"Godman vs. Ghoston"

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Go! Godman episodes
"Godman vs. Gabara"
"Godman vs. Ghoston"
"Godman vs. Yasugon" / "Godman vs. Tsunokeler and Yasugon" / "Godman vs. Tsunokeler"
"Godman vs. Ghoston"
Godman vs. Ghoston
Series Go! Godman
Episode # 3 (arc), 13-18 (overall)
Air date October 19-24, 1972

"Godman vs. Ghoston" (ゴッドマン対ゴーストン,   Goddoman tai Gōsuton) comprises the 13th to 18th episodes of Go! Godman, the third overall story arc. They aired on Nippon TV from October 19 to 24, 1972.


Two children are playing some sort of cowboy game on top of an old car until they spot smoke rising from the mountain in front of them, confusing them. Suddenly, the monster Ghoston rises up from the dirt and walks slowly towards the children to attack them. They start to run before calling for Godman. The hero immediately appears flying in the air and descends in front of the giant Ghoston. He grows to giant size to fight the creature that came from the mountain. Ghoston tries to throw a punch, but Godman swiftly dodges it and then grabs Ghoston by the neck from behind. The fight goes on for a short while until they reach a city. Godman summons his God-Crush to attack Ghoston, but Ghoston manages to grab the flail out of Godman's grasp and attack him with it, knocking off two of his leg bracelets. This forcibly shrinks him back to human size. The two children throw Godman's leg bracelets at him so he can put them back on, and he does, growing back to giant size and continuing the fight. Godman throws his God Sparks at Ghoston, bombarding him with explosions. Ghoston tries to run away, but Godman catches up. Godman then jumps on top of a hill looking down on Ghoston and unleashes his God Shower attack, melting the monster.



Weapons, vehicles, and races

  • God-Crush



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