"Godman vs. Gabara"

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Go! Godman episodes
"Godman vs. Kinger"
"Godman vs. Gabara"
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"Godman vs. Gabara"
Godman vs. Gabara
Series Go! Godman
Episode # 2 (arc), 7-12 (overall)
Air date October 12-17, 1972

"Godman vs. Gabara" (ゴッドマン対ガバラ,   Goddoman tai Gabara) comprises the seventh to twelfth episodes of Go! Godman, the second overall story arc. They aired on Nippon TV from October 12 to 17, 1972.


Following a nuclear explosion, a bullfrog is shown transforming into Gabara. He wanders for a bit before stumbling upon a construction site, where he picks up and throws a bulldozer, before chasing after a fleeing construction worker. After the civilian stumbles down a steep slope and falls over, he calls for Godman, which prompts his arrival. Gabara quickly grabs Godman and throws him to the ground, after which Godman shouts "Godman! Enlarge!" in order to grow in size, and begins facing off against Gabara. Godman quickly runs over to Gabara, but is met with a punch to the face by the mutated monster. Godman quickly gets back up, and dodges a swipe from Gabara before beginning to grapple with the monster. Gabara manages to pull Godman off and get him back on the ground, after which he drags him by the leg before delivering several blows. Following this, Godman regains his footing and resumes the battle with Gabara. After a bout of fighting, consisting of various punches, kicks, knees, grabs, and throws from the two giants, Godman summons a God-Circle, which he throws at the monster, but it misses the target. After a bit more fighting between the two, Gabara spews a blue smoke from his mouth, temporarily taking Godman out of the fight.

Gabara then goes towards a town, chasing after several fleeing children before they call for Godman, who resumes his fight with the mutated monster. Godman unleashes a flurry of punches and chops to Gabara's head, however Gabara is unfazed, and knocks the hero back down, before resuming his path to the town. Several children are shown running away from the beast, and trying to hide as he enters the town. Godman, now back to his normal size, runs towards Gabara, but the ugly monster seizes him and simply throws him back on the ground before resuming his walk through the town. Gabara stomps on and subsequently kicks away a building, before Godman re-enters the battle, now back to his giant size, and grabs Gabara from behind. After getting pushed off, Godman proceeds to grapple onto Gabara again, only to be knocked to the ground again. This time though, Godman pulls Gabara closer to him, and delivers a kick to his chest which causes the kaiju to stumble back, and gives the Kyodai Hero a chance to get back on his feet. A long period of fighting ensues, revolving mostly around grapples and throws from the two giants, as well as a variety of melee attacks. After tricking Gabara into charging towards him, before quickly moving out of the way, Godman summons the God-Crush to use against the beast. After hitting him a few times with the God-Crush, Gabara manages to grab onto the spiked ball at the end of the weapon, grappling with the hero before pushing him back down. Godman quickly gets back up, and delivers several more blows to the kaiju with the God-Crush. Following this, Godman recalls the God-Crush, and instead summons God-Circle again, throwing several at the now running Gabara's feet, although this does not halt the monster's escape. Godman proceeds to give chase to the mutated kaiju, ultimately leaping onto the beast and graplling with him once more. Another confrontation ensues between them, culminating in Gabara using his blue smoke again to try and halt the Kyodai Hero. Godman manages to power through it however, getting in some punches while the beast continues to spew the blue mist. Following this, as well as some more skirmishing between the two, Godman summons God-Circle again to use against the beast, to which the mutated monster retaliates by using more of his noxious blue smoke breath against Godman. Still unfazed by Gabara's attack, he closes the distance between them and punches the beast twice before it knocks the hero back down. As he has before, Godman gets back on his feet before reengaging Gabara. After the beast stomps up to higher ground, Godman summons his God-Spark ability and proceeds to shoot several powerful blasts from his fists at the monster. After this, Gabara falls over and explodes, leaving Godman victorious.



Weapons, vehicles, and races

  • Bulldozers
  • God-Crush
  • God-Circles



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