Wolfman vs. Godzilla

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Wolfman vs. Godzilla
The Japanese poster for Wolfman vs. Godzilla
Alternate titles
Flagicon Japan.png Legendary Beast
Wolfman vs. Godzilla

Directed by Shizuo Nakajima
Producer Shizuo Nakajima
Music by Akira Ifukube (stock)
Funded by SFA
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A fierce battle that shakes the Earth's axis!!! (地軸をゆるがす大激闘!!!)
Will you win, Godzilla? Will you win, Wolfman?

— Tagline

Wolfman vs. Godzilla (狼男 (伝説の巨獣)対ゴジラ,   Densetsu no Kyojū Ōkami Otoko tai Gojira, lit. Legendary Beast Wolfman vs. Godzilla) is an incomplete fan film directed and produced by Shizuo Nakajima. Like Nakajima's previous project, Wolfman vs. Baragon, he assembled the production with the assistance of several former Toho employees. Though filming began in 1983 and wrapped in the mid-1980s, the film has yet to be completed or released officially.


From what has been revealed, the plot of Wolfman vs. Godzilla consists of a werewolf appearing in Japan, which becomes irradiated and grows to daikaiju size. This giant Wolfman encounters Godzilla in the countryside and the two monsters battle. Godzilla is portrayed as a rampaging monster like in the early Showa series, but the lesser of two evils compared to the Wolfman.


Principal photography of Wolfman vs. Godzilla began in 1983 and concluded in the mid-1980s. As of 2013, post-production ("editing, sound design, and visual effects") is ongoing.[1]


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According to the director Shizuo Nakajima, many drafts of the film were made in the 1970s, most of them starting out simply as short films. One of them featured a Godzilla suit that closely resembled the MosuGoji suit. The Wolfman's design was also drastically different, somewhat resembling a mummy, with a head that bears a slight resemblance to one of the Gargantuas. Another one of these short films featured the Wolfman character in a battle against Baragon as well. All of the costumes made during the film's production were made by professional costume maker Fuyuki Shinada, who would go on to design the monsters in Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack. By 1983, production had changed and much of the monster action was re-filmed in order to create a feature-length film, featuring a new Godzilla suit that was based on the KingGoji. This is the version of the film most people have been familiar with, while the older drafts are believed to be entirely lost, with only stills surviving. However, Nakajima recently revealed some of the earlier footage and stated that he intended to splice together the old and new footage of the film prior to giving it a DVD release. According to Nakajima, over 10 hours of raw footage for the film exists.

Though several photos circulated online, information about the film was almost nonexistent in the United States until 2012, when Mark Jaramillo made contact with Nakajima and received a short montage of effects footage from the film. This clip, along with a number of behind-the-scenes photos, was shown at G-Fest XIX in an impromptu, standing-room-only panel. The following year, Nakajima traveled to G-Fest himself, bringing more footage with him. He has since released a number of clips and set footage online using his personal Facebook account.[2] In early 2023, a 22-minute edit of the film from 2013 was uploaded to YouTube by the user Steven Sloss.[3]


Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.


  • Shitosi Shima
  • Ema Ishihara



Weapons, vehicles, and races







Excerpts from the film
Behind the scenes of filming
Wolfman vs. Godzilla
2013 edit of the film
Footage and stills from Wolfman vs. Baragon, Wolfman vs. Godzilla's predecessor


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