"Godman vs. Tsunozillas"

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Go! Godman episodes
"Godman vs. Ostotam"
"Godman vs. Tsunozillas"
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"Godman vs. Tsunozillas"
Godman vs. Tsunozillas
Series Go! Godman
Episode # 26 (arc), 127-129 (overall)
Air date March 8-10, 1973

"Godman vs. Tsunozillas" (ゴッドマン対オストタム,   Goddoman tai Tsunojirasu) comprises the 127th to 129nd episodes of Go! Godman, the 26th overall story arc. They aired on Nippon TV from March 8 to 10, 1973.


Tsunozillas emerges from behind a hill, frightening nearby children away. Hearing their cries for help, Godman flies in and engages in combat with Tsunozillas, opening with a series of kicks and chops. He unleashes God-Sparks, but is surprised to find they have no effect on the monster. Their battle continues, Tsunozillas landing more hits now, until Godman finds himself on the edge of a hill. After absorbing a hit to the face, the monster pushes the hero off, although his fall is short. Godman lies stunned on the ground and Tsunozillas kicks him several times. He soon regains his footing and summons the God-Crush. After landing several hits with the weapon, Tsunozillas tail-whips his legs, causing him to fall and drop it. He retaliates with the Godman Supersonic Wave; Tsunozillas topples behind a hill and explodes.



Weapons, vehicles, and races

  • God-Crush



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