 23, 2015
  • Malaysia - September 24, 2015
  • Singapore - September 24, 2015
  • Australia - October 1, 2015
  • New Zealand - October 1, 2015
  • Russia - October 1, 2015
  • Thailand - October 1, 2015
  • Vietnam - October 16, 2015
  • United States - October 20, 2015

Foreign releases

On June 29, 2015, Funimation Entertainment, the same company that distributes the Attack on Titan anime in the United States, announced that it had acquired the American distribution rights for both live-action films from Toho. Funimation announced that the world premiere of Attack on Titan the Movie: Part 1 would be held on July 14 in Los Angeles, and that both parts of the film would be released in theaters across North, Central, and South America in the fall.[3] FUNimation later confirmed that Part 1 would be released on September 30, while Part 2 would be released on October 20.

Additionally, Madman, who has distributed many of the Godzilla films in Australia in the past, acquired the rights to release the films theatrically in Australia and New Zealand in August 2015.[4]


To tie in with the films, Toho announced a three-part miniseries, Attack on Titan: Signal to Strike Back, which aired on the Japanese channel dTV on August 15. The series focuses on the supporting characters of Hans, a scientist who is obsessed with studying the Titans; Sasha, a Survey Corps trainee who is skilled at archery; and Fukushi and Lil, rivals who become lovers.

Box office

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U.S. Attack on Titan the Movie: Part 1 and Part 2 theatrical teaser
U.S. Attack on Titan the Movie: Part 1 and Part 2 trailer
U.S. Attack on Titan the Movie: Part 2 home video trailer #1
U.S. Attack on Titan the Movie: Part 2 home video trailer #2
U.S. "Always Prepare Your Exit Strategy" promo
U.S. "First Aid Tips from the Front Lines" promo
U.S. "How to Survive Part 2" promo
U.S. "Remember the Buddy System" promo
Australian Attack on Titan Part 2: End of the World trailer


Behind the scenes of Kiko Mizuhara using the omni-directional maneuver gear
"Damn You Old Man" clip
"He Saved Me..." clip
"It's No Use!" clip
"Whoa, He's Strong" clip

Video releases

Funimation Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD (2016)

  • Region: 1 (DVD) and A/1 (Blu-ray)
  • Discs: 2
  • Audio: Japanese (Dolby TrueHD 5.1), English (Dolby TrueHD 5.1)
  • Subtitles: English
  • Special features: Trailers


  • The Colossal Titan, which in the manga and anime stands at approximately 60 meters tall, has its size doubled to 120 meters in this film.
  • Though Eren's and Shikishima's titan forms are both clearly modeled after the Attack Titan and Armored Titan from the source manga, they are never referred to as such in the film or in print media tied into it.
  • The special effects in this movie are accomplished through a combination of practical effects, traditional tokusatsu techniques and computer generated imagery (CGI), a style Shinji Higuchi calls "hybrid." Higuchi employed similar techniques when working on the special effects for Gamera 2: Attack of Legion and Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris.
  • Attack on Titan the Movie: Part 2 and its predecessor are the only known Toho kaiju films to receive a novelization that was translated into English: Attack on Titan: End of the World by Touji Asakura.[5]
  • In Funimation's English dubs, every character who appears in both this film and the anime series has the same voice actor, with Bryce Papenbrook as Eren, Trina Nishimura as Mikasa, Josh Grelle as Armin, Ashly Burch as Sasha, Mike McFarland as Jean, and Jessica Calvello as Hans/Hange. Three other voices actors portray characters analogous to those they voice in the anime: Tia Ballard (Lil and Hannah), R. Bruce Elliot (Kubal and Dot Pixis), and David Wald (Souda and Hannes).
  • The film's post-credits scene suggests that other humans live beyond the Walls, predating a similar revelation in the manga nearly a year later.
  • The film-original character of Shikishima proved to be prophetic to the source manga. Eren Jeager having an older brother who is both capable of taking on a titan form and functions as a secondary villain would later come to fruition in the manga and anime adaptation with the character of Zeke Jeager; though Zeke has a different motivation and titan form. Zeke's official introduction would occur just after the release of the film, though his Beast Titan form was seen prior.
    • In the Funimation English dub, Shikishima's voice actor, Jason Liebrecht, later went on to become the English voice for Zeke Jeager.

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