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Revoltech is a toy company that has released figures for Godzilla, Gamera and other kaiju franchises under the Revoltech Sci-Fi line.

Toho Figures


The Baragon figure is based on the monster's appearance in Frankenstein vs. Baragon, and comes with a farmhouse, nameplate, and horse.


The Mothra figure is based on her appearance in her debut film, and comes with a nameplate, Tokyo Tower, a cocoon, and a stand.


The Moguera figure comes with a Mysterian, forest bases, a nameplate, and a Markalite Cannon.


The Gigan figure, based on his appearance from Godzilla vs. Gigan, comes with a nameplate and buildings.


The Anguirus figure is based on his appearance in Destroy All Monsters, and comes with a mini Moonlight SY-3.


The Rodan figure is based on the monster's appearance in his debut film, and comes with a building that can be destroyed.

Type 66 Maser Cannon

The Type 66 Maser Cannon figure comes with a nameplate, a battling Sanda and Gaira figurine, a computer console, and a laser beam.


The Gotengo figure is based on the craft's appearance in Atragon, and comes with a stand.

Kadokawa Figures

Gamera (1967)

The Gamera 1967 figure comes with multiple beam weapons and parts for Gamera's flying mode.

Gamera (1995)

The Gamera 1995 figure comes with a fireball and flying rockets.

Gamera (1996)

The Gamera 1996 figure comes with a fireball and an ultimate mana blast accessory.


The Gyaos figure is based on the creature's appearance from Gamera: Guardian of the Universe, and comes with a stand for flying.

Gyaos (1967)

The Gyaos 1967 figure comes with a small Gamera figure and a beam affect.


The Legion figure comes with a flying Gamera and small soldier Legion figures.


The Daimajin figure comes with multiple accessories that include armor and swords.


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7 months ago
Score 0
Why on Earth would they do a Godzilla line with no Godzilla? it makes no sense. They even have Anguirus, Mothra, and Gigan! I mean I can see Mougera and Baragon because they did not start off as Godzilla monsters, but having Godzilla kaiju but no Godzilla makes zero sense to me.


3 months ago
Score 0
the anguirus and gigan are acctualy the ones that appeared in a godzilla movie the rest were:mothra from the 1961 movie of the same name, baragon from frankenstein conquers the world, rodan from the movie of the same name moguera from the mysterians, the gotengo from atragon, and the masers in war of the gargantuas


14 months ago
Score 0
Are these figure expensive?

Astounding Beyond Belief

14 months ago
Score 0
$50-100, depending on the character.

Godzilla Master

7 months ago
Score 0
How much is Anguirus Barargon and Rodan???

Astounding Beyond Belief

7 months ago
Score 0
Check eBay


26 months ago
Score 0
Here's hoping they make more.


33 months ago
Score 1
Its surprising to me that the Revoltech Baragon Figure I got feels better to pose then my neca Godzilla or S.H monsterarts Mecha Godzilla figure.


41 months ago
Score 0
It is a shame that Revoltech still does not continue making more kaiju figures.


30 months ago
Score 0
yeah these were really nice figures


42 months ago
Score 0
Pretty ridiculous that the Godzilla series didn't have a single Godzilla figure. A shame...

Sharp79377937 the Godzilla fan

34 months ago
Score 1
Well hey Godzilla doesn't need to be in all toy lines
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