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Revoltech is a toy company that has released figures for Godzilla, Gamera and other kaiju franchises under the Revoltech Sci-Fi line.

Toho Figures


The Baragon figure is based on the monster's appearance in Frankenstein vs. Baragon, and comes with a farmhouse, nameplate, and horse.


The Mothra figure is based on her appearance in her debut film, and comes with a nameplate, Tokyo Tower, a cocoon, and a stand.


The Moguera figure comes with a Mysterian, forest bases, a nameplate, and a Markalite Cannon.


The Gigan figure, based on his appearance from Godzilla vs. Gigan, comes with a nameplate and buildings.


The Anguirus figure is based on his appearance in Destroy All Monsters, and comes with a mini Moonlight SY-3.


The Rodan figure is based on the monster's appearance in his debut film, and comes with a building that can be destroyed.

Type 66 Maser Cannon

The Type 66 Maser Cannon figure comes with a nameplate, a battling Sanda and Gaira figurine, a computer console, and a laser beam.


The Gotengo figure is based on the craft's appearance in Atragon, and comes with a stand.

Kadokawa Figures

Gamera (1967)

The Gamera 1967 figure comes with multiple beam weapons and parts for Gamera's flying mode.

Gamera (1995)

The Gamera 1995 figure comes with a fireball and flying rockets.

Gamera (1996)

The Gamera 1996 figure comes with a fireball and an ultimate mana blast accessory.


The Gyaos figure is based on the creature's appearance from Gamera: Guardian of the Universe, and comes with a stand for flying.

Gyaos (1967)

The Gyaos 1967 figure comes with a small Gamera figure and a beam affect.


The Legion figure comes with a flying Gamera and small soldier Legion figures.


The Daimajin figure comes with multiple accessories that include armor and swords.


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2 months ago
Score 0
Are these figure expensive?

Astounding Beyond Belief

2 months ago
Score 0
$50-100, depending on the character.


14 months ago
Score 0
Here's hoping they make more.


21 months ago
Score 1
Its surprising to me that the Revoltech Baragon Figure I got feels better to pose then my neca Godzilla or S.H monsterarts Mecha Godzilla figure.


29 months ago
Score 0
It is a shame that Revoltech still does not continue making more kaiju figures.


18 months ago
Score 0
yeah these were really nice figures


30 months ago
Score 0
Pretty ridiculous that the Godzilla series didn't have a single Godzilla figure. A shame...

Sharp79377937 the Godzilla fan

22 months ago
Score 0
Well hey Godzilla doesn't need to be in all toy lines
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