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The Wolfman in Wolfman vs. Godzilla
The Wolfman's werewolf form in Wolfman vs. Godzilla
Subtitle(s) Legendary Beast
(伝説の巨獣,   Densetsu no Kyojū)
Species Irradiated werewolf
Forms Human form, werewolf, giant form
Enemies Godzilla
Conceived of by Shizuo Nakajima
Modeled by Fuyuki Shinada
First appearance Wolfman vs. Godzilla

The Wolfman (狼男,   Ōkami Otoko) is a werewolf kaiju who will appear in Shizuo Nakajima's upcoming Godzilla fan film Wolfman vs. Godzilla.


The Wolfman's name simply combines the Japanese words for "wolf" (狼,   ōkami) and "man" (男,   otoko), and is possibly inspired from Universal Studios' Wolf Man character. Unlike the majority of Godzilla kaiju, the Wolfman's name is spelled in kanji rather than in katakana, similar to Toho's Snowman. The Wolfman is given the subtitle Legendary Beast (伝説の巨獣,   Densetsu no Kyojū) in the Japanese title for Wolfman vs. Godzilla and is popularly referred to as the "Legendary Wolfman" by English-speaking fans.


The Wolfman was conceived by Shizuo Nakajima for his 1972 fan film Wolfman vs. Baragon. In this film, the Wolfman was portrayed as a giant werewolf rather than a true monster, and its 'suit' was comprised of a mask, hand and feet pieces, and a torn shirt and pants. This version of the Wolfman also appeared in Nakajima's first version of Wolfman vs. Godzilla.

The Wolfman suit during filming of Wolfman vs. Godzilla

By 1983, modeler Fuyuki Shinada — who would go on to create numerous monsters for Toho and Tsuburaya Productions, such as Biollante, Godzillasaurus and the monsters from Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack — created a fully fledged suit for the Wolfman for use in Nakajima's second attempt at the film. An animatronic upper half was also used to portray this version of the character. A second fully body suit with a torn shirt and jeans was employed for the Wolfman's human-sized werewolf form, while prosthetic makeup aided in the character's transformation sequence.


Wolfman vs. Godzilla

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The Wolfman's roars are stock lion sounds used by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) and jaguar sounds.


Footage and production stills
from Wolfman vs. Baragon


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